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I have no idea who I'm talking to but will continue talking anyway... talking to yourself isnt as weird as people think. Well, i love writing... a lot. I am writing a book of my own at the moment so fingers crossed it gets published. It is now long enough to be an actual novel!! EEEEPP!! I am so far gone with this whole writing thing that I sometimes talk in third person. My favourite colours are red and black, and that my favourite animal is a dolphin, but lots of people would answer those questions with those answers. My favourite mythical creature would be a dragon or a nymph. I write everyday and I have a tendency to babble. I love everything to do with mythology and fantasy and at the moment I have a particular liking of skulls. I believe strongly in animal cruelty and I have two sisters.

I am VERY accident prone... like you wouldnt believe. I'm worse than Bella from Twilight. If you havent read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, go out and read it becasue it is better than people say. Words cant describe the magnificance of this book. I have bruises covering my body everyday and I have broken bones quite a few times now. I also like the Harry Potter series, but then again I think everybody does. Eragon is one of the best books too. Sisterhood of the Travelling pants is good and so is Ella Enchanted. Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging is hilarious and the rest of the series is too.

Writing is a really fun thing becasue you're not only creating a world to escape to, you're creating escape for those who read your book. So you can take comfort in the fact that you're crazy but you have company.
I am a heavy drinker... of ORANGE JUICE! Bet you didnt see that coming. Orange juice is the best though. My favourite food is ice cream and I have a fear of needles. I am incredible ticklish and I want to go to weird places when I'm older so I can write about them. My ridiculous dreams that I know will never come true are to find Atlantis and prove the existance of mythological creatures. Dont tell me that wont happen becasue I like dreaming of the impossible.

Alphabet of Me!

A: Annabella is my name, well that's what people tell me... :P
B: Breathing is important, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
C: Cats. It's random but hey, I like random. Cats are cute. Now I have an alliteration thing going. hehe.
D: Dragons are the coolest creatures ever! I want one. Preferably a red one!
E: Edward Cullen is the hottest fictional character! He's at the top of my list of fictional characters I wanna kiss. Though something tells me I wouldnt stop at a kiss. Nudge, nidge, wink, wink.
F: Fred is the weirdest name. I dont understand it. I have nothing against the Fred's of the world, I am just yet to meet a Fred who suits his name
G: Gorillas are cuddly despite what people say.
H: Help is something I need according to anyone who spends time talking to me.
I: I want to live in an Igloo. I think it would be incredibly cool (literally). Plus, how many people can honestly say they've lived in an igloo.
J: Jared was an ass in the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Ian all the way!
K: Kiss list! I have a list of fictional characters I want to kiss. If you wanna hear it PM me, or you can tell me yours. Just list the top guys or girls you wanna kiss that arent real (despite how much you want them to be)
L: Lying is not good under any circumstances. I have been lied to in the past and there is never any excuse. If you cant say the truth, mould your lips together.
M: Musicals- I love them! I am obssessed with musicals and disney, so dont diss them to my face unless you want to be beaten.
O: Orange Juice beats alcohol any day! Next time you have a bad day, drink it. I swear it had healing powers.
P: Polka dots are stupid. I dont like them and I never will. Putting random dots on something will NEVER be cool.
Q: Questions of life. I love debating questions of life. Like: what came first, the chicken or the egg? I have so much fun talking bout them.
R: Reading is the best! Books are my life and I couldnt live without them. If I didnt have them, who would I talk too?
S: Sports are not my thing. My HPE teacher used to ask me to sit out becasue I was a safety hazzard- no joke. I am always falling and sometiems bringing people down with me.
T: Talking! I love it. I did the forty hour famine without talking (I wasnt allowed to do food cause I was sick) and I managed to do it. It wasnt funny when my dad got me to order ice creams over the counter (the person thought I was crazy) and my grandad told me to answer the phone. They were all very mean.
U: Umbrellas are annoying. The only thing they're good for is poking people's eyes out. If it's raining you should enjoy it and not shield yourself from it. Rain is one of natures miracles! Enjoy it while it lasts.
V: Vampires are extremely cool. Stephenie Meyer has made them that way (not that they werent before). One vampire in particular is very COOL. CoughEdwardCough
W: Winning is fun. I must admit, I'm not the best loser but that's only becasue winning is so fun!
X: X-Rays- I cant count how many I've had (and no, not all of them were of my head, thankyou)
Y: Yaks are the most random animal.
Z: Zero- I have zero tolerance for people who have nothing better to do than make other peoples lives miserable.

Wow! I made it through the alphabet. That was fun...and random.

I believe I have babbled enough for now.

Talk to you soon... not that I would know, cause I dont know who you are but anyway.

Love Edwards Little Vampire

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