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I'm the odd girl out, because I'm older than your average twilight fan fiction junkie ( I think). I WILL NOT REVEAL MY AGE!! I'll give this hint though, I already graduated from college!! (yeah, I know). I am a wife and a mother (ugh, I cringe at the thought of all the teens going "wow, but she's ancient!".

Things that I hate: (this are just things that I dislike, don't mean to insult anyone it's just my opinion)

1. Non canon fanfics- this is just insulting!

2. All human Twilight fan fiction- if I wanted to read about these humans I would read other fan fiction, but the fact that they are under Twilight fan fiction is just absurd, it's like making Hogwarts a wizard free zone!

UPDATE_UPDATE_UPDATE DECEMBER 13 2008 Fine!! I have to say that a person named duccy has changed my view on this subject!! However SHE IS THE ONLY EXCEPTION!! I'm hooked on two of her all human stories!! And I advice you all to read them!!

3. OOC Twilight fanfics, please! I think you can give dimension to a character and still keep their mayor personality traits, just because they are in a different situation doesn't mean you have to give them a lobotomy! Of course there are some exceptions that I will explain later.

4. Ok this is sort of a "delicate" subject but, I really dislike when some of the "romance" scenes get a bit nasty, for example, the narrating starts with Edward's and Bella's wedding night, all of a sudden Edward starts cursing! (WHAT?), or saying things like "Oh Bella, you just feel so..." or "Oh, God" and Bella is all like "Oh, Edward I need you" and bla,bla bla... Ok lets just take a minute here so that we can BARF. I know that most (Ok well the majority) of writers here are very young and still do not have this experience, and hence write these scenes about something that they have watched on a movie or have been told by friends, ( by the way porn is just the most unrealistic idea of sex in the universe, nothing further from the truth) but listen, do you really think that the first time you are intimate with the one you love, who is by the way a very conservative person and you are very shy, you are going to be shouting profanities!! NO!!

Here is a list of some of my favorite fan fiction authors:

1. bronzehairedgirl620, you should read her story- Yes For Forever, and review , she loves that! she answers to your reviews!! and she's great.

2. Insanity's Partner, I really liked her Twilight Fan Fiction Etiquette, I agree on so may points!!

3. vjgm, Ha, ha, ha, she's a very funny lady!! Her stories are parodies, so of course they are OOC but Oh my goodness! I laughed so much I think I broke a rib! I recommend Parenting Skills 101, Family Therapy Cullen Style, ok so just about all of them, I can't say I don't recommend her All Human take on Twilight, because as you might've guessed I have not read it.

4. Revontuli, I have read all, her stories, and I mean all! her stories are mostly one-shots, but oh they are divine! She has an outstanding imagination, her grammar and articulation are perfect, and she sticks to cannon parings, her stories are always in character, what she does is she helps them develop their true selves and at the same time they get to keep their original personality, it's like they grow and learn and have more dimension but they are still the same person, it's incredible really, try all her stories.

5. duccy- They say duces are wild and they are so right! read her all human takes of Twilight. I know I've stated in the past how against this I am. But you know, live and learn. On my defense I have to say that these are THE ONLY ALL HUMAN STORIES I RECOMEND. Read the following stories by duccy: One new message, and also try: Remember the summer.


"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an atractive and well preserved body,

but rather to skid sideways, wine glass in one hand,

body thoroughly used up,

totally worn out and screeming



Link to Bella's dress from Chapter 10 of story Awakening Dusk:

Link to Bella's Dolce and Gabbana outfit from Chapter 12 of AD:

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Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 37,253 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 5/4/2009 - Published: 11/8/2008
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