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hi ya'll!

The alias is: Bunny!
I write YYH Fanfiction!

I'm a second year college student who loves to read and write and watch anime/read manga. It's an addiction. I prefer to read manga because I feel like it is more on track with what is real, where as most of the anime is twisted from it's counterpart. I work with the local park district and at the elementary schools because for some reason, my boss thinks I love kids. sarcasm I'm a really loud, obnoxious, intimidating person if you don't know me well... but truthfully, I'm funny, full of compassion, and really great at making people laugh at themselves. I think that comes out in all of my fanfics.

Uhmm... I do own all of my OCs. They are mine and if you want to use them, just let me know and give me some kudos. I'm more than happy to lend them out into your fanfiction. I just like to be thanked once in a while. My favorite character that I've written about: (( YOKO )) in To The Rescue. She's the closest to me. Kinda mature, really hard core about protecting the ones she loves, and always willing to sacrifice something to make things right.

As an avid Yu Yu Hakusho fan, I will admit that I am very certain of my favorite pairings.
YusukeXKeiko, KuramaXOC, KuwabaraXYukina, HieiXOC
I am not a fan of mixing anyone else with Kuwabara because I really think it is totally sweet how he and Yukina are so awkward. I believe Yusuke and Keiko were meant to be together... but I have read some good fanfics about YusukeXKurama and have enjoyed the writing. I don't care about fan girls who put HieiXKurama. It doesn't bother me. I only get upset when they put all the Sailor Moon girls together. But that's another topic.

Hiei or Kurama?
Let's get this straight- I will not pick!! I do not like one youkai over the other!! Personally, I think I would pick Kurama if the OC was me, but writing for Hiei brings up so many challenges that I enjoy. See?! It is so hard to pick. I love them both. I write for both and I enjoy it.

My List Of Fanfics?
Completed Fics:
Two Tailed, To The Rescue, A Night Without You, Angel In My Dreams, Running From You
Working On:
Fatherhood, Dreamer, Outside Looking In

On I am Chibibunny

Feel free to email me and to chat about my work, your work, someone else's work! I love to edit too. So... if you like my stories and want to know if I will take a look at yours- I WILL!

x.o.x.o. - Chibibunny

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Running From You reviews
Yusuke and the gang save a young girl from a band of demons. But she's not a normal girl- she's an ELITE, and she comes with some hefty baggage in tow. Can the Tante help her?
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Outside Looking In reviews
Mika has spent her life searching for her brother Kenji, who abandoned her. One night, she ends up outside Genkai's temple and at Koenma's orders, has to stay. Unknown to her, Kenji is lurking about, ready to deliver some powerful news!
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 13,449 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/9/2008
To The Rescue reviews
A mysterious girl walks into the Tante's life, and she's far from normal. She's on a mission; to kill her fiance- who murdered and betrayed her entire family. But it couldn't be simple; because Kurama realizes he is falling in love with her...
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TwoTailed reviews
Kurama meets Nyako, a girl who just isn't impressed with him. He intends to change her mind, without realizing the pain she's enduring. Koenma lets the Tante in on a little secret; that Nyako's more than a human and she's about to get collared!
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The gang is introduced to a new case that leaves them baffled. A Dreamer Demon is killing off young girls with spiritual powers. Can they save the next victim, or is it too late?
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