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Author has written 23 stories for Twilight, Harper's Island, and Harry Potter.

Favorite Books: The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Romeo&Juliet, The Last Song, Plain Truth

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabethtown, Love Actually, Remember Me, Zombieland, The Blind Side, Letters to Juliet,

Favorite Bands: Florence + the Machine, Death Cab for Cutie, Trading Yesterday, The Beatles

Favorite Artists: Darren Criss, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Yiruma, Hans Zimmer

"Some things in life are better left unseen, this is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream"

"Life isn't about finding yourself, It's about creating yourself"

A little bit about myself: I am a high school senior, I live in New England with my family. I am currently (summer 2011) attending the Harvard Summer School Program, studying Medieval Literature and Psychology. I run track, do yoga, and I am obsessed with tea.

I am 100 percent Team Edward, I don't care how gorgeous Taylor Lautner is, you aren't budging me on this people. Jacob is cool every now and then, but after Eclipse I have this perminant butt head image of him going on that I can't seem to shake. I started reading the Twilight series in 2007, and I've been hooked on it ever since. I think my favorite character, aside form Edward of course, is Seth Clearwater. He's the sweet and happy-go-lucky kid that nobody could ever hate.

I'm not a huge fan of the movies - I don't think that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart portray the characters correctly. But I do love Rob in other movies (i.e., Water For Elephants, Remember Me, etc.) But if I had to pick a favorite movie (so far) it would probably be New Moon - it was the most accurate. The series would be better if they just kept the small details, such as Bella having a POC (piece of crap) computer. But I am anxiously awaiting Breaking Dawn Part 1 - I hope they don't end it with a cliffhanger, though.

I know that I publish a lot of Twilight Fanfic, but I write a lottt of Harry Potter as well - I just never publish it because I never feel like its good enough. I love the Harry Potter Series - I even have my own wand. I am currently reading the series to my nine year old brother and he is slowly becoming just as obsessed as I am. My favorite book? I really couldn't tell you. Favorite movie? Thats easier - I really liked the sixth one. It was a good balance of trivial Hogwarts drama and the battle against You-Know-Who. My favorite character would be... okay, its a three way tie between Fred, George, and Luna. I cried for days after Fred died in the books - and every year since I read the books I've worn black on Voldemort Defeat day, May 2nd, or Fred's death day. I have big plans with my friends to blue-skadoo into the books/movies in 2012 and save Fred's life.

If you have not seen A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel - do so IMMEDIATELY. It is absolutely hilarious and the music is phenomenal - I have all of it on my iPod. Darren Criss (most famously known for his role as Blane on Glee) plays Harry Potter in this 3-4 hour condensed play of all the Harry Potter books. My favorite character in this play is Ron Weasley, played by Joey Richter. Favorite songs... "Guys Like Potter" and "Those Voices". And of course "Going Back to Hogwarts" - I know all the words to all the songs, and I encourage all of you Harry Potter fans to snag them from iTunes (or from YouTube).

SO: My "Edward in Volterra" story won the 2009 Midnight Sun Award, so I highly suggest you check that out if you haven't already... And I promise I'll get around to finishing the last chapter. Sounds sad, but I've been working on this one project for about two years now. I really have to be in the mood to write. And like the fantastical Stephenie Meyer, I have to be able to write for myself, not for other people. Not that I don't LOVE getting reviews, so please do that. Review Every single one of my stories if possible. And I'll try to cough up some guts to upload my Harry Potter stories as well. Thank you : )

Also: Here are some links to Youtube videos that I thought were pretttyyy awesome. : I love this song, and I thought it was perfect for New Moon, so when I saw this I was like WHOAH MAN.

This one was my part of my favorite part of Eclipse : Refer to "Dance with me, Daddy"

This is the GREATEST video montage of all time (Ron and Hermione) :

Some music recomendations: The entire Twilight Piano Music album on iTunes. I just love how happy the music is, and its mood is kind of contagious. And for me, "River Flows In You" By Yiruma will always be Bella's Lullaby. I like it much better than the one in the movie by Alexander Desplat. I'd also like to point out that pretty much anything by Yiruma is great. I'm really into piano music, and his is wonderful. Oh, and the Harry Potter band "The Ministry of Magic" - their songs are wonderful, all about the books and the characters, they have some great pump up music if you're in a a Harry Potter binging mood.

Books I'd refer you to if you like Twilight: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Crappy title I know, but its definitely worth your time. And Nineteen Minutes was really good, but I was kind of disapointed with the end. It wasn't bad, I just wish it were happier... hahh. Any Dan Brown books are good reads, or any of the Peeps Series. For a while I also really liked the Daughters of the Moon series. Generation Dead novels are also really good... And Kissed By an Angel. I could NOT put it down. Literally sent shivers down my spine. It was wicked good.

And I'd also reccomend watching The Vampire Diaries, it wasn't great to begin with but now its just mind boggling. Go Damon!

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