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-"A Smile is a curved line that sets things straight."


I will likely start moving away from FF.net forums save a few of my selective favorites - ones that have been most inspirationaland don't require at much of my time. Initially my intention of RPing was to help hone my skills which turned out fairly successful in the end, but RPs have their limits and with a busy life, I'd much rather use my time improving upon my writing rather than RP.

I'll still post occasional stories on this account, maybe some multi-chapter stories as well, but we'll see how it all goes. :)


Updates are irregular for the most part. Especially currently with my very busy schedule.



Dawn of the Rising Moon:The cats belong to other people, I just took them and created a story. It's about WhisperClan and HiddenClan as they face the threat of having their lovely forest taken from them.WARNING: Among my first fics. Expect to find noobishness, plot holes, and crappy uncanon names.

Seeking Dawn: The sequel to Dawn of the Rising Moon.WARNING: Sequel to my noobish first fic.

White Collar:

White Love: A lonely little girl shivers in the cold. Homeless and parent-less, Neal is about to give her the gift of Christmas. ~ This was originally going to be a one-shot, but expanded into a five part story. A lovely little Christmas fic. :)



Tragedy of the Wicked: A Wicked re-telling. The first chapter is up, and only the first chapter for a while. It's a little test run to see how it does. I'm experimenting the first chapter before continuing. So it's not top priority. I do plan on either re-poisting it and/or adding a second chapter.

Hunger Games:

Empire's Era: I feel guilty for taking this down when so many people wanted me to continue, but Create-a-Character fics fail to grasp my attention anymore. I'd rather people read my stories for the story rather than their characters.

Rise From Ashes: This is my rewrite of Mockingjay. I hated Mockingjay, I really tried not to, I tried to like it, but I just couldn't bring myself to. I thought it was awful. So that's why this fic exists. If you hate Mockingjay or just interested in an AU, check it out. Currently on hold.



A Pirates Tale: The story of Walt Disney told by Blackbeard from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

A Pirates Rumor: First sequel of A Pirates Tale. About how a certain myth about Walt Disney got to the public...

A Pirates Haunting:Based off rumors on the Haunted Mansion told by Blackbeard. Remember, they are only rumors.

A Pirates Mansion: This is what happens when the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean get so curious as to why the Haunted Mansion gets so many visitors...

A Pirates Tribute: A tribute in honor of 9/11

Twilight: (Note: I do not like the series what-so-ever)

Breaking Dawn of Another Sun: Just a short little one-shot on what I think would have been a better ending to the 'Saga'. I was disappointed with BD (and the whole darn series), so I figured I'd write a small alternate ending. I don't care for it since I have grown to hate Twilight more since I wrote this, but Team Jacob fans will enjoy~


Purpose, Meaning, Life: A one-shot on the thoughts of a BloodClan warrior and what it's like to have served under Scourge.

Wicked (Book & Musical):

Dead, But Never Gone: This is a Wicked AU for the ending. Elphaba actually does die in the end. There may be some things confusing and some typos because I was up late writing this. I'll be sure to go back over it and edit it when the chance is given.

Burning Water: This is just like the one above but book-verse. Not terribly great, just a drabble really.

Love of a Witch: This is the better one of my three Wicked one-shots. It revolves around the relationship between Liir and Elphaba and shows what goes on when Liir becomes ill. I intend to eventually go back and fix the grammar errors. But getting it uploaded again and such is just a pain.

White Collar:

The Gift of Family: Neal hasn't got a family, so I thought I'd give him one to spend Thanksgiving with.

Captive Heart: My view of what happened after Free Fall. Now a one-shot. Sorry to those who wanted me to continue. :( But after a while I lost the direction I intended for the story to go in and it fell flat after the first few chapters.

Haunted Peter: Neal decides to have a bit of Halloween fun and drags Peter to a haunted house. My Halloween fic.

To Cook A Turkey: A light-hearted Thanksgiving fic with Peter in charge of the turkey-cooking.

Hunger Games:

Rebellious Creator: A quick Hunger Games one-shot. It's my view of what happened to Cinna after Catching Fire. Dark themes.

His Girl On Fire: My version of Cinna's death and a bit of an AU.


Not All That Souless: Not my best fic. My first crossover and parody, and it's alright. But I could care less for it. You might get a laugh out of it if you despise Twilight. It's also my first time writing anything relating to Harry Potter. (Harry Potter/Twilight)

I would also like to continue my A Pirates Tale series, though I would appreciate more readers to review. If you love the Pirate's attraction at Disneyland/World, please check out my stories on it and review. I'll accept ideas and recommendations for future sequels, please read them and review if you are interested!


Mockingjay...How I hated Mockingjay... The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were page turners, I was so into the story - despite it being first person - and I admired the concept and ideas the series presented.

When I finally laid my hands on Mockingjay, I quickly lost my interest after the first few chapters. There was nothing exciting happening, they were in a secured, safe place in District 13. What's the fun in that? What's the fun in them being in a place with all these advance weapons and high tech tools? I felt no suspense because I was thinking, 'Heck, they're safe. There hardly seems to be a war going on, where's the action and story?' We see hardly any action becuase Katniss blacks out or doesn't participate. We don't get to see the Capitol fall, we don't get to seePeeta and the others be rescued from the Capitol, and it makes everything fall flat.

Next, the romance aspect of the book. I'll say it right now - I wasn't all for the romance at all in this book. I didn't care much for Gale or Peeta, and in all honesty I felt like Katniss wasn't eager to go into a romantic relationship. She always seemed so independant, not wanting to lean on Gale or Peeta for support and I admired her for that. Why did she have to go with either of them? I was hoping she'd turn away from both of them, or say, 'No, I'm not ready for that yet' and give it time until she's ready, because I felt like she wasn't. Now, I'm not a romance fanatic as you might tell, but I still enjoy it if it's done right, and I felt like the lvoe and care developed in the love triangle in the first two books plummeted in the third. The love felt flat, I didn't have much care for it. Peeta and Katniss fall in love again in like the last couple pages of the book. Lame perhaps? And I despised the resolution with Gale. Though I didn't care for Gale or Peeta (I really didn't care for Peeta) I grew to like Gale more in Mockingjay and wanted him to at least have a satisfactory ending, even if it meant him dying for Peeta or Katniss's sake. But to have him get a job in District 2 and leave his love and closest friend behind in 12? Just like that? Seriously? They've been friends for years! At least a heartwarming goodbye...

Then there are the deaths and war aspect. I get the fact that it's war, people die, it's tragic, but what Collins seems to be forgetting is that she's also telling a story here for the entertainment of her eager readers. She's just tossing characters into graves and moving on to dig the next hole. There's little emotion that gripped the reader, I felt nothing for Finnick's death (and he was one of my favorite characters) or Prim's. There was just nothing to them. We've grown attatched to these characters throughout the series and it's painful for them to just be killed off like it was nothing and give the reader little to take in regarding the deaths. I don't have a problem with killing characters, but you need to be careful what characters you decide to kill and ensure it affects the story and deals out emotion.

And why did Prim and Finnick have to die? Or Boggs? Or any of the other characters? What was their purpose? Finnick's death I wouldn't have minded if it was done well, like if he died a hero protecting Katniss or Annie, but I didn't even noticed he was dead at first. It was just, 'Oh, look - Finnick's dead. Moving on.' 0_o And Prim? She shouldn't have died. Katniss began this entire series to save her sister only to have it end in her death? Is this supposed to be some kind of tragic symbol? That Katniss can't protect everybody? Any emotion Collins wished to capture with Prim's death I felt was given when Rue died in the first book. Rue's death had me shed a tear, I'll tell you that, Rue was like a second little sister to Katniss. Prim's death wasn't at all necessary, it seemed more like a plot to solve the love triangle which, in a story, isn't cool. -_-

Also, there is Madge. I was hoping she'd have a nice role in the third book, but we just get that she died in the bombings. I understand that her death is realistic and all, but she was the one who made Katniss the Mockingjay (with the help of Cinna of course). I was thinking she'd be there at Katniss's side and help her through the war. But no. She's dead. No more Madge. Now let's kill the next character!

Cinna...energetic, lively, wonderful Cinna...I didn't give much care for Katniss's love life, I wanted to know more about what happened with Cinna, I wanted to get to know him more in this book. I've been waiting since he was hauled off bloody in Catching Fire what became of him. I thought, 'There is no way Collins left this as Cinna's last appearance.' She did. After my long wait I just get a 'Oh, that stylist Cinna? Yeah, he probably died during interrogations. No more Cinna.' Not cool, man, so not cool. D: I loved Cinna...he was an interesting character, he cared for Katniss like a brotherly or fatherly figure, I liked his relationship with her, I wanted to know why he was different from other Capitol people, why he wanted District 12, and basically why he was who he was. Just a snippet of what his past was like how we were given a taste of Finnick's. I was praying for a heartwarming reunion between Cinna and Katniss, whether Cinna escaped from the Capitol or if they found him beaten but alive in the Capitol. If Cinna would die, I at least want it to be shown! And in the third book! He's the one who made her the girl on fire, he deserves someting don't he? You know, both Cinna and Madge aren't in Mockingjay, and they made her into who she was. I wonder if this says anything? o_o

I also hated Mockingjay for Katniss herself. She was dull, she moped and didn't do much at all to help the rebellion. She was just a pretty face for the camera and that bothered me for the entire book. Before she was strong-willed, she had the courage to keep going even when Rue died, even when Cinna was dragged away bloody, she still had the ability to stay strong and move on. But now she's just there for the cameras and she keeps whining. I was growing tired of the 'OMG! PEETA! NO! PEEETA!' crap going on in her head. This is why first person is a no-no. And Katniss wanting another Hunger Games with the Capitol's children? She's gone nuts in this book! I was shocked by her response to that. She's been in the arena, doesn't she stop and think for a moment that she's no better than President Snow at that point? Our strong heroine has fallen into insanity. That's not good, is it?

Peeta...I wanted to kill Peeta. I was annoyed by him during the entire book...He was just annoying and caring only for Katniss instead of really thinking of things as a whole (like in his interview with Ceaser...by the way, do any of you guys wonder what happened to Ceaser? :P Curious thought...). And then he, being hijacked, tried to kill Katniss. Isn't that a sign of love right there? I got tired of the Real or Not Real? game going on. Cute I guess...but tedious in my opinion. Then he got all angsty and emo, asking and thinking he should just be killed. At this point, I was thinking, 'Yes, just die! Just kill him Katniss and spare me!' but figures that didn't happen. He ends up with Katniss in the end - I saw that one coming a mile away though I'm not fond of the pairing. But I wouldn't have minded if it was done well. Instead, like I said before, they hook up in the last couple of pages and then Peeta convinces...CONVINCES...her to have kids. Dude, if Katniss doesn't want kids, don't force her moron. -_-

District 13 seemed no better than the Capitol itself. I began to note this during the book at how President Coin seems to be similar to Snow, only on the opposite side. At first, I kinda liked Coin, but I quickly grew to dislike her. The only thing Katniss did that I liked was kill Coin instead of Snow - but then I'm wondering if Katniss really should have taken Coin's fate into her own hands, but whatever, at this point in the book I don't care anymore. I didn't like how the rebels seemed to be as ruthless as the Capitol, I wouldn't have minded if it was just Coin...but goodness they all (save Boggs) seemed to be a bit ruthless. 0_o Again, I didn't like how they were so high tech and such. Took some good excitement away. I thought an inside job would have been more fun to read about.

Do I even have to talk about the ending? I felt that was all covered previously on how bad it was. So unsatisfying. The entire book was just awful. I tried to like it, honestly I tried, but it was so anti-climatic...so flat...so dull and lifeless...I felt there was hardly a resolution to the story at all. Character endings were solved either by killing them or done in an unsatisfactory way (Like with Gale going to D2 never to have anything to do with Katniss again, her mother remaining in the Capitol, the deaths of Prim, Cinna, Finnick, etc.). To have a good series only to see it get crushed was painful for me and I can't help but rage over it.

Now I shall have to depend on fanfics and my own writing to satisfy my hate for Mockingjay.


Recently I finished Tiger's Curse which is book one of a series. I confess, my first impression was grasped at once by the cover and just based off the beauty of it I wanted to buy a copy. But I knew better and when I read the inside summary, my choice was made that I had nothing better to use my giftcard on. The idea of solving a 300 Indian curse appealed to me and sounded so refreshing compared to recent releases.

Now that I have completed its 400-some pages, my feelings are mixed and somewhat disappointed. The story itself isn't necessarily bad, in fact I quite enjoyed the Indiana Jones feeling it had being a fan of the franchise, however there is also an unwanted Twilightflare to it. As soon as the first-person kicked in I was thrust into needless details and I'm constantly reminded of how good-looking our hero and cursed Indian prince Ren is. This made the story feel tedious and flat in spots, although the abuse wasn't nearly as bad as that of Twilight at least. Tiger's Curse was inspired by Setephenie Meyer's books to my horror, however I'm pleased to say that Colleen Houck has ranked far above her inspiration.

The characters, while there were a couple I quite liked, could have been expanded upon. Our main character is Kelsey who, although she proves herself to be rather annoying, does have her strong points. I appreciate her efforts to say 'no' and hold off on the romance when her feelings became conflicted. Eighteen is a young age to be in love so I felt her thoughts, no matter how annoyingly conflicting, were understandable and it made me respect her a little as a character. However I felt as though she could have been more likable if the story was written in third person. You write any story in first person and the main character is bound to annoy you at some point. Overall, Kelsey isn't too bad of a character, although I wish she had more ambitions and didn't just like the classics (which I think is becoming cliche).

Ren, the hero and love interest of the story, has a more lovable white tiger form than he does a man form. As a white tiger, he was mysterious yet simple, but when you make this character a man, there's suddenly a whole lot more to add. It's doable and can be done well, but ultimately Ren's character felt flat towards the second half of the book. At first I enjoyed his human self, but he started feeling a bit bland after a while. I was more fond of his brother, Kishan, who had a more down-to-earth persona and felt more human compared to Ren (despite their cursed tiger forms). Kishan was an interesting character who, despite his flirting, is faithful to Yesubai's love (at least, I hope it stays like that) which is a trait I always admire.

Mr. Kadam was a favorite of mine. I loved his back story and I find characters with the faith and loyalty that he has wonderful characters to read about. However, he also feels like a character of convenience since he's the mentor figure. Most background and historical information on the characters were given by Mr. Kadam in a Q&A session, which is incredibly dull and lacks creativity. I felt that the prologue was the best piece of work in the novel and that Houck should have considered that route for revealing details instead of typical Q&A.

Some of the writing itself was flawed and could have been better. There were some mistakes that I noticed - just minor ones that bothered me like 'Red' instead of 'Ren' or forgetting a quotation mark. Certain things in the writing itself didn't seem right, the most memorable ones being when Ren drank a bottle of water in one gulp. Very minor, but he did this in human form and I thought this aloud, "Is that really possible...?" Then another area where 'silent tears' are mentioned. Tears don't make noise, so they're always silent - sobs make noise.

Lastly, this one struck me a little odd, what parent, foster or not, would allow their child to go with a random stranger on a trip to India to accompany a tiger? Most parents I know wouldn't ever allow their child to take such a journey. Ever. And they shouldn't be blamed. Houck should have thought of another way to get Kelsey to India.

I feel like I had more to say, but I can't collect all of my thoughts right now. In short, I did enjoy the story, I just wish it was flushed out more. As beautiful as I bet the next cover will be, I may have to restrain myself and just get Tiger's Quest as an eBook on the Kindle.

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A Pirates Rumor reviews
A sequel to A Pirates Tale. Based on a rumor about the Pirates attraction and Walt Disney. Black beard decides to tell a little 'alternate ending' to his tale about the life of Walt Disney. Rated T just in case.
Disney - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,472 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/8/2008 - Complete
A Pirates Tale reviews
The park is closed and Blackbeard tells the crew of Pirates of the Caribbean a tale of the life of Walt Disney. Better than it sounds. Rated T just in case. But it may be lower. Please read and review!
Disney - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,604 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/7/2008 - Complete
Dawn Of The Rising Moon reviews
WhisperClan and HiddenClan have lived in their grand forest for generations, however rouges lurk in the moutains above ready to take away all they have. TITLE CHANGE! FORMERLLY TITLED DUSK!
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 24 - Words: 34,203 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 11/29/2008 - Published: 10/28/2008 - Complete
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