Alcyon Moire
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My name is Alcyon Moire.

I do not believe in originality. Everything is just rearranged.

Happy stories are always harder to write as compared to writing sad ones.

What's on my mind.

I'm committed to co-authored stories only.

Fantasy Unleashed: Co-authored Stories

§†ör¥ ö£ M¥ †w阮êÐ Rêål

Out of the blue, I noticed a sparkle from the building next to the one I was living in. I raised my eyebrows, but decided to ignore it. Right on cue, the phone rang. I turned to answer the call when… Bang. I dropped the glass of milk I was holding and looked at the window. A bullet had been fired, at me! I gasped, and then instincts took over.

Ägåïñ§† Äll Wïll

Mikan, a violin prodigy with a promising future. Natsume, the lazy genius playing an unknown game. Her life turns upside down as she is forced to be engaged to him. Dragged into the complicated life of Natsume, she unravels her past as she fights for her life. Blackmail, murder, redemption, deceit, revenge, greed and love intertwines. A sinister conspiracy unfolds.

†hê ÐêåÐl¥ Jêµx

He, in an attempt to revive his sister and best friend, will participate in the deadly game of the faieries. She, to save her childhood friend and her own life, will win the game at all costs.

Rµñåw奧' §êCrꆧ

You can run, but sooner or later, you run out of places to run to. But your problems always come back to find you. And sometimes, these problems are quicker than your footsteps. Because running away will never make you free.

My co-authored stories are in the co-authored account: Random Wonders