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Author has written 9 stories for Misc. Anime/Manga, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Teen Titans, Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, and Animal Crossing.

Hello everybody, I am Omegaman X! I guess you knew that since your looking at my profile. Anyway I’m not going to say much, except the fact that I love to write. But the thing I love to write about the most is... Dum dum dum!! Smut! Hears yays in background Surprisingly I’m getting very good at it, I feel like Jariya from Naruto. And I have been thinking about creating some Icha Icha novels for Naruto and Link from zelda. I’ve been looking at Naruto and I noticed that there’s not a lot of good Anko, Tsunade, etc, etc, Lemons. There’s some but not a lot. After I’m done with my Pokegirl story, I plan to make Icha Icha of Naruto with almost every girl in the series. And When I say almost I mean I’m not going to put in any characters that I think inappropriate.

But one thing about me. I do not for any reason condone rape, death in sex, or pedophilia in my stories. It is sick and it is wrong and I will personally dispose of all those that enjoys that kind of crap. I will sometimes put an almost rape to be later saved by someone like I did in Blair: A true maiden in love. But anything beyond that No.

Another thing Is that I have a strong hatred towards the uchiha bastard sasuke. I just hate the fact he thinks hes better than everyone and then later abandons the village to avenge his clan’s death. Some think that honorable, I think that assholeish. Cause he’s willing to sacrifice the village and his friends just so he can become strong. I think he’s a traitor and should be dealt with swiftly and severely. But putting the “I hate sasuke” rant away. Ill tell you more.

Hey for all those who are wondering about Pokegirl: Rise of Yuki, Im not done with it Im just going throught a lot of crap at school. A new chapter will be posted very soon, how soon. I dont know.

I love to make my own characters for anime. It’s a habit of mine and I can’t get rid of it. nor do I want to The things my OC guys can do heh sometimes they are funny but others that are just kick ass. Well I gotta run if you have any ideas you want to see from me don’t be afraid to give me a line. Later.

My forum:

My OC's

Kenshin Igaguri

Series: Naruto

Age: varies

Village: Konoha

Rank: ANBU squad leader

Element: Fire and Water

Sensei: Anko

Clan: Kyuu-ketsuki

Bloodline: Lich- Copies other bloodline abilitys by drinking ones blood and alters it to the users liking, how long varies on how much blood is drinken.

Bloodline copys: Controll water, Sharingan.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 158 lbs

Eye's: Red

Hair: Spiky Blood Red

Apperance: Black trenchcoat, blood red sleeveless undershirt, black ANBU pants, black metal tiped gloves, combat boots, sunglasses, and a genjutsu that makes redish whips of somke come out of his coat.

Jutsu's known: Blood Jutsu's, Hellfire Jutsu's, Storm Breaker Jutsu, Chaos Jutsu: Chaos Flame, Chaos Jutsu: Deathtide, Chaos Jutsu: Gaia's Wrath, Chaos Jutsu: Black thunder, Chaos Jutsu: Tempest, Symbolite jutsu, Final Jutsu: Angel of Judgement.

Status: Kenshin is the best friend of Naruto Uzumaki, and is on good terms with almost all of his friends, However he has a blinding hatred for the traitor Sasuke Uchiha and the council that babies him. Kenshin attitude is almost identical to Naruto's except when Kenshin pulls a prank, people get hurt, only minorly. However Kenshin is very moddy and very serious at times, but when something is not on his mind he act's lik a total goofball.

Kyuu-Ketsuki Bio: The Kyuu-Ketsuki's were Konoha's "secret" clan. That never ment that they were well liked. The Kyuu-Ketsuki's were like Uchiha's only they were even more arrogent. if that's even possible They whould get into huge fights with the other clans and whould always end up someone dead. The reason why they were secret is because no one dared speak of them in fear of a grusome death. The night of the Kyyubi attack after it was sealed, the Kyuu-Ketsuki went on the hunt for poor Naruto in hopes of claming the power of the nine tailed fox for themselves, this resulted a huge civil war between each member of the Kyuu-Ketsuki that lasted for 2 weeks till the last kown member was killed by chakra exthaution, making the entire clan extinct and most thought the lich blood line was forever lost, well that was the case untill Kenshin returned.

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owners of this story are on this site Anime%20Addventure&chapter 02115. Also I am back!Read my slaves read as I will be updating at a new pace again!
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Animal Crossing: Blueoak Chronicles reviews
This is a collection of the many adventures of the town of Blueoak, many of the featuring the new mayor Lloyd, The only human in the village. Follow Lloyd as they deal with a cursed record player, hunt down an escaped metroid, put on a play, witness some unfortunate events with a very tenacious scorpion, and see how Isabelle's plan to swoon the mayor fails every time.
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