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Game addict, Bleach fan, IchiRuki shipper here!

Anything from games, to series, to songs, can inspire fictions to start spawning inside my head, but it's really hard to put the images into words faithfully, while trying to create some beauty with the narrative at the same time. This is the place I started trying so.

I hope you enjoy reading my attempts as much as I enjoyed creating them!

About my stories:

Bleach general:

HallowIchigo - My attempt at a most ship ridden Bleach tale. Devised to resemble a Halloween special OVA of sorts. Adventure centered.

Kuchikisan Said Push Harder! - Only slightly IchiRuki, but meant to portray a believable Bleach olympic omake. Mostly comedic.

Christmas Isn't Carnival - More IchiRuki filled than the canon atmosphere, but trying to be true to a Christmas Bleach eventuality.

IchiRuki in Bleach universe:

Treat Me If You Dare! - It's a rather long one-shot because it aims towards the concept of a believable Bleach Halloween episode, where Ichigo and Rukia are more comfortable around each other than shown on canon storyline so far. As such, it's a roundabout of adventure, comedy and romance.

Draw Me Awake - Stretches the line of Bleach towards shoujo, it was devised to rather deliver a rewarding IchiRuki tale than to be faithful to what a Bleach adventure would focus on. Somewhat fluffy in nature.

Half Picture, Full Promise - IchiRuki centric, it was my most rushed work. Delves in the romantic underlines of Bleach, rendering the narrative with a sweeter tone than canon. It's less eventful and more dialog focused.

Bleach 349,5 The Hidden Chapter - My attempt of exploring one of the ideal scenarios Chapter 349 The Lust 3 provides to an IchiRuki shipper, though the plot occurred to me after reading Chapter 348 The Lust 2 instead. It was devised as a White Day tale, but develops directly from a canon moment. One chapter is more action, while the other is less eventful.

IchiRuki AUs:

Once Miracle, Twice Fate - My first try with M rated content, it's a short romance mixing both history and mysticism. Given it's inspired by a drawing, it attempts to recreate the universe of the characters portrayed and grant them a believable back story.

Till Death Do Us Together - Unintentionally dark in theme, tries to place Ichigo and Rukia in real contemporary times, though in the most awkward of circumstances. Heavier on dialog than in action.

The Tarot Master - Based on a purely fictional universe where divine creatures play a part on common mortals' affairs, stretches the line in between romantica and erotica, cutting down the fluff in favor of a more thrilling plot line. The action tends to be strong and suspenseful and the dialog very cynical.

About my favorite Authors:

Fathom-x - A friendship born from her having been my very first ff reviewer, my admiration for her work has grown even further when seeing her fingers can spawn so much M rated material for IchiRuki, whilst that kind of scenes are the hardest for me to write next to pure fights. Her passion for writing mature stories fully transpires through the quality of her fictions.

JadeRent - The master of IC for IchiRuki, matching superb writing skills with a sense and timing in comedy seldom achieved by anyone else I've seen. There are other authors who can make fictions so IC I can literally listen to the characters' original voices while I read them, but she's the only one who has made me listen to their voices all the time even on long fictions.

About favorite artists outside ff:

peca - A most sweet and giving personality, her hands are blessed with the ability to draw magnificently. It's a privilege to be called her friend and an honor every time my writings are inspired by her drawings or become inspiration for her creations. The love for IchiRuki spawned our friendship, amiable characters nurture it, and our different talents adorn it.

A message of thanks:

To all those in the IchiRuki FC in Bleach Asylum and here on ff who have been following my writing spree, either by reading, reviewing, subscribing or favoring me or any of my tales, my most heartfelt gratitude. Your interest, entertainment and feedback bring a smile to my face every single time.

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The troubles of a Physical Education class in Karakura High School, that got everyone training Olympic sports. Inspired by the Olympic prompt presented in the cover of Bleach's 2009 calendar.
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