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I honestly couldn't care less about this profile

Just know that I only capitalize and punctuate for the general public's benefit;if I'm PMing you or reviewing, I will be as improper as it gets

I love music (generic statement)& the Twilight series(who doesn't)

Toni and Bella's dresses:

How I picture Z(minus the earring and the eyes should be a light green-"dark pastel green"):

Favorite Quotes:


I'm going to take a pillowcase and fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you!-Brennan Huff

You have the voice of an angel. I mean, it's like Fergie meets Jesus.-Dale Doback

Stay golden, Ponyboy.-Alice

One day my father just said, "Goddamn it, you're seventeen, stop being a fucking dinosaur and get a job!" -Dr. Robert Doback

I swear, I'm so pissed off at my mom. As soon as she's of age, I'm putting her in a home.-Brennan Huff

Male Therapist: Tell me a little about yourself.
Dale Doback: Well, I am a janitor at a college. Most people think I am dumb but I can look at a math equation and solve it immediately.
Male Therapist: Is this Good Will Hunting?
Dale Doback: No
Male Therapist: It sounds awfully familiar to Good Will Hunting.
Dale Doback: Yeah... well anyways, my best friend is Ben Affleck.


You should've gone to China, you know, 'cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those t-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events.-Juno MacGuff


Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream.-Bren

I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever.-Juno MacGuff

Notice I don't have any Twilight quotes? That's because I would put up every word in every book.

Funny random quotes

Toni reads Sam a quote form Dumbledore about Cedric Diggory.
Sam: That's a great quote
Toni: It belongs on a banner or something
Sam: It belongs on a FanFic profile
Toni: It belongs in a taco shell
Sam: Wth?!

Toni twirls screwdriver on Sam's arm.
Sam: What are you doing?
Toni: I'm screwing you xD

Yayla: Sam, there's lint on your shirt.
Sam:Uh huh.
Yayla: But you don't have any cats.
Sam:...Cats shed hair. Not lint.

Sam: Hey Toni, what's one ship that will never sink?
Toni: Umm..I don't know?
Sam:Think. We both have it...
Sam:After I'm done hyperventilating from laughter.Toni! Try friendship?

Z: My mama always said I'm not the sharpest knife in the...umm...knife thing.

Toni farts
Sam: Sheesh, that sounds like one you have to force out with the freakin jaws of life.

Toni draws an arch with many holes in it.
Toni:Be honest, how does it look?
Lupa:It looks holy. No one really knows why this was funny, but it was. Even Dan was laughing.

Sam:Have you ever been in a talent show?
Z:Yes a few years ago. I farted the abc's but got disqualified when I tried to do the 'next time won't you sing with me' part and I shit my pants.

If you have a true friend, copy and paste this into your profile
No boy is worth crying for, and the one that is won't make you cry. If you agree, copy and paste this into your profile.
If you're a proud stalker and obsessed love-struck girl of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, copy this into your profile.
If you hate those obnoxious snobby people copy and paste this into your profile
If you've ever been called weird because you typed OMC instead of OMG copy and paste this into your profile
If whenever you see or hear the brand "Volvo" you freak out and start giggling uncontrollably and then people stare at you funny copy and paste this onto your profile
I find "good morning" contradictory
I think I could be madly in like with you
When you get caught looking at him, just remember, he was looking back
Friends will always be like "well, you deserve better", but best friends will prank call him whispering "seven days..."
One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject.
Some day we'll look back on this, and plow into a parked car.
A friend helps you when you fall; a best friend says "Walk much, dumbass?"
A friend gives you their umbrella when it rains; a best friend takes your's and says "RUN!"
A friend wipes your tears when you're rejected; a best friend walks up to him and says "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"
A friend will bail you out of jail; a best friend will be in the room next to you saying "THAT WAS AWESOME, LETS DO IT AGAIN!!
A good friend helps you when you fall. A best friend laughs and trips you again.
We're best friends. You laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You hurt, I hurt. You jump off a brdge, damn, I'm gonna miss your dumb ass.
~ Follow your dreams. Except for that one where you're naked at work...
~ They call it PMS because "Mad cow disease" was already taken.
~ The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
~ Isn't it scary that doctors call what they do "practice"?
~ Why do they use sterilized needles for lethal injections?
~ Why do bankruptcy lawyers expect to be paid?
~ What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

I've seen some pretty weird pairings in my days. These have to be the ones that caused me to smack myself in the face and scream 'WHAT?!'

BellaxEmbry...Never ever ever in a million years. Come on. -.-
+BellaxCarlisle...Gross! I mean, I would totally do Dr. McSparkly in a second...but Bella has EDWARD
+BellaxEmmett...Normally in these Edward ends up falling in love with Rosalie, therefore leaving Emmett for Bella. No. That would be like dating your brother. GROSS
+BellaxCharlie...My friend told me about this one. Why the hell would you date your father? You wouldn't. Eww, My dad's mustache would annoy the crap out of me x
+EdwardxJacob...Are you fkin kidding me? Honestly? No. Simply put NEVER
+BellaxOC...Why add other character? Okay, that's a little hypocritical seeing how I have Z and Toni. But it's not like Bella's ever going to end up with Z. Sheesh.
+CarlislexEdward...Again the wole dating your father thing. Not only that but why make Edward gay? Okay, maybe Carlisle's appealing enough to make you gay as is Edward but...no
+NessiexOC...Jacob imprinted on her. Why would she date anyone else? As long as Jake and Nessie end up together in the end, then it's fine.
+BellaxMike...Kay so I was just reading a fanfic about Bella and Mike. But she ended up with Edward. Other than that, that's cruel.
+BellaxJames...Wtf?! Have you READ the damn book? He was trying to KILL her. And you want her to end up with him?? Sheesh.
+EdwardxLauren\Jessica...NO NO NO NO. He can do much much better.

I understand Fanfiction is an outlet for creativity and imagination or whatever. But let's be SOMEWHAT reasonable. Bella and Carlisle? Edward and Carlisle? That's despicable

And while we are on the subject of ridiculous, how about I heard that someone thought Edward was Bella's cat...CAT?! Idiots! Try actually READING Twilight. Gawsh.



This is a super-ficial holiday. Why? It was originally the celebration of a Saint after his death. So, how did it get changed into a love holiday? The Government. They make money off Valentines Day. How so? Taxes. Even though our economy is plumetting, couples still manage to get eachother things. Taxes from that go to the Government. Now, this is somewhat of a good thing. But, that still doesn't change the fact that this holiday was totally made up and fake! I may sound like a bitter lonely chick; truth be told, I'm just a very opinionated fourteen year-old. I don't care about finding 'love'. I don't really believe in it at fourteen. It doesn't last in highschool. Therefore, I don't go out looking for it. Why do I care about the faux holiday then? Because I think it's wrong that while trying to celebrate the life of someone, a holiday in which no one knows about the origin was created. Therefore, you can't pay respects to that person. What's next? 'Bring-your-child-to-work Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? It's disgraceful. I respect that everyone has their own opinions, and if you PM me or whatever contributing your thoughts, I will consider it. I, however, will NOT stand for flaming comments. Thanks for reading another one of my rants=

A little off topic but, Paperplanes by M.I.A.. Disgrace to music and should be pulled off the air, or musical genious tellign the story of foreign stereotypes? I persoanlly think it's a disgrace.=

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