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Author has written 2 stories for Vampire Knight.

A Little About Me//

I am a twenty-three year old woman. I have been writing for nearly eleven years, poetry first then more. I started role playing ten years ago, seriously at least not so seriously a year before that. It is rare for me not to be writing something in a day, I am always writing, I love to do it and it loves me. My muse (role play term for I guess plot bunnies)is large enough for ten people I swear.

My personal life is a little more interesting. As a Navy brat I have moved around a lot in my short lifetime. I was born in Wisconsin moved to Cali from there, then Indiana, then Virgina, then Illinois, then Mississippi, then Virgina again, then Rhode Island, and I refuse to tell you where I currently am . And in each state I moved numerous times during the average of three years we lived in each one (only Mississippi we only lived a year and a half and moved three times in that time frame o.o). So I have seen some places. No I have never been out of the country but by God I would love to. I love history and would like nothing more than to see the sites of the epic battles and civilizations of the past. My dad, the ex-military man, has been to every place I dream to go and has brushed aside my wonders with tales, but I am not discouraged, because I know him well enough lol.

One major factor in my life other than moving is the animals and people I have encountered. I have so many pets come and go in my life. I have owned so many things, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, hamsters, hedgehogs, fish, birds, snakes, lizards, ectra. On top of owning animals I have meet some amazing animals in my life. Gentle giants called horses who want nothing more than to lean against you as you groom them, even the spunky ones chasing you for a mint. I have the luck to meet a sweet service dog named LJ who was handled by a late friend of mine who taught me a lot about training dogs. Unfortunately I shall never get the chance to see either again, for she passed on and he went to someone else who needed his eyes and talents to help them live their life. Among the people I have meet many taught me things that living in one place never could. Many taught me in a positive light and others taught me by mistakes they make.

Though I never had the chance to live my life like many of you with the same people and around your families I have experienced things that long make up for what I have missed out on. And if you want to know my favorite place I have lived I would have to say the South, their culture is rich and beautiful, the lifestyle fits me so well, slow and easy pace, nothing to be rushed.

My Favorite Pairings (Seme first Uke second)//

Vampire Knight - Kaname and Zero without a doubt, if its good I like Aidou with one of them but rarely.

FullMetal Alchemist - Roy and Edward because they are so damn cute together, I like a decent Ling and Edward as well as a good Russel and Edward

Death Note - L and Light I can't get into any pair other than them, they just are made for eachother in my opinion

D.Grey Man - Lavi and Kanda, Tiki and Kanda, psh any male and Kanda as the Uke is hot, Kanda is just smexing

Tsubasa Chronicle - Kuro and Fei

Code Geass - Suzaku and Leluoch a flustered Lulu can make anyones day

Pandora Hearts - Break and Gilbert/Raven, I think I just like how Gil is always so dam flustered around Break its cute

Inuyasha - Seshy and Inu, Seshy and Koga, psh again Seshy Seme to anyone is hot, that dog is...well a dog lol

Inheritance Cycle - Murtagh and Eargon, Murtagh is a dream guy for all his naughtiness Bad boys are the best


Mortal Instruments - Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood

As you can tell I read a lot of fan fiction in my spare time, a girl needs her yaoi dose, its a terribly strong drug you know.

My Stories//

On hold is Beautiful Disaster

Rewriting Creatures of Disguise with more details and better grammar

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Beautiful Disaster reviews
Aidou testing spells, Zero chasing cats, and a writers desire for a neko Zero Yaoi Warning KaZe ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
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