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Basic Info on me!

Gender: Male woot woot.

Race:Hispanic woot woot!

Age:I shall Never tell! but you are very welcomed to guess! knowing i got to school isnt a good platform to base your guess off of cuz 50 year olds can go to school if they wanted to muahaha

Height: 5'9

umm i like Anime my favorites being Naruto, death note, full metal alchemist, Code Geass Inyuasha Blood,Bleach. But my Stories will be naruto Themed And I know many of you wont like this but i am A Naruxhina Fan sorry it just seems like the most logical Couple i mean Sakura sucks peroid i mean 1 weakling 2 i hate her so much 3 i really hate her haha 4 She never treats Naruto the way he should be treated Hinata is 1 Beautifull 2 Strong 3 Kind 4 in love with Naruto 5 just awsome haha so be ready for some Naruxhina fun :P O and im from CaliFornia

In mostly all of my stories i will place a M rating cuz a story isnt a story without some blood ,guts , cussing and some "adult themes" am i right?,

And no Offense to anyone who does like anything below M rated stories i have read many of those and they are incredibly well written and the plots are good.

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Links TO Pics of Character and other stuff

Kyuubi :


BTW Narutos Sword will Look like this even if your guys pick it to be Byakuyas cause it looks so cool.

This Is what the seals looks like on Narutos Head... :D


Caged Slave-Emotion-Obedience-Loyalty-Self Sacrifice


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Blue Eyed Slave,Pale Eyed Master reviews
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