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Poll: Do you want a Season of the Witch category, because I am writing a fanfiction on the movie. But, there isn't a category for it yet, I' ve emailed the people of , requesting the category. But neither have I recieved an reply or seen the category created. S Vote Now!
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Hello there, I am Irene. I am Dutch, 17 years old.

And well, I love fantasy series and movies ^^
Fell in love with 'The Sorcerers Apprentice' when I saw it last Monday, so will definitely try to write a fanfic on that movie.
I also love 'Merlin' (BBC) and of course 'Harry Potter'. :)

Love 'Lord of the Rings'. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (even though, I'll have to confess that that is mostly because of Jack Sparrow *sheepish smile*). Also love 'Legend of the Seeker' (I am actually reading the first book of the series this tv series is based on =D, and I love it ^^)

Second to that I love history :) And something, I don't know what or how, makes me very interested in the Dark Ages, they fascinate me. Not because I like misery and agony. It is perhaps the way that no matter how much the people in Western Europa had to go through, they got through it and in the end, they concurred. They survived the wrath of time. And even though everytime it seemed to get better, they had a huge fall-back. They were never completely wiped out, they were never completely crushed. There was this little flame, this small ray of light that would not distinguish. It would not fade, it was small, very small, the people then did not notice it. But it was there nonetheless. And perhaps that is what fascinates me, what made them go through this, why did they keep their faith in God, how did they manage to get to the light, in the end, grasp it, embrace it and dawn a new age? A age of illumination and science. The age of the renaissance, what in the end, led to our civilization. We may not always see it, but a lot of our present, lies in those Dark Ages, and are we even allowed to call it that? It was called that by some person I forgot the name of because he compared it to the ancient Greek age, which was bright and perfect to him. Aren't we in the Dark Ages ourselves, wasn't the twentieth century the Dark Age? Considering the wars? How dark was it exactly? Yes, I ask a lot of questions, and perhaps, that is the fuel for my fascination. But anyway, perhaps I will write some fanfictions about movies set in those ages.

I liked Season of the Witch and Black Death very much, no not very happy movies, but very good in my eyes.
Season of the Witch fanfic: ( does not have a category for it. I requested for it, but I got no replies, neither was an category made for it. So well, I put it on dA instead.)

Okay, so I love Skye Sweetnam. And there is the project of hers, a band, SUMO CYCO. They're really awesome and I DEMAND EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO OF THEM:

Uhm, well, I also write poems, quite a lot actually. If anyone has any interest in reading them (most likely not -.-' Obviously..). But here is the link to my dA-page, on which they are uploaded.

Well, that was it, I suppose. Wanna know anything about me, just PM or something, dunno if that's possible on this site, but well.

IxStillxWish (Irene)

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