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Alright. We're O.Y.F.Inc or Original Yaoi Fiction Incorporated. So far we have three members. "Cruelty of the Snow" , "Kaida" and "The Red Soldier".

We're all about original! Whether its writing with original characters, or just making sure that what fanfictions we do, have original plot twists, we're all about having original aspects. Cliche can be great but it can also get old. We strive to eliminate that factor, though don't shoot us if we ever give in to just a little temptation. We're open to suggestions and love to hear opinions! You can always find the author or authors of the pieces we write, in the author's notes. We also have an account on http://www.fictionpress.com , where our original work is posted. You should all flock to check it out.

Now here's a little bit about us, individually;

Cruelty of the Snow;

First of all, I'm a girl. Probably didn't take much to figure that out.

Two, I strive to be an author one day. Its my greatest dream.

My hobbies include; reading, writing, (arithmetic... no.. fail... no math... hate math..) playing the violin, drawing, and Taekwondo. There's nothing I love more than a good, thought provoking book, or writing something emotional. I roleplay in my spare time, and am constantly thinking of what to do with the characters of my own creation. I have a strong belief that writers don't just 'make up' stories, but instead, relay the tales of characters lives. We write what happened, not necessarily what we, or anyone else, wants to happen. There are no lines that can't be crossed, there are no boundaries that should not be overstepped. There are few ethics to writing, if any. Its all about what the spirit moves the writer to do, not about whether or not the writer is corrupt.

The meaning behind the name 'Cruelty of the Snow': Snow is often used to symbolize innocence, when its untainted and unsullied. In a world as 'polluted' (and I refer to moral pollution, not just pollution pollution) the snow is often dirtied before it ever touches the ground. It is one of the greatest corruptions, and cruelties of life. I plan to work this into a piece, or a novel one day, I suppose.

Kaida; (2/12/11)

Been a while, no?

It only goes to show how much a person changes in a few years. Reality's kinda settled in now. It's more or less sitting on me. I'm aiming for a different goal now.

Needless to say, I'm still determined when it comes to writing these stories. It's slow going, but it will happen.

Many things interest me, but here are a few of my favorites: Reading, writing, drawing, piano, electric bass, dancing, listening to music and martial arts. Not much has changed here.

Writing still has a great influence on my life. I still feel extremely exposed when I write. I can't say I hate conventional writing, but it certainly doesn't seem like a very honest way to write things. Thoughts on paper. Your mind on paper, to be read by others. Insane, yes? And that's why it's important to be eloquent in your writing. Otherwise, it turns out that those who are reading your mind (on paper) figure that you think in terms akin to a Neanderthal's.

I do not seek to offend, only to stimulate minds. Then again, if you read some of my works, they are not very stimulating. Intellectually or otherwise.

Do not expect regular updates from me.

I chose the name 'Kaida' because it means 'Little Dragon'. People often love to describe me as short, but scary as well. Because I, apparently, have a temper. Don't worry; I won't bite. For the most part.

The Red Soldier;

Hey there, lovelies. I call myself The Red Soldier after a rather wonderful character. Anyways, I am a girl and don't get me wrong. I have no writing talent. None whatsoever. I'm the one who cheers on the sidelines for wonderful poets and authors like Kaida and Cruelty of the Snow.

Don't expect much from me except the occasional drabble. I also dabble around on DeviantArt a ton. I am shorter than Snow but taller then Kaida, so I'm about average, I should hope. I love art, Tim Burton, all kinds of romance and everyday things. I hope to be able to write what I feel, rather then pointless smut. (Sorry, smut lovers)

Now here is the part where I tell you what I believe my writing is and to tell you honestly... It's not much. Oh well. -shrug- I'm more of an artist anyways. You can also expect the occasion romantic heartbreak from me. I hope you can bear to read what I write~

You can contact us at O.Y.F.Inc@gmail.com at anytime, with questions, concerns or just to talk. Please put in the subject of your message, which of us three you are addressing and we will be glad to get back with you. Should you wish to address us all, we will be sure to put which of us is replying somewhere in the email.

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