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Project: "Imperfect Cherry Blossom"

Status: COMPLETE 13/13

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Project: "Perishable Night"

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Project: "Possible Spell Card"

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Current Project: "Imperfect Cherry Blossom: The Movie - Scarlet Weather Rapture"


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Future Project: "The Meltdown of Haruhi Suzumiya"

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Fall 2012 - Season 1: Imperfect Cherry Blossom =COMPLETE= 13/13

Summer 2013 - Season 2: Perishable Night =COMPLETE= 14/14

Summer 2016 - Season 3: Possible Spell Card =COMPLETE= 5/5

Spring/Summer 2017 - Imperfect Cherry Blossom: The Movie - Scarlet Weather Rapture =AWAITING FINAL BETA CLEARANCE= 1/1

??? - Season 4: The Meltdown of Haruhi Suzumiya =IN PROGRESS= 1/??

Super-boring bio incoming?

Reality is, I didn't get into Haruhi or Touhou until relatively recently.

In the summer of 2008, I was frequenting various message boards, and kept coming across Haruhi reaction images. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I decided to watch it - all the english subbed episodes were on Youtube at the time. I knew the series existed, and beyond that, nothing else, so I went into it blind. I fell in love with it. I couldn't get enough, and read up on the Baka-Tsuki translations (when they were still up) for more. And before you call me a pirate - I bought all the DVD's, all the available books. I am supporting this series because I like it.

But anyways, that still didn't satisfy me - I then came on here, and began reading the FanFics.

The beauty of a series like Haruhi is that anything can happen, and be legitimate within the context of that universe. So, I began to write a FanFic...just not the one I've written. I actually began writing a crossover between TMOHS and my favorite PC game: UNREAL. I wrote a few chapters on paper, but hit a brick wall - a massive writer's block for that story. I had to shelve it.

Later that year, Left 4 Dead came out, and I wanted to do a crossover regarding that. Same result. Writers Block after a few chapters. I could not finish a story. I'd set out to write, and it would only fall flat. For fan fiction, or for my own stories. I had never completed a story I set out to write.

I gave up.

Fast-forward to 2011.

My knowledge of Touhou was nonexistant before 2011, other than "that song on the McRoll". And through various Youtube-diving, I'd come across various things regarding Touhou without knowing what it was. I forget the exact trigger, but I came across a series of videos on Youtube. A "Let's Play" of a fan-made game, posted up by a NakaTeleeli.

Touhou: Mother. A crossover of Touhou and the "Mother" series, which, is known as "Earthbound" in the states.

I watched that entire playthrough. It was my crash course into the fandom of Touhou, and I became enthralled by it. I watched all the videos, and there were a lot for that particular playthrough. I got interested, and went to Mangareader, finding the official mangas by ZUN. Found that someone uploaded Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth on Youtube. Watched those.

Then I found out about the Doujins. The fan-made comics.

I was intimidated. And only intimidated by the fraction that I came across. At random, I chose my first one to read.

"Scarlet Devil", by Asatsuki Dou. The very story I based my version of Meiling in Imperfect Cherry Blossom.

I liked the Touhou series, but after reading "Scarlet Devil"...for the fans to do that, for them to breathe such life into these characters...I fell in love with it all.

I was inspired.

Gensokyo. Closed space. One in the same. It fit.

And I did it. I finished a story. Haruhi X Touhou.

For the first time in my life I finished a story.

Imperfect Cherry Blossom was originally written as a stand-alone story. But due to the popularity midway through the releasing of the episodes, I've decided to continue it.

I hope it wasn't a one-shot deal, where Imperfect Cherry Blossom will be my only story. Because that writers block has been coming back.

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