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Pairings I ship:

Wicked: Gelphie(Glinda/Elphaba), Flinda(Glinda/Fiyero), Foq(Fiyero/Boq)-OTP. Mizzard(Morrible/Wizard)

Mortal Instruments: Malec(The best canon pairing EVER! Alec/Magnus), Jalec(DAMMIT! Not Canon..but it should've been!), Valentine/Luke(XD)- OTP, Clary/Jace, Simon/Jace, Simon/Maya.

A-team(Both movie reboot and original series): Amy/Face(Dammit, it should've been!), Murdock/Face(XD)-OTP. Hannibal/Face father-son.

ST(TOS and '09): Spirk-OTP, Scotty/Uhura(Fuck yes!) Checkov/Sulu, Kirk/McCoy,

Pairings I HATE

Wicked: Fiyero/Elphaba(don't ask me why; but as you can see, I'm a Flinda shipper...), Boq/Galinda(SHE BELONGS WITH ELPHIE AND HE WITH YERO! *clears throat* sorry, rabid fangirl attack...) Nessa/Fiyero(Really, peeps? WTF?)

Mortal Instruments: Valentine/Jocelyn(Cannon my ass), Jace/Izzy, Alec/anyonebutMagnus(XD)

A-team(both reboot and OS): B.A/Murdock, Hannibal/Face, and Sosa/Face(Reboot).

Update as of 6/9/10.

My profile is old. My profile is lame. I am lame. I am now writing like I'm on FML. FML.

I'm kidding, I promise. I'm really here to say I'm really sorry for my previous lame-ness of copy and pastes and shit. Forgive me, my nonexistant fans/friends!

Update as of 6/30/10.

Just saw A-team movie...

I went in biased, and I have no problem admitting that, as my father has made me watch the original series since...literally the first minute of my birth. I was on when I was born...Anyway, I'll admit the movie had it's perks, but...

Seriously? Could've been better.

Bradley Cooper is NOT Face. He's a sexy Face, but not THE FACEMAN. Just...no.

That is all.

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What a great email it was!!

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