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Hello, guys and girls! It's me, here!! I suppose I should give you some information about myself, like everyone does, and I hope I don't bore you to death...

Name: Selena, but you can also call me Sam, my friends do (sometimes) . It's an acronym of my initials. Or you can call me whatever you like, as long as it is not rude, inappropriate, or dumb.

Screen name: Selenathestormhawk

Other website where you can find me: Quizilla, where my name is CatnipPacket, but I also have an account called SelenatheStormhawk (which I hardly ever use, to tell you the truth)

Age: 14

Gender: Girl (Ever hear a guy called Selena? Or Sam? Well...Sam, maybe. But to most, I'm Selena!)

Favourite TV show: Storm Hawks, oooooobviously!

Favourite fact: My dad was the storyboard director for three episodes of Storm Hawks!! (Age of Heroes Pt. 2; Leviathan; Talon Academy) That's how I got hooked on the series! I still am, even though he doesn't work for Nerdcorps anymore.

Favourite character: Finn!! He's so cute and funny.

And I should like to give a huge thank you to everyone who first reviewed, added me and my stories to their favourite authors list, and stuff! I love you all!! (Ahem, this list includes people like Eicklehart, Demon Piper, shadowclaw2, malinaa, and Whisperthewolf) I know I can't go listing all these random people on my profile, because after a while, I will have lots of stuff and everyone will love me and I'll have so many reviewers that I can't put them all on my profile!! YAY! And I'm acting like Finn now, sorry!

Oh, and by the way? Guess what!! I checked on Wikipedia, and I have no idea if this is true but I sure hope it is: the Storm Hawks saga is continuing after episode 52!! AMAZING! WONDER! CHEERS! YAYNESS! Check for yourself if you don't believe...

Favourite Storm Hawk Scenes

Episode 24, Calling All Domos

Finn: We have to go to Terra Vapos! They need their Domo!

Stork: And while you are getting Royal treatment, I will be singing songs! No thank you! I am staying right here on the Condor!

Finn: Stork, you can come with me to Vapos, (lowers telescope to Stork's face) or you can stay here with the invading Cyclonians! (points, Cyclonians fly out) By yourself.

Stork: (sighs heavily) I’m going to regret this. (steers Condor to Terra Vapos)


Finn: (about the Serpigree) I’m gonna swipe it.

Stork: You’re gonna die.


Captain S: (waltzing with Finn) Ha! You’re getting light on yer feet! HAHAHA!

Finn: (to Stork in a whisper-shout) Help!

Stork: (waltzing with Eyeball) I would have preferred the trip to Wallop.


Stork: (holds up book) Come on, book! Don’t fail me now! (presses button on book, green smoke engulfs the Murkraiders)

Stork: (throws book away) RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!


Stork: This, is for TERRA VAPOS! (throws Serpigree into water, nothing happens)

Stork: Oh, crud.


Stork’s Poem:

For the People of Vapos, an epic poem about Finn. You’d think he knows what he’s doing, but who are we really kiddin’?

The Domo became a pirate, as smooth as he could be

While looking for the Serpigree, he ended up doing the laundry.

The raiders left with nothing, they got their just dessert

And despite the terrifying moral danger the Domo never got hurt

And once again Vapos is saved, the Domo saved the day!

And in the words of this humble poet,

The Great Domo did…



Aerrow: So, anything happen while we were gone?

Stork: (coughs) um…maybe.

Finn: (laughs) possibly.

Aerrow: What’s so funny? What happened?

Finn and Stork: Well…

Junko: Now I’ve got an earache!

Stork: We’re doomed.

Episode 19, InFinnity

Snipe: Now THAT is really creepy.

Aerrow: A dancing monkey?

Snipe: No, that outfit you’re wearing.


Stork: What’s your favourite song? I’ll…I’ll…I’ll play it!

Snipe: (growls)

Stork: Don’t…know that one.

Snipe: (smashes keyboard and knocks Stork over) RRAAAGH!!

Stork: (on ground) Now that’s just rude.


Snipe: (sees Junko and Piper dressed as him and Ravess) Ravess? What are we doing here?


Snipe: Ha! Now I’ve got the crystal! AND a chance to look at where you guys live. Pretty lame, if you ask me!


Snipe: Ha! A couple of Storm Hawks against my (all Snipes raise their hands up and shout) ARMY?!

Aerrow: Not quite. (points up)

(Finn clones raining down from the Condor on parachutes)

Head Finn clone: You’re not the only one with an army.

Episode 20, Terra Neon

Stork: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (falls into Junko’s arms) (grabs Junko’s shoulders) Nononononononononononono. Nononono! I can’t do it! There’s no way! I got stage fright! (falls on the floor and clutches head) Terrible! Crippling! I’d—rather—be—dead—than—go—out—thereSTAGEFRIGHT!

Aerrow: STORK! Breathe! (hands Stork paper bag)

Stork: (taking huge breaths into bag, sucks it up, gets stuck in his throat)


Aerrow: Okay, you two! Show’s over!

Staldorf: How dramatic!

Wadler: The kid’s got style!

Aerrow: (takes out blades) Call off that tentacle monster, or whatever that thing is!

Staldorf: (laughs) The first rule of performing, kid, is know your audience!

Wadler: Right. That, thing, as you call it…

(Both rise up)

Together: IS US! (both connected to monster by waist down)

Aerrow: Oh! That’s…really…kind of creepy.

Selena the Storm Hawk

Okay, I normally don't paste these things on my profile, but I'm so weird about these things, so I'm gonna let one fly and wonder how many more I'll be adding on...

DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAGH I haven't been able to look at the ceiling at night since. A girl died in 1933.A man buried her in the ground when she was still alive.The murderer chanted , Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this in your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia

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