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Author has written 16 stories for Guyver, Kamen Rider, Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Big Bad Beetleborgs Metallix, Justice League, Disney, Ben 10, Rosario + Vampire, and Higurashi/Umineko series.

Hello everybody. In case you can't tell by the types of stories that I have written thus far, I'm a fan of the Guyver series and of the Tokusatsu genre. Guyver was the first anime series I ever saw back in '92 and I've loved anime ever since. My first experience with Tokusatsu was, of course, Power Rangers. Though, my first Japanese Tokusatsu experience was when I watched the series Garo. I'm a frequent member on the site called Japan-Legend and a few of the members there are also fellow members here. Over time, I'll post links to images of my characters that I've drawn, though I appreciate any fan art you guys make. Well, that's about it for me for the moment. Feel free to drop me a line sometime.

January 19, 2016 STATUS UPDATE - Author's Note:

OK, first, let me say this. To those who kept asking me either via chapter replies and/or PM's...I was not ABLE to update or write any new stories or chapters at all last year, as my old laptop crashed! Is it that hard to come to my profile to catch my updates on this situation?

But, for better news, I recently got a new laptop as an early birthday gift from my folks. So I should finally be able to get back into writing gear real soon. Sadly, when my old laptop crashed, it took a lot of my half-written stories and chapters with it. This means chapters 5 & 6 for Kabuto EX, which were each half written, as well as the OOO Unlimited 3-parter, will have to be redone from scratch.

I am also highly considering redoing my entire Ben 10 Forever series. This is mostly due to many new ideas and because I just need to overhaul the entire story as it is. Though, if I do this, it will still be somewhat similar to the old B10F, especially where Omniverse isn't involved. I swear, that was the worse addition to the B10 franchise ever. So yeah, new laptop, should be starting new updates soon.


  1. Monster High: Ghostacular Hero!: crossover between Monster High and Kamen Rider Ghost
  2. Hope Ever After (this is a crossover between Kamen Rider Wizard and Ever After High)
  3. Justice League: Green with Evil (JLU x MMPR crossover)
  4. Justice League: Golden King (JLU x PR Zeo crossover)
  5. Justice League: Soul of Kombat (JLU x Mortal Kombat crossover)
  6. Syn of Virtue
  7. Tenchi Muyo!: Blade of Singularity (Tenchi Muyo! x Tekkaman Blade crossover)
  8. Pokemon: Adventures in Ruvana
  9. Spider-Man: Ultimate Alien (Ultimate Spider-Man x Ben 10 crossover)
  10. Justice League: Mirai Z: a crossover between DB-Z-GT-Kai-Super and JLU
  11. Power Rangers: END GAME
  12. Kamen Rider Kai: a crossover between Kamen Rider and TMNT 2012



OK, coming back off from hiatus. And it's a nice sign, seeing everyone at least giving honest reviews and actually at least using a sort of screen name for their guest reviews as of late. Now, I want to answer a few recent questions I've been asked by you, my readers, concerning certain stories I have, either in progress, back burner or have mentioned as brainstorms. So here's the Q&A with the Top 15 most asked questions that I get in reviews and PMs.

Q1 - When will you update Ben 10 Forever and how many more seasons will there be?

A - It's not nice to ask when an author will update a story. But, to try and be nice, Ben 10 Forever, or as I like to call it, B10F for short, will eventually get around to having its second season started. I can say that the first chapter will take place a few weeks after the end of season 1 and it will be completely in Blackfire's P.O.V. That chapter will be somewhat of a recap of some events in season 1 and will also shows scene's of things that took place during the season finale that I did not put into those chapters. As for how many seasons there are, there are a total of 5 seasons for this story. Season 1 was 20 chapters, 21 if U include what I call the Lost Chapter as I had to remove it due to FFN going postal on their M rating Witch Hunt a little over a year ago. Seasons 2-4 will all be 13 chapters each and the final season will be somewhere between 13-21 chapters long.

Q2 - You brought the TMNT into your Ben 10 story. Will you be adding any other series into it as well?

A - Yes, as a matter of fact, I will. Though, at the moment, only 2 other series and each are ones from my childhood that I grew up watching. Sometime during seasons 2 or 3, Ben and the Titans will go to California and, while they are there, they'll meet the gang from the old 90's cartoon series, Mummies Alive!. Then, during season 4, Ben and a couple of his allies will get shot across time for a time travel mini-arc for a few chapters. During this arc, while they're in the future, they'll meat Bravestarr and Thirty-Thirty from the 80's cartoon series, Bravestarr.

Q3 - You brought in a Kamen Rider themed alien form but called it Hopper. The cannon series already has an alien named Crash Hopper. Is there a reason to the name of your alien?

A - yes, there is. First off, with the exceptions a few certain alien forms, nearly none of the Omniverse aliens will be seen in my story. In B10F, Omniverse never happened as this story is set in an alternate universe and timeline. So, Crash Hopper does not exist in B10F. As for why I named my alien Hopper, there is something you must all know. The basic premise for B10F was started around the middle of Alien Force season 2 and, as some may have noticed, I kept going back to the earlier chapters and updated them when season 3 was released and when Ultimate Alien came out. Many of my fan-made alien forms have been around since the pre-planning stages of the story and way long before Omniverse ever even aired. Hopper is actually one of my first fan-made aliens.

Q4 - You mentioned that you'll be bringing in both Ryand'r and Baby Chill into your Ben 10 story. When?

A - I don't know when. Baby Chill will most likely appear in either season 2 or season 3. Ryand'r will show up around the time when Robin/Night Wing marries Starfire. This will happen either in season 4 or season 5. not sure yet.

Q5 - When will you update your Guyver/JLU story?

A - Finally, a none-B10F related question! Sorry to say, but the story is on hiatus for the moment. not to say it won't get finished. It will, I'm just having a hard time wording and plotting out some of the upcoming chapters. I will say that the story will probably only go for about 30-40 chapters, max, equaling out with both seasons of JLU.

Q6 - When will Shou and Kara start dating?

A - They won't. I'm not pairing Shou up with Kara. Don't get me wrong, Kara's a major hottie and all, but she is way over used as a love interest for JL/JLU crossover stories. I'm still going back and forth a bit on the love interest but, with Shou, he may end up with either Jade or an OC that I'll create who's also a member of the Star Sapphire Corps.

Q7 - Will you just skip to the part and have Eiji and Kara date already?

A - Again, as the same with Bio Booster Warrior, Kara is not the love interest for Eiji in this story. I'll commend you all so far for nailing it with the pairings of Ankh x Fire and Gotou x Donna. But Eiji will not be paired up with Kara. Those two form a more brother/sister relationship. I will say this. His love interest will be one you all probably won't see coming.

Q8 - When will you bring in GataKiriBa, TaMaShii and the other unseen combos into OOO Unlimited?

A - Soon. Very soon.

Q9 - Why are almost all of your stories set to the Kamen Rider franchise?

A - Cuz I love Kamen Rider. Who doesn't?

Q10 - When will you update your other stories such as Magnus, Shadow, Ghoul, Kabuto EX and NEOS?

A - Um...when I get time. Magnus is turning out to be a lot harder to write than when I first thought it up. But it'll slowly be brought back on track. Shadow and Ghoul are actually both going to be re-written. So the older stories won't be cannon anymore as I'm going to redo both of them as my writing skill has vastly improved since the time when they were first started. NEOS was more of a one-shot story so there's no telling if I'll continue it. It was just something that i wanted to get out of my head and put out there for Kamen Rider and Incredible fans alike. As for Kabuto EX, don't worry, that story will soon get an update. Ch.5 is actually half finished as of my writing this profile update. Kabuto EX is something where all chapters are set into arcs and each arc will be about 4-5 chapters long. The next arc is the Hell Riders arc and will cover ch.5-ch.8 and will introduce Sasword, Kick Hopper, Punch Hopper and 1 of my Fan-Made Zecter using Riders as well as Slade. For those who supplied me with OC's to use for my fan-made Zecter's the wait is almost over as the series will soon be started back up.

Q11 - Hey, I noticed that your Kabuto story seems somewhat familiar and reminds me of the story by Kamen Rider Chrome, called "Zodiac Knight Draco". Why is that?

A - That's because Kabuto EX is both my own take on the Kabuto series as well as a friendly shoutout to the ZKD series and its creator, Chrome. It was Chrome who inspired me long ago to try my hand at writing fanfics and Kabuto EX is my tribute to the ZKD series, so to speak. And don't worry, I've talked to Chrome about this and he told me he has nothing against me doing the story like that.

Q12 - Why won't you even consider accepting a story request or challenge request from someone?

A - Cuz I have close to 40 stories on back burner and in production as we speak and have no room to accept a story request. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I can't, what with all that I have on my plate, at the moment. Sorry.

Q13 - Why does it take you so long to update your stories? I mean, we had to wait almost 2 years before the Ben 10 story U started got an update.

A - Because like most adults, I have a life outside the internet and, sadly, I do have a job that I must work. I work the night shift at work so I sleep during the day. So, I mostly write chapters on my days off but only if I feel any form of motivation to write. Lately, over the past year, with all of those attacks on my character and people leaving shitty reviews, it didn't help to motivate me to continue writing. It actually took the combined efforts of other authors who have become good friends of mine to get me back in the saddle again.

Q14 - You have never finished a series that you've started and you take forever to update so why don't you just quit as a writer?

A - Wow, and I thought I was a jerk. For starters, I have finished one series. It's the crossover I wrote for RosarioVampire and InuYasha. And why don't I quit? Simple, I just love to annoy you with my ever shifting update style. Psych. No, I won't quit until I stop loving tokusatsu and anime. When the day comes that I no longer watch anything from those genre's, then that'll be the day I quit writing...or unless I find a girl, get married and settle down. Then I might have to quit then too. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Q15 - Just how many Kamen Rider stories do you plan to write and will any of them be crossovers with Marvel and/or DC?

A - I have over 30 Kamen Rider series ideas and about a good 1/4 of those are crossovers with DC and Marvel.

Here's a list of names of some of my favorite authors fromthis site:

Cyblade Silver

CrazyGirl 47


Kamen Rider Chrome

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