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Author has written 15 stories for Ranma, Harry Potter, Naruto, and RWBY.

Not much to say. I enjoy reading fanfiction of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Love Hina, Ranma 1/2, and Harry Potter among others. I would tell you of my favorite pairings for Ranma 1/2, but I want to keep that a surprise until I have finished Choices and Consequences, at least the first ending (I am considering multiple endings, and not just small differences, but a branching out midway through the fic).

My favorite Harry Potter Pairings:

Severus/Lily (High above the rest; I think that they both came very close to making it, only to suck out at crucial points, with Severus afraid to show his feelings of love toward her and Lily hampered far too much by a black-and-white view of the world and her naivete. I very much enjoy stories where they did make it, having made small changes for big results)



James/NOTLily (I try not to be biased in my work, but I truly loathe the pairing James/Lily, as I feel that his actions prove that he was unwilling to leave Lily's best friend alone for her sake, while Severus ended up risking his life and dying for Lily's son, even though he truly hated him. James was probably a good man in general, but his bullying of Lily's best friend all through school, even after he had 'matured, makes him undeserving of Lily in my book. I also dislike how he CANONICALLY tried to deceive Lily at least twice, both times for what are apparently long periods of time (The Werewolf incident and his pretending to have stopped bullying Severus).)

My favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion Pairings:





My Favorite Love Hina Pairings:



Keitaro Shinobu

Keitaro/NOTNaru (What can I say? I think that the Keitaro/Naru pairing in canon is destined for Naru entering prison for about a hundred counts of Domestic Violence...)

Be warned, Choices and Consequences looks like it is going to far surpass the 100k word mark, so its going to be a long time before even the first ending is done. It is a fanfic about my favorite theme: how much things can change if only a few variables change. So far, the fiancee war has been pretty much unchanging, with Akane having a comfortable, although not insurmountable lead over her rivals, but said rivals have managed to find ways to step up their game while Ryoga, Akane's main suitor other than Ranma, has finally managed to reveal the secret that cripples his efforts to win her heart. Its anyone's ballgame and no-one wants to lose this war of hearts...

Someday You Will Look At Me is currently a oneshot, but it has now become the prequel to both another oneshot (The Cost of Necessity), and a series (Soldier of Rage, Guardians of Light and Darkness). In it, Ranma, after the failed wedding, battles Ryoga and is defeated by him; while still laying paralyzed on the ground, he is helped by Shampoo and Ukyo, who, not realizing that he is awake, help him understand that things are not always as they seem. (This entire series could be canon, as it is post-manga, and doesn't disobey Takahashi's ending)

The Cost of Necessity is the sequel to 'Someday You Will Look At Me'. It is time for Ranma and Akane's wedding, and one would expect this to be a happy occasion, right? Unfortunately not, as rather than being married solely because of love, the two of them are choosing to marry because of pride and fear, while their feelings for their other suitors have grown significantly...

Lily's Ultimate Revenge is a SSLE fic for Harry Potter; it is probably an AU, but it would be funny if it were canon.

Extended Summary for 'The Law of Unintended Consequences':There are a number of fics on this site where Severus Snape goes back in time in an attempt to change things after his death. In this one, it's Lily's turn. Lily goes back to her fourth year after her death, wherein she tries to maintain her friendship with Severus and prevent him from becoming a Death Eater while planning to date and marry James. However, her choices cause James and Severus to change, or in some cases, not change, in ways that she didn't expect.

In the past, Lily's memories of the original time-line both help and hurt her, as she has the benefits of having an inkling of the future and the penalties of misunderstanding what happened and what it meant. Burdened by her misconceptions, Lily tries to bring her best friend into the Light, with the help of Mary Macdonald, only to begin to understand that the past had mysteries that even time had failed to unravel and that her actions have shattered the future beyond repair, necessitating the creation of a new one...

Be warned, this is a long fic and it is quite the grey one, as it shows that the Light is not necessarily good, nor the Dark evil, but rather good and evil come from our actions... Known Pairings: Initially JPLE but eventually SSLE with possible Severus/Lily/Mary Macdonald.

Summary for 'What If? The Purgatory of Lily': What greater Hell is there than to know what Heavens one missed? Lily, after death, is assigned to a purgatory on account of her life's worth. In this purgatory, she is condemned to view time-lines where small changes in what actions she took caused far greater worlds than the one she existed in in the quest for understanding her own flaws and preparing for her heaven. Pairings are primarily SSLE with some JPLE, but there are some other pairings as well...

My Bunny-Box, a list of ideas for possible upcoming fics. Feel free to take as many as you like; they all need homes, and they breed wildly!

I'm Engaged to a GIRL!? (Ranma 1/2)

When Ukyo first arrives in Nerima, Ranma is in girl-form and is mildly ambiguous about which is his true form, causing Ukyo to think that Ranma's really a she. This causes her not to reveal the engagement, meaning that Ranma still thinks that Ukyo is his guy-friend from childhood. However, imagine what happens once Ranma figures out that Ukyo's not a guy... (Ranma/Ukyo pairing).

The Effects of Simple Gratitude. (Harry Potter)

In an alternate world, Harry Potter remembered to thank Severus for saving his life after his first year, something which Severus never would have expected from the boy. Confused, he keeps a closer eye on him, eventually realizing that he might have misjudged Harry, not that he'd ever let anyone know. In repayment, he gives Harry confusing advice during his more difficult trials.

Ideally, canon events should occur similarly, but with mild changes resulting from Severus' enigmatic help (To make more interesting, have this affect Harry's romantic relationships in some way, perhaps having him end up with someone different from Ginny as a result of the older man's help--No slash though). Severus should die at approximately the same time in canon, but when he dies, he receives the deserving admiration of the boy he had always tried to help, both knowing that Lily would be proud of him... (Severus...Canon pairing, Harry/anyfemale)

The Price of Revenge (Harry Potter)

In many realities and stories, Hermione saves Severus Snape in the Shrieking Shack as a result of a crush, or simply wanting to spare the man such a horrible death... Not this time-line though. In this time-line, Hermione saved Severus in order to get her revenge on him for killing Dumbledore, planning on having a Dementor kiss him or something equally horrible.

However, when she discovers that Severus was doing it all on Dumbledore's orders, and was a member of the 'good guys' all along, she realizes her mistake. Unfortunately, not only does Severus know why she saved him in the first place, her saving Severus has caused a truly dark effect upon the time-line indeed... (Severus/Hermione pairing)

Dark Purity. (Harry Potter)

While Dumbledore, Severus and Harry make preparations for the endgame, in Harry's sixth year, in another world a woman driven to darkness by the loss of her love has attempted to bring him back through a necromantic ritual the power of which has never been seen before. Instead of bringing her love to life though, the half-mad Lily Evans has crossed to this world instead. However, she has her own dark agenda beyond rescuing Severus, intending to burn the wizarding world to the ground in the name of her own twisted goals... (Severus/Lily, perhaps...)

Here are my current major Challenges:

Time-crossed Love Triangle Challenge: A challenge for those who, like me, have always wondered how a love triangle between Severus, Hermione and Lily would turn out.


#1: Fifth-Seventh Year Hermione Granger returns to the Marauders era with no way of getting back(Method is unimportant, but it must be permenent).

#2: She arrives AFTER 'Snape's worst memory' and joins Hogwarts as a student.

#3: Hermione, for whatever reason, preferably a selfish one, tries to change Severus for the better and ends up falling in love with him, with him 'reasonably' unchanged from his canon personality at that time.

#4: After watching how Hermione has fallen for Severus, Lily falls for him for either the same or different reasons. Feeling regretful for her actions in Snape's Worst Memory, Lily forgives Severus for the SWM incident and apologizes to him for her actions outside the Gryffindor Portrait hole with Severus forgiving her.

#5: Severus, who has already started to fall in love with Hermione, is torn between the two of them...

#6: Final Pairings must include Severus and AT LEAST one of either Lily or Hermione. Also, James can end up with neither of the Female leads.

Optional Bonus Point Rules:

#1: Severus joins neither the Death Eaters or the Order of the Phoenix, yet is critical to the war all the same.

Message me if/when you post something based on this challenge, as I would love to read it!

The Juxtaposed Challenge: How would the Marauders Era have turned out if Dumbledore had been a Slytherin?


#1: Dumbledore is relatively similar to canon, but with more obvious Slytherin principles and generally supportive of those from that house (Think of how most of the Order seemed to be Gryffindor-based in canon; it's the same way, but with Slytherins instead).

#2: Voldemort, instead of crafting an army based around Slytherin principles, notices the frequent disconnect between Dumbledore and the non-Slytherin students. As such, his army becomes a crusade against the 'evil Ministry' and the corrupt families they support and are supported by (In particular, the Slytherin ones).

#3: Similar to in canon, the students of the era are caught in the middle. Those of Gryffindor are generally supportive of Lord Voldemort's dream, with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff being rather neutral in the conflict albeit supporting their typical school allies (Gryffindor), and the Slytherins generally disliked by all.

#4: Apart from not being in favor of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and there being no Blood-purity craze, the Slytherins are pretty much the same in canon. The Gryffindors aren't evil per se, they just think that the destruction of the Ministry and suffering of the Slytherins is pretty much a good thing. After all, the worst things imaginable can happen with the best of intentions.

#5: Try to show just how dark Gryffindor can go when faith and unity turns to fanaticism. Lily is caught in the middle of this, and her Gryffindor-character is frequently tempted by her own desire to follow the herd. Meanwhile, Severus plays very much the one trying to choose reason over determination.

#6: You may start at any point between the start of Severus' Hogwarts years to the end of Harry's. Remember, much like in canon, Voldemort doesn't show his true colors up until after Severus' Hogwarts years.

Optional Bonus Point Rules:

#1: Lily is forced to undergo a similar test to canon-Severus, having to choose between her wish to join in the 'righteous crusade' and her desire to keep Severus as a friend.

#2: Severus ends up one of the leaders of the 'good guys' for his generation, because of one of the most ancient of reasons: no-one else is willing to do it. Also, in some ways, Severus becomes Dumbledore's personal prodigy, sort of like what Harry is in canon.

#3: Pairings are up to you, although I would definitely enjoy seeing a reversal of the canon situation between Severus and Lily, with Lily trying to be the one to get Severus and Severus unsure about whether he can continue supporting Lily as she seems to be pulled farther and farther into Voldemort's mad crusade. If you prefer, you may set up Severus with an OC or non-Lily canon Character.

Message me if/when you post something based on this challenge, as I would love to read it!

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