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Hi! I'm Claire, aka Gold Eyed Girl, but you knew that! (I hope. If you didn't I'd be concerned.)

Due to the amount of stuff going on in my life that i can't get into Author's Notes, i decided to separate my bio into two groups, Current Events and my General Bio. Just so you know. ;)

Current Events

Updated: Alright already! I'm not dead! Sorry, but I fell out of doing this :( I haven't completely given up on my writing (completely being the key word), but I started focusing on other things. Again :( . So to all my old friends: no I don't hate you, yes I love you, no, I probably won't be getting to answering the PMs y'all have left (mostly cause they're a year old and you might be freaked out), and I don't know if I'll be back. But the concern was appreciated, so thanks for caring if I dropped off the face of the Earth :)

General Bio

This is the part where I tell you all the pointless babbles about me.


I am completely and boringly average looking. Small and thin, with brown hair and grey-green eyes. I have skin that is either pale white or bright red, never tan. My hair is very thick, but waved in such a weird way that I have to straiten it or pull it into a ponytail. i suppose i could be pretty, but I'm just not. Enough said.


I'm kinda shy, kinda not. I don't really like getting up in front of crowds of people I know, but I do it a lot in Talent Shows and stuff. I don't particularly enjoy performing, and don't think I'm any good at it, but I'm not given much choice. If you really want to know the story PM me, but I'm not going to post it here.

I'm bubbly and can be slightly random and weird (aren't we all?), but if you make me mad I have a temper to match Edward's. I also have his tendancy to overreact.

I have a strong competitive streak and like to win, but never at the risk of bad sportsmanship.

I try to be as kind and caring as I can, I'm a Christian and proud of it, but I slip often. (Hey, I'm only human.) I've been told that I have a lot of compassion, which absolutely made my day.

I'm a lot like Bella (I took a Twilight character quiz and the only question that I didn't answer like her was what car I'd drive. I'd want Alice's Porce! Although if I really think about it I wouldn't want to drive something so flashy, just a quick test spin then go back to a cute, but simple and unfancy car). Meaning I'm quiet, clumsy, and I under value myself. Anyone who knows me would say the same! I'm way more outgoing when I'm a faceless writer on here!

Likes and Dislikes

I love to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Especially Twilight! I'm positively addicted to it. I have read Twilight 23 times, New Moon 8 times (It was so depressing, but I've read the end where Edward returns 30 times or more), Eclipse 21 (my favorite parts more), and Breaking Dawn 28 times. I really freak my friends out when I quote whole pages from them, more often I slip short sentences into my everyday conversation and no one notices. Also, I'm Team Edward all the way! Sorry Jacob fans, but I just didn't want Bella to be with him. I have nothing against the kid now that he's imprinted, but I wanted Edward to win.

And the Twilight movie: Well, it had it's high parts (Charlie got the best lines, even my dad loved them, alough I'm afraid it gave him some dangerous ideas for when I have a boyfriend.) What really annoys me is how into it everyone is, and the t-shirts, and other murchandise (really, a BOARDGAME?? the thing doesn't even make sense or have a point) And I must say, they could have done better than Rob Patterson, not trying to offend anyone, that's just my opinion. I knew they would screw it up, but I was still impressed (even though they messed up A LOT). And no, I didn't buy the DVD, I have no money, and I just want to watch the extras, I can borrow one for that. The New Moon trailer looks alright, Taylor was a good pick for Jacob, although I don't like his wolf form all that much.

I love Twilight FanFiction, I spend every spare moment I'm on the computer here (meaning when I'm not writing or checking e-mail). Some of the stories are truly amazing and wonderful (Check my Favorite Stories, there are some of the best works I've ever seen anywhere on there, published or otherwise).

I love listening to music, my favorites are slow songs and country. Favorite artists (and my favorites of there songs) are Carrie Underwood (Jesus Take The Wheel, So Small), Taylor Swift (Love Story), and Jordan Sparks (No Air). I probably have the nerdiest iPod in school. Only 3 hip-hop songs (scratch that, i erased them because I don't like them), a ton of country, and even some Folk music (has anyone heard of Misty River? They're great). But I don't mind.

I like to sing, but I'm not very good. Some people disagree, but have have some suspicions that they're tone deaf. I've been in a few musicals, but always the chorus. I'm in drama at school, and that's the only time I get leads, all because the teacher likes me.

On what Bella said in BD "no one ever gives a trophy for reading books", they do, I've won one. It was a team thing, but I'm the captain, if that counts for anything. I honestly did most of the work, but my teammates were still incredible.

I'm not very graceful, but I have more coordination than Bella. I love sports, and I'm pretty good. I just wind up on the ground a lot. My favorite sports (and my positions) are soccer (goalie and forward. I know, odd combination), and volleyball (outside hitter and sever. Another odd combination, they're on opposite ends of the court).

I don't like basketball, football, or any or those violent sports like boxing or wrestling.

I like AU FanFics, but I don't like the ones where they reverse the pairings, like coupling Bella and Jacob. Or worse, Bella and Jasper. When I read those, I can't think of them as the Twilight characters, or I'll dislike it even if it is a wonderful story. Their mates are just such a huge part of who they are.

No other dislikes right of the top of my head.


I don't have an Edward or even a Jacob (I can dream though). I'm single and it doesn't look like that will change for a long time, dispite my friends insistances that a guy would be lucky to have me. I love you guys for it, but let's face it, "my type" isn't something a lot of guys would be into.

I love making new friends, especially people who understand my love of these books. (in other words, go ahead and email/PM me!)

I can't spell for chocolate, so I have to spell check often and keep changing things on my profile and my story. Let me know if I missed any please!

I have a semi-photographic memory (it's really just a good memory, but I couldn't convince my friends I wasn't photographic, so that's what we call it)

I'm almost half-deaf. It doesn't affect me too much, but you can't talk to my left side. The right is perfectly fine. I've had it all my life (as far as we can tell), so I'm used to it.

I have REALLY tiny feet. (Says every person I have met in my life. If you are curious, they're size 5, womens. Mock away.)

Well, that's all for this profile. Any questions, go ahead and ask!

Lots of love, Claire

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