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Author has written 7 stories for Digimon, Lunar: Eternal Blue, and Lunar: Silver Star.


Hello, my name is Sierra but you can call me by my username "Si-chan" or my nickname "Si". I haven't been on in over six years but I finally decided to have a little bit of fun and get back into fanfiction writing. I'm not going to take no stupidity from anyone, so if you read my newer stories, please be mature-minded and intelligent. Do you really think I have the patience to deal with children who want to rant to me about the pairing in my stories?

If you're a fan from a long time ago, you will notice that I deleted my stories a few stories because of how utterly horrible they I will be wanting more attention shown to my newer, better stories. But some stories are nostalgic and I love their crappiness, so I left them on the site. Plus some people may still want to read them and I want an avenue where my old fans can possibly come back and read my new fics. But please, don't ask me to update or rewrite those things. They are discontinued and complete and will never have another chapter. Besides, I lost those stories because they are from six years ago and floppy disks don't last that long unfortunately. So please, don't bother.

In my fanfiction, I intend to stick as closely to canon as possible. You may find OCs here and there but unless it is an OC only fanfic, they will not be changing or interfering with the canon. You will not see random OC#56 getting paired with Harry Potter when he clearly has someone else in the original story.

BASIC INFORMATION (Information about the person behind the stories.)

● Name: Sierra

● Age: 20

● Gender: Female

● Occupation: Unemployed college student, majoring in Psychology but having a secret affair with illustration and art.

● Appearance: Skinny and tall and loving it (5'8" and 130lbs). African American. Ever-changing hair but naturally shoulder length and dark brown.

● Personality: I'm generally pretty nice and helpful but I don't really take crap from anyone, especially not online. I love to mentor people in writing, especially when they want the criticism, so feel free to ask me for reviews and critiques if you want an honest opinion on your story. I'm misanthropic and cynical, which will probably show in my stories.

● Background: I grew up in the inner city in a pretty dysfunctional home. But my parents did their best to make my childhood positive. And it was for the most part. A lot of the bad things that happened in my childhood still ended up shaping who I am today. I suppose my most defining point in life was definitely high school. But isn't it like that for everyone? I entered high school disillusioned and depressed but left positive and hopeful about life. I learned a lot about people there, for better and for worst. Mostly for worst. Now I'm in college studying Psychology with plans to be a novelist and perhaps an Animal Behavior Specialist (i.e. Animal Psychologist).

● Hobbies/Interests: Of course, I love writing, but I also love drawing. If you're interested in my art (which sometimes includes fanart) you can find it here: . In addition to writing and drawing, I like ballroom dancing, playing guitar, playing video games, reading, people watching, and taking care of animals. General interests are anime/manga, different cultures, literary analyses, and the mind (both human and animal).

● Music: I listen mostly to rock and its subgenres, but I actually like all music genres if it has a good beat and good lyrics.

● Favorite Series: Digimon, Pokemon, Bleach, Harry Potter, DearS, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy X, Lunar: SSSC, Lunar 2: EBC, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Love Hina, Zelda, Harvest Moon, Watchmen, Batman, and others I can't remember right now (But I do not guarantee that you will see fanfiction from all of these series)

PLANS Future intentions for my stories, to update my readers

● Move all my old fics to "Completed" status.

● Get caught up with all the new features of that came along since 2003...

● Start on a Taiora Digimon short story (it may have a chapter or two)

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