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Author has written 6 stories for Ninja Turtles, and X-Men.

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I fancy myself a writer. Through each achievement and as time progresses, I watch myself grow stronger. Where I was once wary of my abilities and products, I now feel some confidence. Seeing my path as a writer behind me, and also understanding that I have much to learn, I know that I can only improve as I continue to write. My attention span may not be exemplary, and my inspiration may be far and few, but that means that I write when I feel like it. I believe that writing only when I feel like it produces stronger pieces of work with less drag. With this philosophy, I may not be the best in this field, but I try and I try hard. I'm proud of my works of late.


Lila - This story bounced around my head for a few years before I got to writing it. Starting out, the plot line was weak and thin, but as I advanced through the story, the ending became clearer. This was an on-the-spot story through and through, so I request advanced critique when you review. This will be updated whenever I have the muse, so it may take a while for a new chapter to come up. I do not plan on giving up on this story until it is finished, no matter how much time there is between breaks. FINISHED.

Fallen Apart - X-Men: Fallen Apart was actually the first X-Men role play game I've ever been on. I adopted the story that transpired there and turned it into story format in the point of view of the character I played: Gambit. The plot was mostly all there, I just needed to work on re-writing it in a more reading-friendly way, not to mention fixing up Gambit's personality. The chapters are lengthier than I'm used to (as well as more descriptive), making this story more of a challenge, so advanced critique is requested for improvement. Think you can beta-read for me? I'd appreciate it greatly. This is the first ever novel-length story I have finished and I am very proud of my work. FINISHED.

365 Plus 1 Days - Because of another art site I'm on, in which I post stupid (German) chibi comics, one might think that I don't support Romy. Really, I just like to play with all of the romantic suggestions ever put out there by Rogue. So when I happen upon first a 365 writing challenge that has one write about a pairing, and then later a 365 1 challenge with some better themes, I put them both together to create a year long calendar for the couple. The universe is of my own making, drawing upon the ideas given in Evolution with most of the X-Men in high school, but I'll be utilizing their comic personalities to the best of my knowledge. This story is just for kicks so I won't be putting hours of effort into it every day. Note from 2016: OHMYDEAR why didn't someone tell me that I hadn't written this for 3.5 years? Anyway, I found the notebook of notes for this story and I'm going to finish it. Eventually. I've always looked back at what I've written for this story fondly, loosely written or not.

Sinister Exhilaration - I initially wrote this piece to kick off chapter fifteen of Fallen Apart. After a long standing debate with myself, I decided that it did not fit with how I wanted to end that story, nor would it fit well with a sequel should I decide to write it, and uploaded it as a one shot instead. Nothing within Fallen Apart will reference this scene, but I didn't exactly want my writing to go to waste. FINISHED.

New Nation - I came up with the premise of this story first for a forum-based role play game. The forum never fully took off, but I enjoyed the complete idea far too much to simply ditch my work. While my main account was Gambit on the forum, I took everything into Nightcrawler's point of view to change things up a bit. After all, Kurt is the reason that I got into X-Men at all. Not everything is mapped out yet, but I do have enough material to work on the first many thousand words. I have a feeling this story will take a mind of its own.

Lila II - Until I come up with a better title, which will not include my OC's name, I'll fix it. But for now, I'm trying to find the perfect title that better reflects my goal of the story. Second time around, I actually have a goal, and it's much darker and better than before! Still using Lila as a first draft, the plot of this story will divert drastically due to a giant shift in some major details. I'm moving away from using Lila as a major plot device, instead focusing on the brothers and using Lila as a secondary plot. I really need people paying attention to my characterization and checking me where I fall short. Personality is key here.

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Lila II
Second draft of an old story. A mysterious cat-person from a far away land visits New York City, nearly falling into the hands of the Shredder. The turtles save her from his grasp, but suffer a heavy loss in the process. The brothers struggle to cope with their new family dynamics, simultaneously trying to get their guest back to safety without detection by the Foot Clan.
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New Nation reviews
"Our side lost." "What do you mean, Remy?" Rogue asked. Her voice was almost serene. Remy opened his mouth, but no words came out. His hands floated in front of him as if he was going to paint a scene, but they dropped back down by his side. "Stark is dead. Da Captain is prisoner. An' … we lost. Da Avengers went down." "What do we do?" Kurt asked. "I dunno, but I think we run."
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A mysterious cat-person from an unknown land comes to visit New York, only to find herself chased by the Foot Ninja. The turtles save her from their grasp, but after that they need to learn about her and why the Foot would want her in their custody.
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The X-Mansion has been infiltrated by the government. All current X-Men and students had been taken into custody and thrown into a mutant prison with collars to keep them compliant. Remy does his best to keep his head held high, but is it enough? Finished and ready for edits and review.
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Sinister Exhilaration reviews
Remy needs to find a little spark to get him in the spirit of life again after breaking out of the government facility. Essex has just the job for him, though it takes some convincing to get Remy back on board. Written for Fallen Apart, but will not be used within the continuity.
X-Men - Rated: T - English - Angst/Crime - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,632 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Published: 5/8/2013 - Remy L./Gambit, Mr. Sinister - Complete