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Author has written 5 stories for Shinzo, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Me chibi, me no dumb, i read manga just for fun, villans go boom, i go yah, thats how i read so soon!

Name: Heather


Anime: Shinzo( watch in japanese and english)

detective conan (only japanese)

inuyasha (both)


fullmetal alchemist (a little bit of both but more english)


Fuit Basket

ranma 1/2

About me: I've come to the point in my life where i dont have to tell u ha!!... actually im to lazy to update it every year^^;. I'm still learning how to draw im not that good. i wanna write my own manga. i have an OC Ookami Tsuki the cuties in my mind. i moved about 20 times in my life. i love anime! I plan to become an animator or voice actor which ever i can get into.

description: Lavender hair, wait you want mine or mushra's? :) Medium dark brown hair and redish brown eyes, they turn orange-brown in the sun.

Goal:find shinzo and shinzo lovers... or anyone who likes the same animes as me

hobbies:write stories, draw, and sleep

Stories I am writing:

shinzo the new enterra

it is about what might of happened after lanancuras. Good characters: Celestial mushra, enterran mushra, yakumo, hakuba, binka, kittens, kutal, sago, shiro and kuro, yeah they are good. Bad characters: Prince saru (Saroo, lanancuras's son. spell lanancuras backwards and take the first four letters.) kadrians.

is it a dream?

when the shinzo team get sent into the past and meet people named heather and Hollie and what they have to go to high school? this one is dedicated to windflame.

Stories i will write

Is it a dream 2

What happens after we fight rusephine. i was reborn an enterran, and have to fight lanancuras.

Is it a dream untold chapters#1

well like the title says its untold chapters. this story will be a crossover it will be my first! but i have to finish the first is it a dream ;



one of my best friends on fanfiction. she was the first friend i made here. i love here shinzo stories. windflame u r so nice (Hugs computer)


we both share the same thing we both like mushra, well she loves him i just like him. she was the second friend i made on here.


Rowenna has always reveiwed every chapter i post for, is it a dream. third friend i made on here


im in one of her stories and is the four friend i have on here.

Kutal the enterran (sister)

You can pick your friends but you cant pick your family.


well lets just say she way to adicted to sago


a good friend she's not boring she's a good friend!

Keep up the good work my friends

favorite Characters: shinzo, mushra, sago, kutal, yakumo from Pokemon ash, pikachu, moltes, infernape Detective conan: Conan, Ran Fullmetal Alchemist: edward and Alphonse

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In which Mushra makes an amazing discovery - a quiet song-bird hidden away for over 500 years. As he searches for his own lost friends, can the enterran help one boy find the family and song that the world has forgotten? Both boys will learn that the meaning of 'nakama' isn't so easily defined, nor so easily broken.
Crossover - Shinzo & Vocaloid - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,602 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/24/2012 - Mashura, Len K.
Chibi Mushra by windflame reviews
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A Mind is a Lonely Place to Be by colorfulCheshire reviews
When faced with a journey that has concealed its own end, even the most silent companion is welcome to save one from insecurities of the mind and monsters of the night. Mushra's journey is far from over, but a new friend might make it easier on the heart.
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the Cedrians have found out that Mushra was the Celestal Guardian that traped them all in the metior 500 years ago and now they plan on useing him to free Lanancuras. can Yakumo, Sago, Kutal and his past freinds and famerly save hime befor it is to late.
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Lake Elsinore reviews
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very very random no chapters just random stories
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what happens after lanancuras sorry if i cant get everyone to talk 12 people what can i say please read more better than it sounds
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it funny cause i thought of this at lunch time. well my first poem i made for shinzo.
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