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I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and okay. If you've bothered to check in here wondering where I've gone.

There have been a series of bizzard, real life altering events in the last few weeks. I painted my interior, which was the most tame. It meant moving my flock of pets parrots out of the house due to their sensitivity to fumes. They've never been away from home, so I had a sleep over out of town for three days. I put on close to 300 miles on my car in 3 days going back and forth to work. While away... no internet, no free time. All I did was paint, paint, paint. Drive, drive, drive and work a little and sleep a little.

I get everyone home, and then there was an absolutely massive storm that hits our town. It was days after the east coast earth quake/hurricane combo, but we experienced winds of 75-80mph for more than 30 minutes. It looked like the wizard of oz out my window... but despite the fact this is Wisconsin, no cows flew by at least! We were out of power for over a day, and some people didn't have power for three days! Our town is home to about 76,000 people, and 44,000 of them had no power for more than a day. We'd sent a bunch of trucks eastward to help them!

When the power returned, our grandmother passed away. It's been a complete blur for days and today we buried her. It was so sad, but she'd had cancer for a very long time and out lived all the estimated time frames. She's finally free from that broken body.

So, that in a nut shell, has lead to me not posting anything. I'm working on How to Survive and am determined to finish it by the season opener. Little Island is on the back burner because of the deadline on HtS. It's my #1 priority once I finish!

I love Castle, 2nd favorite show of all time and the greatest (current) show on air right now. The only show to rank higher in my humble opinion is The X-Files.

Mondays are my favorite day of the week!

"A true friend stabs you in the front" Oscar Wilde

My Castle Fic

First Kiss Fics, both short and under-appreciated.

Hemmingway's Whiskey. Seriously its Post-Final Nail and set on Valentines Day. Find the song, and listen to it while you read. It's not your average song-fic

Not Even Close. A stand alone stake out that solves Josh and Gina (writen before Gina/Castle onscreen break up).

Two I wrote with Spoilers... because I just couldn't stop playing the ideas out while we waited!

Natale Grey. I wrote this before the writers turned her into Natalie Rhodes, filling a void during winter break. It was an awesome alternate to the episode, even if almost nothing came true! (M-- no children)

The Writers Tease. Wrote this when the stake out kiss pictures were released. I assumed the whole thing would be totally fake and it was a ratings ploy. Boy am I glad this prediction fic wasn't 100% accurate! There seemed to be some real feelings, tongue and groans in there... even if it was started for cover!

My 100+ Review Fic

The Things Mothers Would Approve Of: How do you go from partners... to sex, lust and that other L word, when you're both terrified? Castle and Beckett plan and attend a benefit in Johanna Beckett's name.

Dreams: This is a weird little nugget not like my other stuff! I blame the ADD, the network, characters and those who give our characters life. Post-Knockout. It's an AU/Baby Fic that takes place while Kate is in a coma.

My Current Projects in Progress

How to Survive: The people who love her, will get her through. Post-Knockout

Little Island: Soon to come, a little spin off as requested from Mothers-Universe

My X-Files Fic

Strangers on a Train: A chance meeting on a train before our Agents are Agents.

Little Pieces: Little Pieces of history reminding us who we are, where we came from and where we belong... all wrapped up in a little Birthday present.

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