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Some gamble money and worldly possessions.

Some gamble more than they can pay.

Some refuse to gamble.

But I...gamble fate.

Name - The Gambler of Fate, that's all you need to know.

Location - The United States.

Favorite Book - I have to admit, I don't read much. I was happy when my friend introduced me to "Kingdom Keepers" series. I'm way too old to be reading them, but I still love them.

Favorite Movies - I'm a classic geek that is in love with the "Star Wars" films, along with a few more childish movies like "Bolt," and "Monsters vs. Aliens." I also love the "Dark Knight" and "Transformers."

Favorite TV Shows - I love "24", "Lost", "Total Drama Island", "The Simpsons", "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy" and "Family Guy."

Favorite Video Games - The Kingdom Hearts series.

Hobbies - Playing video games, writing (some-what) and just relaxing.

Favortie Total Drama Island Characters - That's some information that I'll keep to myself. I have my own season two planned and I don't want anyone thinking that I'll be playing it by favorites. Come back later, or at least when I'm done with that story and then you'll know, but when you read my story, I think it'll be obvious who my favorites are.

My Writing

Well, I've finally posted a story. I understand that I posted a submit your Original Character story back a few months ago, but it has been deleted because of my long period absence. But, I have returned and I've posted another story. It's called "Total Drama Action" and by judging from the title, it is a season two type story, but it's my version of the second season featuring the fourteen returning campers. I'll be making up my own movie genre themed challenges, but I don't have them all planned out yet. Also, the eight unqualified campers will be making some appearances as well, so don't think I won't feature them at all.

This story is my first real full length story. So, if you're reading this and haven't read it yet, I ask that you do because I would really like some feedback on what you all think of it and your opinions on my writings and ideas. If you would drop me a line in a revew, it would be very much appreciated. I know asking is rude, but, I'm just someone who likes feedback and attention. If you follow it, I'll try and update often, but no promises.

I don't know if I'll write any other stories after it. I may or I may not, it depends on how much free time I have. College is hectic and stressful, believe it or not, so it's very time consuming, but most, if not all my freetime goes to writing. So, I'm very excited to have my first real story up here, I hope you all read it because I would love to hear your thoughts, I hope I can keep a steady updating pace and I hope I'll have time to write more often. So that's about it for my writing.

Thoughts on Total Drama Action

This isn't much. I just wanted to post some of my feelings on the developments on season two. When Total Drama Action was first starting out, I thought it was pretty funny, I still think their jokes are funny, compared to the highly censored Total Drama Island on Cartoon Network and that the challenges were cool. I like the idea of movie genre challenges, they seem interesting, cool and unique and I always look forward to the challenges they have to do. But, sadly, I do have some negative thoughts about the season. I hate to sound like a downer to those of you who actually really love the new season and see no wrong in it. But, my main problems are what they've done to the popular couples and what they've done to the characters in the show.

At the beginning of the second season, most of the couples started out strong without any real problems. I do hate how much time Geoff and Bridgette spend making out, but, hey, that's normal for the couple so things were fine. But, over time, some of the couples began to go a little crazy. Like Trent getting a little obsessive, Duncan/Courtney fans going crazy about Gwen and Izzy and Owen's constant serperation, etc. Well, sadly, Trent/Gwen has already broken up and it looks like Geoff/Bridgette and Duncan/Courtney are in some hot water right now, with Geoff's new jerk attitude and Duncan's past actions with Gwen. I don't know if any of the main couples will walk out of this season. I sure hope Gwen and Trent can get back together and the other two can keep their relationships going, but sadly, in my opinion, things don't good. Hopefully, I'll be wrong and things will change.

Next, is it just me of have they messed with the characters, a lot? For example, I don't remember Izzy constantly changing her name or Trent's nine obsession. Izzy, just isn't that funny anymore, all she does is change her name, I miss her old insane humor and I hope that it'll come back eventually. Trent, as a character has just gone insane. I actually hate the whole Trent and Gwen drama explosion. No one was right there. Trent went psycho and suddenly everyone loves him because of what Gwen did. Cut them both some slack. Sure Trent went nuts and cheated and sure Gwen dumped him, but they both had their rights to do what they did. I just hate what's become of Trent now and hope he can change back to normal, same with Izzy, Geoff and LeShanwa, just to name a few.

So, all in all, I like Total Drama Action, it's a nice show, but they have some problems. Sure, I think these problems weren't thought of at the last second, I think the producers planned all this stuff, but I hope that they can pull everything together and return the couples and characters we all know and love or love to hate.

They say time cannot be possessed.

Fate is in no one's hands.

If so, then I do the impossible.

I gamble fate.

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