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Author has written 8 stories for Prince of Tennis, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Nickname: Vannie.
Age: 19
Birthday: March 4. Next to Yukimura Seiichi's birthday. XD Love it.

28 May '11 Update.
I think I finally returned .///. maybe.. hopefully..
Well I recieved an email that someone wanted me continue writing.. So I'll try and get back in the mood plus trying to remember what I was writing about xD
So yup, back, and hopefully finish everything. Love Vannie.

22 November '09. Update.
Hmm, I don't know when I'll be able to update everything.
School is such a pain in the behind. Too much going on that I'm busy and don't have to sit and think about writing.
College is just around the corner and I'm not sure what to study really. If I stay in the U.S. then maybe major in Art or in medical. Either Pharmacy or Radiology in medical. Ah, I hope to study abroad.
Study Japanese and/or French. Not for sure yet really. Well, that's that update.

Basic stuff about me:
Name is Savanna, but I like to go by Vannie. Don't mind really.
I was named after an American movie: Savannah Smiles. I watched the movie recently and cried. It's an old film but neat.
I'm 17, female, and yup a high school student. Four more month and then I hit 18..
This is my last year of high school.

In person:
I'm a nice, very quiet, shy person. I don't say much, but it's different online I guess.
I don't know a lot of things and I tend to ask a lot of questions because I'm curious.
Most times I feel embarrassed because I ask the most simplest questions. .///.
I'm the kind of person who listens more to others than talk. And yeah.. a random person too.

Music. I listen to music. I can listen to almost anything.
The main genres I listen are basically Hard Rock and Japanese/Korean Rock and Pop. I listen to others types too.

Art. I love to draw and sketch even though I'm not that skilled. Most of the art pieces I do are random. I like to do black and white drawings, but I also do color.
I hate the use of color but I'll use color if needed to. Pencil and paper are the tools I use. xD But I also work with different mediums. Started to get into Photography.

Sport. I play Basketball, Softball and learning Tennis. That's basically it.
I'm a left-handed player. xD I don't know any other people who are left-handed around me.

Read and Writing. Once The Prince of Tennis entered my life, I started to read and write and more.
These aren't my strength though. Math and Art are my strengths. I'm still working on my grammar skills, haha. Yup.

Movies/TV shows. Hmm, a lot.

Food. Bottom line-I hate food/drinks. Except Fruits and Water..
However I can't continue on to live without food or water i'm forced to eat.
Even though I hate food, I can cook well. (I don't even eat my own cooking, but my family enjoys it.)

I think that's all I'll type up for now. I kind of got carried away...Sorry.

Request(s): (DX Sorry I haven't uploaded these stories yet.)
Spots taken:
1. FujixShiraishi (Romance/Humor)
2. FujixTezuka (Romance/Humor)
3. SanadaxYukimura (Romance/Humor) Fuji&Tezuka plus Fuji&Yukimura as friends.
4. Oishi (General/Humor) Story based off song
5. Atobe & Toja(OC) (General/Humor) Story based off song, same as Oishi's but different version
6. FujixEiji (Humor/Crime)
7.(?) EijixRyoma (Humor/Crime)
8.(?) ShishidouxOC

Upcoming Story(ies):
I won't let you. Rated T. Maybe M? Romance/Humor. AtobexOCxShishido. One of the OC is Mary-Sue. (There are 2 OC's)
Well, guess you can say the other is a bit the same. Yeah, It's a MarySue Story. I don't care if I get shot down with this story. Blah Boring Lame Story. May change later...?
Leave Me Alone. Rated M. Horror/Hurt/Comfort. Sanada & OCxNiou. OC after OC.
(more info when I can get on later.)
Matchmaker unmatches. Rated T. Romance. OishixOCxEiji.
Miyako and Oishi like each other, but are too shy to even talk to each other. Eiji noticed Oishi's liking to Miyako for some time now.
He tells Oishi to just tell her. Eiji then sets up both of them to finally talk to each other, being their matchmaker. Surprised by Eiji's action, Oishi thanks him.
Oishi and Miyako are doing great together. Eiji starts to realize Miyako more and his starts to grow feelings for her.
Eiji tries to control his feelings, telling himself she belongs to Oishi, but it's too late. His feelings take over.
Now Eiji breaks them up and asks Miyako to go out with him. Will their friendships continue or end?

Contact Info:
Yahoo: and/or IM: Vannie456
AOL: and/or AIM: VannieRcks
Or PM me.


Stories in Progress:

Will I make it in Time? - It's a story about Sanada who saved a girl and ended up with a sprain ankle. The girl is named Sam. Sam want to repay him for what Sanada did. There is an important match coming up in two weeks, so Sanada choice was for Sam to take his place. Sam however doesn't know how to play tennis. She has to keep the whole tennis playing on the down low from her mother. So now Sam has to work her butt off to be ready for the matches. With the coaches being: Sanada, Yukimura, Marui, Kirihara and the other Rikkai members. Yukimura tries to bring Sanada and Sam together, but on the other hand Kirihara likes Sam.

It's painful without my Sweetheart. -This is a story about Marui losing his Green Apple Flavored Gum. Marui goes around trying to find his Sweetheart. He runs into Different Tennis Players from Seigaku, Fudomine, Hyotei, the list goes on. Every time he soo close to getting his gum the worst happens pulling him away from it. Changed. This story is going to change. Marui figures that everytime he gets closer to his sweetheart...It pulled away from him. Marui can't take the pain anymore, so he has decided to give up his sweets for good. His heart becoming cold...Marui has lost his love for sweets. Now the regulars of Rikkai are going to try to bring the love back. However...will Marui accept it when it's in front of him?

Nothing. There was Never Hope. -Alex is her name. Alex is forced to go an all boys school by the demands of her father. Alex's mother has died, and her father has gotten carried away with drinking. Alex is living a life of depression. She doesn't want to live life anymore...only thinking her life is nothing to live for. No friends. Father beats her. Alex is living a world of darkness. When entering her new school, she meets Kaidoh. Kaidoh is stuck being roommates with her. Kaidoh is the first and only one to notice that she's a girl. Kaidoh is Alex's only hope to keep her living on 'til the end. KaidohXOC.

I thought it was GoodBye... -This is a story about Tezuka. Tezuka fell in love with a beautiful girl at the age of 16. It was young love. His love was shattered when he thought the one he loved dear, just walked out of his life. After that night, Tezuka never heard from her again. He found out she moved, her number had been changed, everything. His heart was broken, feeling that he had been used. It's been 5 years, he went on with life as he planned, becoming a Pro Tennis Player. He nevered loved anyone again. One Saturday a girl appears at his door step. "Are you Tezuka Kunimitsu?" the young 5 year old girl asked. "Yes. Why?" Tezuka said emotionless. "I'm your daughter." Story about Tezuka, finding out he's a Father. But the question Tezuka want to know is "Why didn't she tell me?" Tezuka&Daughter story.

I'm you and you're Me. -Based off of chapters on Atobe & Tezuka in, 'This Title is so Lame, Its Funny." Inui and Yanagi created a juice to see what would happen. Not able to give it to Fuji and Kawamura, both of them ended up testing Atobe and Tezuka. Tezuka and Atobe both wake in each others bodies. Not knowing how long the juice will stay affected, the two experience each others life style. Not having money and anything fancy, Atobe has to deal with what he has in front of him. He ends up working to get what he wants. Atobe finds friendship with the regulars of Seigaku. Atobe starts to see the real world below his class. Tezuka finds himself rich and spoiled. Seeing everything he wants is given to him. Tezuka starts to find fun and laughter, but he has to deal with the attitudes of the Hyoutei regulars towards him.

This Title is so Funny, Its Lame. -Inui & Yanagi have created a juice that is like no other. The new type of juice that doesn't taste nasty...'Test B'! Different stories of everyone. Different players become either good guys or bad guys. All Inui & Yanagi are doing is scribbling in their notebook/notepad collecting data. Weird things happen to the tennis players. Crazy. Strange. Just plain weird. Expect OOC.

Soon to be Later Stories:

Fuji's love for Cactus. -It's going to be a story about Syuusuke's love for Cactus, and why he loves it. Here's a piece of the story. "Look Yuuta! I got the coolest plant." smiled the 6 year old Syuusuke Fuji, holding the tiny Cactus in front of Yuuta. "What is that, Syuusuke?" Yuuta asked staring at the weird green plant. "It's called a Cactus. There found in the deserts." smiled Syuusuke. "Look at it!" Yuuta leaned closer to the plant. "If I touch it, Big Brother. Will it hurt me?" he asked curious seeing spikes prike out everywhere. Before Syuusuke could respond, guess what happened. "Mommy!! Syuusuke's plant poke me!! Oh-no! It's Bleeding!!" cried out Yuuta running away from the evil plant. Yuuta never went near another spiky plant. Well, it's Syuusuke's story of growing up and collecting his favorite plant, Cactus.

Who ever knew Horio's life was Interesting? -A story about Horio. Of course his experiences. Horio has done almost everything there is to life. Well...not everything. Stories that go from being the play, singing, jumping off the roof, whatever. All the way leading to the game of Tennis. Challenging story! I'm going to try to do the impossible. The story will only contain the Number 2. No other number mention. From 2 secs, 2 minutes, 2 Hours, 2 days, 2 weeks...whatever, because you know...he's famous for his "2" years of experience. Funny story of Horio.

What were you thinking, Oishi?! -This a Oishi story. Everybody knows Oishi as a very nice person. A person who cares about other feelings. Him being the Mother of Seigaku. One day, Oishi broke the news to his friends. Tezuka, Fuji, Eiji, Inui, Kawamura and the others, they couldn't believe what Oishi had done. Oishi Syuichirou has join the football team. Who would ever thought the caring Oishi playing Football? With all the running, and the tackling...Football is rough sport. Oishi, you better run. Oishi story, playing two totally different sports.

Sweets is not the only One I Love. -Request by a reviewer. Haven't come up with a story line...yet.


On the Run. -SpongeBob gets a letter from his cousin, SpongeDude GreedyPants. His cousin says he will be stay with him for awhile. What SpongeBob doesn't know is that his cousin, SpongeDude is on the run. SpongeBob is the one who ends up going to jail instead SpongeDude. Now SpongeBob is determine to get his life back...but how will he get out of jail is the first question.


Sam's Winter Gift. -A Christmas side story to 'Will I make it in Time?'. This story does not follow the story to 'Will I make it in Time?'. A complete side story. Christmas is going to be at Yukimura's house. Sam has finally made up her mind between Sanada and Kirihara. A hyper Marui from all those sweets he got. Sanada and Kirihara got Sam what?! A sweet Christmas story.

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I Thought it was GoodBye reviews
Completely forgotten his broken heart, Tezuka moves on. Five years later...a small girl named Tezuka Aiko shows up. Little Aiko tells Tezuka that he's her father. Tezuka experience what its like to be a father so of a sudden. Tezuka & OC/Daughter story.
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Prince of Tennis - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 20,024 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 4/4/2009 - Published: 10/19/2008 - Sanada G., Kirihara A.
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Prince of Tennis - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,432 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/25/2008 - Published: 12/22/2008 - Sanada G., Kirihara A. - Complete