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Author has written 7 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Age of Wonders, Elder Scroll series, and Ib.

NOTICE BOARD: (Will be changed occasionally for temporary notes or jokes)

"I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster." -GLADOS, Portal 2

"Shepard? But... you're dead!"
"I got better."-Nassana and Commander Shephard, Mass Effect 2

"When people say a knight's job is all glory, I laugh and laugh and laugh. Often I can stop laughing before they edge away and talk about soothing drinks."-Sir Raoul, "Knighthood" Quartet (Author: Tamora Pierce)

I did not create my avatar, it's drawn by .

Personal Info: Not for here, Private.
Name: Stuart (obviously-Trauts backwards)
Gender: Male
Age: Private.
Sexual preference: Asexual. Love is love.

Original Work:

Taking inspiration from the profile of MoonlightXmas, I wrote a song parody in honor of one of my favourite Sonic Characters for his design and persona, even if he is not widely cared for or in many (if any) truly good games. My first song parody, and written for MoonlightXmas.

"Blame it on Sonic!" as sung by Silver the Hedgehog (To be sung to the tune of Mika's "Blame it on the girls")

I've got powers to cower all my enemies
I'm not vain but I'm a main character
I've got a backstory to thank Time for
Pity it no longer matters

So 2006 was a horrible game - What's the matter?
That doesn't mean I am to blame - What's the matter?
When you're asking who I might be
Have you really never heard of me?

Blame it on the fastest hedgehog alive!
Blame it on the black hedgehog revived...
Blame it on Blaze for being in more games!
Blame it on the lack of fans its all the same...

Blame it on Sooooonic.
Blame it on Shaaaaadow.
Blame it on Taaaaails.
Blame it on Knuuuuckles.

What do I miss that an icon needs?
Perhaps I'm a bit too tame?
You know when Shadow came up the fangirls ran amok?
I really need a decent game...

Well Rivals didn't save my name - What's the matter?
Zero Gravity put me to shame - What's the matter?
What does a hedgehog have to do
To earn a bit of fan value?

Blame it on the plot being so contrived!
Blame it on games of that I'm deprived...
Blame it on not being on TV!
I'm interesting why can't you see...?

Blame it on Aaaaaaamy.
Blame it on Creeeeeam.
Blame it on Blaaaaaaze.
Blame it on Roooooouge.

Blame it on Veeeeector.
Blame it on Chaaaaaarmy.
Blame it on Eeeespio.
Blame it on Biiiiiiiig.

I've got powers to cower all my enemies
I'm not vain but I'm a main character
I've got a backstory to thank Time for
Pity it no longer matters

Blame it on the fastest hedgehog alive!
Blame it on the black hedgehog revived...
Blame it on Blaze for being in more games!
Blame it on the lack of fans its all the same...

Blame it on Saaaaaally.
Blame it on Scoooooourge.
Blame it on Buuuuunnie.
Blame it on Fiooooooona.

Blame it on Chaaaaaaos.
Blame it on Eeeeggman.
Blame it on Jeeeeeeet.
Blame it on Sooooonic!

Possible Stories/Ideas:

A sequel to Shadow's of a Silver Mind, possible title planned to be All shades of Gray, rather than the previous As plain as Black and White. The Sol Emeralds will be the focus of the first half of the story, and the 'romance' genre of it may be more notable.

Spin-off, non continuative (so a "What if..." story) to All shades of Gray, a Tragedy/Romance story where I let my imagination roam free to see what might happen if Sonic were to die. Includes several light or implied pairings in total.

As an avid gamer of the Super Smash Brothers series, I even have plans for a story version of my own fictional sequel to Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. The name I came up with myself, as I thought it fitting in the series' names: Melee, Brawl and my planned fanfic; Super Smash Brothers: Showdown. I thought of the title on my own, but weirdly, as found when I looked it up in Google, other people have had the same idea for a name. Anyway, purely a drama/friendship/adventure story, set with SSBB characters with extra characters from many existing games in the SSB universe as well as adding characters from new games. I have also got idea's for an Elder scrolls/Oblivion Fanfic (yes, I've played the game) loosely following the main storyline with 3 OC's that later meet up with the "main character" of the game which will be a 4th OC based on what the reader's want (a poll will be put up).

Also, a romance story set in the Warcraft "world", more specifically during the online MMORPG World of Warcraft (considering I am an ex-player of the game). I will not give away any details besides it is based on an unlikely romance between an honorable Orc Warrior and a timid Human Mage.

For anyone still reading, Thanks to all who have reviewed my story/stories and given me so much more confidence in my writing.

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