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Name: Flora Snowflakes ( Unique name isn't it ? =w= ) (Not my real name though. Too bad, I'm not gonna tell you my real name anyway!)

Age: Guess!

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: I'm Asian. Nuff said!

You can find me: If you turn around!




Writing style: Mostly Romance and Adventure, sometimes Fantasy and/or Humor, depend on my mood.

A little bit more about myself:

You already know me by my name, or at-least my English name, since my Vietnamese name is too hard for people to pronounce. On the outside, I might seemed shy and nerdy (From other people's point of view), but if actually get to know me, I'm pretty nice and friendly, but only the people that is my friend. If you want me to be nice to you, then be nice to me.

I'm really playful most of the time, but sometimes I tend to distance myself from the rest of the world and that's when my brain is put on it's limit (Usually figure more ideas for my writing and drawing). Did I mention that I love drawing as well ? I draw a lot, and you can check most of them on my deviantART page (link is above).

My hobbies is reading, writing, drawing, watching movie and listen to music. When it's about movie and music, I don't really care about who sing or act, all I care is the meaning of the song/ movie (There are a few exception, my only idol is Taylor Swift and I hate SNSD/Girl Generation, that's it, no more, no left). I also love tasting new food, and if you want to win my heart, just cook delicious food for me -insert heart- (I hate seafood, most of them).

That's it for now, if you want to know more about me, just befriend with me. It's that easy!

About my writing:

I could call myself an amateur writer, for two reason: First, I'm a Vietnamese, English isn't my first language so I can make some errors while I write. I'm working on my grammar now, please bear with me. I promise I'll improve!

I'm just another hopelessly lovestruck girl, so everything I write will have some romance in it, in one way or another. I can do well in Romance or Adventure type of stories, and I could write story in Family and Fantasy category as well, but they may not come out as good as other people's work. I really like to write a Dark theme story, but I failed, hard, at it. The sketch dump was thrown inside my closet and has been biting dust since forever...

The type of story that I can't do, at all, is Against and Horror, those two requires some serious writing skill, and I'm just an amateur writer, so I can't write any. The next categories is Sci-Fi and Supernatural, I'm not a fan of those two, so I don't want to write in those categories.

The other categories, either I haven't written them before or I already tried and failed miserably. I don't know, maybe one day I'll try to write one story in each categories and upload them here for everybody to enjoy.

My advice:

Even though I myself am not a good writer, I believe I could share some of my writing tips for everybody who is new to writing:

1. Plot

Make sure you know exactly what you are writing about, and unless you have J.K Rowling skill of writing in almost no plots at all, I suggest you to write down a plot, then started adding certain events around the main plot. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT add in events that will distract your readers from the main plots. It's annoying as hell!

2. Characters:

If you're going to write fanfic about existed characters, I suggest you to read and get to know those characters first (Unless you plan to write in Humor categories, and OOC is needed to create those humor). I get offended easily when someone writes a fanfic and the characters isn't even close to their original personality. This is a MUST in every fanfic.

3. Grammar:

I may not have the best English, but every time I'm about to post something, I double check to see if there is any errors. And to make sure, I even get a beta reader to triple check it.

4. Symbols:

Do not use "fk", "btw", "wth", ect... Even if your story does suck, at least you show your readers you are a serious writer.

5. Summary:

Summary can makes people either wants to read your story, or ignores it. Make sure it's interesting enough, but don't give out too much information. Make it's a little bit mystery so people would gets curious and therefore, read your story.

6. A/n:

A/n stand for Author Note, and only be used when the author wants to explain something to the readers. People usually put their A/n at the end of every chapter, or better yet, at the end of the story. If you are going to put your A/n at the top of the story, make it short so the reader won't get too annoyed. And DO NOT put it in anywhere in the story, it will instantly become a mood-killer.

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