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I am a reader, and have always been one, from the age of 5 on. Since I've been reading for @50 years as of August, I've gotten rather fast at it - the last time I checked - 20 years ago, I was at 350 WPM. My reading addiction demands at least one new story every week, and more is better - so a site like this is Nirvana for me . . .

As to favorite authors, In NO particular order, the top 10 or so are

Mercedes Lackey, Christine Feehan, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Morgan Hawke, Gena Showalter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Knight, Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick, Elizabeth Peters, CS Lewis, Elizabeth Moon, Stephanie Laurens, Victoria Laurie, David Weber, John Ringo, Lynsey Sands, . . . I could keep going, but, I'm heavily into SF/Fantasy, And Romance, and consensual sexual interaction of ALMOST any kind does not bother me - but I draw the line at incest!

Favorite TV/Movies are

Phantom Of The Opera (although I favor the Stageplay over the Movie in MOST scenes) And for anyone who thinks that Raoul of Phantom Of The Opera is a great choice based on his behavior in the original novel or stageplay, I HAVE to introduce you to my brother-in-law AKA the Worthless Lump., Star Trek (original Series), Dark Shadows (the Jonathan Frid version), Star Wars, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter (all 8), A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Young Frankenstein, Spirited Away, Lord Of The Rings, . . . etc, etc, etc.

Turn-Offs - NON-Consentual Sex (including Incest), Reality Shows (of any type), Anything to do with glorifying the Gangsta/Thug/Pimp culture, people who DELIBERATELY make fun of other peoples Religious or Sexual Habits, Satanism (Which is NOT the same thing as Occultism), and anyone who is too close-minded to learn, which is not the same thing as too mentally feeble to learn, although it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

Personal Data - Age 56, Single by choice, no pets at this time, working for the local County Court system, which may be one reason I go for the fantastic rather than the mundane - I get enough "real life" at work, I don't need more when I come home in the evening. Two siblings, Father deceased, semi-supporting mother of 85 years. Writing is one creative outlet, my other one is Jewelry-making.

Absolute Favorite Quote "Of course it's all in your head, Harry, but what makes you think that makes it any less real?" Dumbledore, Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Second Favorite Quote - Prepare for the Future! Read Science Fiction.

I said in Chapter 24 of If You Want Something Done Right that I would go into what makes me tick spiritually, but not inside the story, I'll do it here. I have lived a fairly long time, and have encountered many things in my day - but let's start with the basics - yes, I HAVE seen ghosts, of people I knew, AFTER they had left this realm, or maybe it was on the way out, but anyway, they had permanantly left their body behind. So I do believe in life after death.

Reincarnation? - I am convinced that I am my own maternal grandmother reborn. I KNOW facts about my family that I was never told, but had confirmation on later.

My take on Heaven and who gets in? When I was barely twelve, I encountered C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, and when I read the Calormene's tale in The Last Battle, something inside went "That's It Exactly." For those who never read it, it features a group of loyal Narnians who have just entered "Aslan's Country" and encounter a soldier from the besieging army, whom Aslan has also let in. (Since Aslan is Jesus under another name and skin, he IS the final authority on who gets in the door in this universe.) The Calormene is a little bewildered whan Aslan calls him "Son" since he's followed Aslan's opposite, Tash, his whole life, but Aslan explains that his actions, being always honorable and good, were what got him there. Tash can only accept what is dishonorable and dark, that's just how he's formed.

And finally - have I ever encountered Real Evil? Yes. Let me quickly tell you two stories - The first from 1973. In those days, Ouija Boards were being sold as a TOY (They're not) and I was in a boarding school where some of my dorm-mates had one. Now I had the habit, at that time, of sleeping with a Bible under my pillow, and, by this point, every one of my dorm-mates knew this. One saturday afternoon, they came clattering down the hall-

"We need to borrow your Bible."

Well, I was curious, but willing, I scooped it up and went along, to the room they had been using. They let me go in the room first. On the bed was the board, with the planchette going in circles, AND NO ONE Within 15 feet of either board or pointer. I put the Bible, carefully, onto the board, at which point the pointer hit the Opposite wall, travelling over 7 feet to do so. And, on a day where the temperature outside was 60 degrees, the room felt like -20!

Second Story- About 1980 - At Balticon

I was going to the Labor Day SF convention, for several reasons, but one of them was to purchase a new Tarot deck - one which had 6 new cards in it. (Yes, I DO Tarot - but only after putting up the proper spiritual safeguards - I learned THAT from the incident in '73.) I'm on the way to the Huckster Room, in a corridor which was stuffy, hot, and crowded, (late summer, remember?) when I see this dude in a cape and goatee, complete with an entourage of at least four, who brushes by me. Now he only got within a foot of me, and all of a sudden it's -20 degrees again, and I'm suddenly shaking like an aspen in a windstorm. Later, I saw his picture in the paper. His name was Anton LaVey. founder and head of the Church Of Satan.

My Take On "Love Never Dies" -

After considerable thought on this matter - I have come to think of this piece as "Webber's Mary Sue" - Now - I am old enough that I actually DID - in the mid 1970's - encounter the ORIGINAL (167 chapters - Titled - the Weight) Mary Sue - the one that gave the "Genre" it's name - granted - it's been 30 years, and much of it has submerged - mercifully - into vague memory - but it featured a character Named Mary Sue - who More or Less Bed-Bounced with just about every male member of the Starship Enterprise crew - warping the behaviors of most of the known characters of the ship to do so. (If I remember rightly - after running through the ship personnel - I'm pretty sure she wound up with an Andorian). Now, as far as I'm concerned - While Webber DIDN'T warp the Phantom. Christine, or Raoul by TOO much to be believable - I really have trouble swallowing what he did to Madame Giry - not to mention Meg! While there are about 3 to 5 really GOOD songs and scenes in LND - I haven't the heart to watch the WHOLE DVD anymore - I watch the good stuff and skip the rest.


Hauling several suitcases behind her, most of them large, all of them labelled with signs on the side, Toriana manages to slowly drag herself and her luggage back to a cobweb festooned desk. Pulling out some cleaning supplies, she looks around the mostly empty room. Clearing her throat a little awkwardly, she addresses the room, peering at the shadowy corners in case there's anyone listening. "Well, I am very sorry that I've been away for 18 months, but, I assure you, it was not my decision. I not only got mugged by real life, he then proceeded to back up the truck and run me over. Several Times." She indicates the suitcases piled to one side. Now some of the labels are more visible, reading things like "Deceased Nephew", "Family Feud", "Buried Brother-In-Law", and "Mother Loses Job, now I must support 2 households.". "And besides all that, my story "Going Swimming is now screaming at me "You are NOT through with me, you need to go back and revise Here and Here and Here! Oh, and you forgot to put THIS in!"" She sighs and grips her long hair in both hands. "I give up. I'm putting "Cosmic" on Hiatus, and, will start posting the "Director's Cut Of Going Swimming." Tonight is Chapter 1 - Let's see if people like it.

2-25-17 No, I haven't forgotten all about here, but, it is not possible to support 2 households on the salary I am getting, so I had to move in with my (very high maintenance) mother. I get MAYBE two free hours a day, now, and it's hard to write much in that time, so, the pace on the rewrite is now glacial. And as for my sisters, one is in another state, and the other one has a feud going with mom, so it's just me. But I WILL be back when I can.

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