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this is azea, i'm an 18yr old girl from ... well, this universe! i'm a college going kid doing my majors in computer science( i luv working with comps!)

i love harry potter.

i love watching tv, spending hours and hours reading harry potter fanfiction..!

my favourite pairing is draco/hermione.

other pairings i like are :


harry/ginny (though i prefer the above pair better)



i think the snape/hermione pairing is just obscene..! so is the harry/hermione pairing... c'mon guys they are like siblings..and i can't stand ron/hermione fics!

i love the weasley twins, sirius, snape, dobby, aberforth, neville, luna, narcissa, arthur and molly

hp charecters i hate are ron, wormtail, umbridge, fudge, cho, dung nd bellatrix

i love voldemort's charecter! i find him quite cooll and i don't think i can ever get over my obssession for his dark mark!!

but hermione granger is the charecter i can actually relate to! my pals call me nerd! but actually it is not so.. i love reading... books...(well, reading anything as long as it is not my text books or books on college subjects!). plus somtimes i'm self-righteous, down right frank to the point of being rude. i don't care much about the way i look and dress as long as i'm comfortable, though i clean up nice if i put my mind to it... but thats really rare.. seeing i'm god damn lazy ( you should find out from my frnds... they can tell you stories about my laziness)!! another similarity that i share with Hermione is the fact that our hair is unruly!! mine is bushy beyond imagination (i'm planning to do something about it!)... i love my friends, and i really heart all the moments i spend with them. i tend to be blindly loyal to my pals and expect the same from them as well! (anyway... love all you guys!!) plus i love gryffindor!! but she is the only gryffindor i actually like.

the other charecter i'm madly in love with is draco malfoy... need i say anything else there?? i love his dark charecter, beautiful eyes, aristrocratic features, cunning, strength, power, wit, humour, sarcasm and well i love everything draco! a few similarities that draco and i share are wit, being self-centered, having trust issues, liking solitude, plus i like everything dark, somehow i prefer dark to bright! plus i'm extremly sarcastic, and i enjoying being a brat at times!!

my favourites:

colour: blue (all shades but i tend to be partial towards dark navy blue boardering on black!)

flower: white lily

animal: wolf

bird: albatross

eye-colour- brown

hair colour - black

height - 5' 2" - i know i'm short :((

books:harry potter, the gathering light, the davinci code, sidney skeldon's books especially nothing lasts forever, rage of angels and the sky is falling!

comics: i LOVE garfield!! i don't like cats but garfield is an exception!! i think jim davis is awesome with his comic!! other than that i luv calvin and hobbes, peanuts, asterix, and archies and the gang!!

actors: brad pitt, orlando bloom, jhonny depp

actress: angelina jolie, jennifer anniston, keira knightely

music artists: linkin park, westlife, coldplay, bsb, nsync(i know they arn't a band anymore but i luv their music!), bryan adams, justin timberlake, sean paul, enrique, eminem, nelly furtado, avril lavigne, hilary duff, jordan pruitt, aly and aj, ashley tisdale, sugababes, deadsy and much more...

about my stories:

1) the potter wedding : well there isn't much to this story. though i'm not exactly as big a fan of harry/ginny ship as i'm of the dramione ship. but i wrote it to test the waters. it was my first fic. so i decided to keep it a one-shot. it is my idea of the harry potter's and ginny weasley's wedding. though i have to admit th estory isn't really very great, but it still is quite close to my heart. i thank the ppl who reviewed. especially Yemi Hikari. this person took time to read the story and point out the flaws in it. and i'm really greatefull to the other two as well!

2) Future On The Horizon: thats the story i am currently working on. it is my first dramione and my second fic. this story is basically about the disbanded people of the light side, who are in slave camps and in hiding and how they come together to fight the dark reign, and one draco malfoy and his friend blaise zabini and how, eventually, one thing leads to the another. hermione, in the begining, doesn't seem her usual self. but i've tried to stay true to her charecter in the other chapters. i have the plot and all ready but i just have to shed my laziness and sit and type out the chapters and post it here. i really appreciate reviews.

well, i'm ready with the plot of my next story. it will also be a dramione. but it is slightly different from the others. its ... you'll have to find out as i post it here. but that wont be any time soon. i really want do some decent ammount of work on 'Future On The Horizon' first. so it won't be up for another month or two. but i really hope i come around to posting it quite soon.

keep sending in the reviews people!! it means a lot to me :)

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Future On The Horizon reviews
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