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I considered leaving ff.net back when they first announced they were axing NC-17 fics, but then decided (as i have no NC-17 fics posted myself, and people seemed to be still reading my stories) to hang around; but nonetheless i haven't uploaded any new stories for a long while.

The other day I received an email from 'ff.net admin' telling me that one of the stories i had uploaded went against ff.net guidelines - i cannot see how it did this, and i've been over it (and the guidelines) several times. Basically, if it went against the guidelines, i wouldn't have posted it.

Instead of challenging it, I've just decided to leave ff.net for good - although when i first started writing and getting involved in the fandom it was a wonderful place to be, but as i've matured as a fandom writer (and ff.net itself has changed), ff.net is no longer something i want to be involved in at all.

Apologies to any readers keeping in touch with my work via this site - thankyou to everyone for reading and reviewing! It's been great to receive such feedback and encouragement.

To keep up wih me in future, you can find *all* my fanfiction (and other fanworks besides) at my site:

for those of you following Fair & Foul, you can find it linked from the main site, or keep an eye on the site i've made for it:

If you're involved in the livejournal community online, you can keep up with my fics basically as soon as i write them on my fics-only LJ:

or my more rambly fandom/personal LJ:

I hope people that have enjoyed my writing throughout my stay at ff.net continue to follow on what i do in the future! thanks again,


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