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Age: 24

Occupation: Sergeant - Fire Team Leader - U.S. Army, Infantry - 6 yrs.

FF- I've been reading FF since 2002


Dark Harry- note that Dark doesn't make Evil it's the choices you make that decide that.
Evil Harry- seldom done right, but the few that pull it off are awe inspiring.
H/G- I've been saying it since '02, and I was right, ha.
Harry w/ a Backbone- Just because he was all pissy for a small portion of the OotP doesn't make him a pushover.
Time-Travel- who doesn't want to go back and change things, if you said yourself you're lying.
Cross-Dimensional Travel- rarely written well but again very impressive when it is.


Slash- I want to vomit just seeing all of them, so many good stories/plots destroyed by it, if you read it you should be taken outside and summarily executed, now go away.
HHr- a little to much like incest
OC's as a main character- there are enough character's in canon who aren't fully fleshed out to give you what your looking for.
Angst, and other emotion filled drivel- Again just because OotP had him upset for a bit, it doesn't mean he's a cry baby. I've been in more firefights and seen enough of my friends and soldiers blown up, hit by sniper's and other soldier's mistakes to say that while it doesn't get any easier you learn how to deal with it and drive on.
Slash- did I mention this yet, you should die.

Gone But Not Forgotten:

SPC Brandon Titus- 17 AUG 04- Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq
PFC Henry Risner- 18 AUG 04- Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq
PFC David Waters- 14 OCT 04- Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq
SPC Dwayne McFarlane- 09 JAN 05- Abu Ghraib, Iraq
SGT(posthumous) Tommy Latham 11 MAR 07- RTE Motorhead, Sunni Triangle, Iraq

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