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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Bleach.

I am the Kankokage, married to the lovely Jadekage. I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering, and I am also expecting my first human baby in May.

I have written many things, in particular three complete books, two of which are anime-based fanfiction. The first, a Naruto fanfic called Akira, Kankokage of the Three Mountains, is a turd. Sure, it has tens of thousands of hits on many different fan sites, but I can't stand the story. It was my very first fanfic, and it is loaded with factual and canonical errors so great that I shudder every time I read it. Additionally, I didn't really know what I was doing at the time, so it starts out horribly, and only gets good about 8 chapters in. A lot of people seem to like it, but...I hate it. I started a sequel to Akira as well, but I'm not sure I'll ever complete it due to how much I hate that first story and my seeming inability to capture Masashi Kishimoto's vision.

My second complete fanfic is based on Bleach, and is called The Eternal Path, Part I: The Viajante. I love this story, and as you read it you will probably be able to tell. I did my homework, I researched considerably the Bleach universe of Tite Kubo (and subsequently found his many discontinuities), and decided that in order to make his vision more complete and logical, I would need to extend his universe in practically every direction and seriously tone down his seemingly exponentially growing power levels in the characters. So that's what I did.

The Viajante is, in my opinion, a beautiful story that takes the reader as low as they can go, then delivers them to the epitome of joy. It is a story quite unlike anything produced revolving around Bleach, as it is based off of redemption rather than raw justice. The length is somewhere in the range of 150,000 words, placing it on par with some of the longer Harry Potter books, and I had a wonderful time writing and re-reading it. And most importantly of all, the majority of new characters are based off from real-life individuals and their own unique attributes (Lucian's honesty, Declan's confidence, Mark's inhibitions, Alicia's inner strength, etc).

The Eternal Path, Part II: Citadel of Elohím is the sequel to The Viajante and is currently being assembled. Considerably darker and more intense than the first, I can only hope that this sequel matches The Viajante in quality.

As a final note to the reader, let me mention that my style of fanfiction production is more like weekly manga releases. I produce the story chapter quickly each week, go through 2-3 days of review and edit, then put whatever I have out for the world to see. As such these chapters frequently have typos (both large and small), but I love the feel this type of story production gives. Instead of being a complete package that a reader can burn through in a matter of hours, the weekly chapter release draws out the reader's interaction with the story over a year or so, giving that manga-type feeling that has us craving the next installment more and more as the week goes on.


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