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Author has written 4 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Bleach.

About Me:

My name is Tracy, I'm 22 and live in Australia.

For anyone who's been looking for my Norribeth fic: I deleted it because it was messed it up, the second chapter was underlined the whole way through and it couldn't be removed for some reason... (I have no idea) Oh and my old computer was dieing and when I moved the stuff over I realized that I'd forgotten something.. I'm currently re-writing it when I find the time. Sorry guys!

Projects (already posted to site)

Pirates of the Caribbean:

1. A Lady For His Lordship (Beckett/Elizabeth) - An ongoing chapter story which is a work in progress.

2. Courting Ingrid Ivory (Beckett/OC) - An ongoing chapter story which is a work in progress. The OC is Ingrid Ivory. She is 100% mine and the only thing which belongs to me in the POTC fandom (not including any minor OC's - maids ect) I love her dearly.


1. The New Competition - An ongoing chapter story which is a work in progress. A fic centered around the relationship of Rukia Kuchiki and Captain Juushiro Ukitake along with our two favorite competing lieutenants of squad 13! It wasn't until I was posting this that I realised how rare the Ukitake/Rukia pairing is. I thought it would be more common..

Projects (drafting, tweaking, planning ect)

Working on a collaboration fic with a friend from Live Journal in the POTC fandom.

Little POTC one shots that I'll one day get around to perfecting and posting.

Original characters that I use in my fan-fiction:

Courting Ingrid Ivory - The Ivory family - Charles and Louise (she is mentioned only) and their children (from eldest to youngest) Edward, Clare, Ingrid and Charlotte. Ingrid is the main OC
- Alice and Cassandra; are Ingrid's ladies maids when she lives with Beckett.
- Frank; the butler at the Ivory house. He doesn't do much but I think he deserves to be credited.

A Lady For His Lordship -
- Henrietta Keating; and old woman who is ordered in by Lord Beckett to refine Elizabeth's table manners and to test Elizabeth under this old woman's rude attitude. She's extremely elegant and arrogant, never thinking twice about her remarks.


Thank you for giving me advice in your reviews/comments, I really appreciate it :)

I haven't really written anything fan-fic related since 2012. So don't expect any updates guys! Sorry! But you never know... I won't stop you from holding out hope haha.


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HAPPY HEARTS: The rose, a symbol of love and passion, the thorns of pain and grief. I am one who can only tell you the story of what was, what withered, and what could’ve been. Listen to me. I know a story, only I can tell. norribeth
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Lady For His Lordship reviews
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