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Author has written 14 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and Lion King.

03/31/12: My dear readers, not to worry, I am still alive and well..also I haven't forgotten about my WIP fics. It's just that with work, at the end of the day sometimes I am back and forth from my computer as well as feeling too lazy to write anything. But I resolve to at least try to update once a month. Thanks for your patience. :)

11/23/12: Well my friends, my temporary job is over, so expect more frequent updates. My current WIP Sailor Moon fic is nearly complete. I know my YGO one hasn't been touched in nearly a year. Not to worry, I haven't forgotten about it. It's just that the muse for it had been stubborn(and with that job, didn't have time to get it to cooperate) but after this SM fic is complete I will get it working again, I promise.

12/26/12: As you can see, Slow Process to Redemption is complete and up next will be the 3rd book of the Nephrite series. Good news..woke up my fic muse for the YGO fic a little. Hopefully it will be completely restored soon.

01/29/13:Yay, the YGO fic has finally been updated! Please be patient with me as I figure out what to write about next.

12/02/13: Hey guys, first of all, happy holidays and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. I imagine those of you who have been following my "The Gift of Love" fic must wanna kill me now as it has not been updated for nearly seven months but I have not forgotten it. Just wanted to get as much of my YGO fic written as I could and didn't have the inspiration for it but it has started to come back. Have started to work on chapter 3 and am going for a January 2014 update. I will also do a oneshot for a fandom I will be attempting for the first time so be on the lookout for that..and will try to have a new chapter up for the YGO fic for this month, too.

01/02/14: Happy New Year to all of my dear readers. I wish all of you an amazing new year. I appreciate your support very much and I thank you for standing by me and being patient even when updates are slow. Will see if I can wake up my muse completely for the YGO fic and have the SM fic updated this month..will try my best to.

10/05/14: Guys I know my YGO fic hasn't been touched in over 3 months and I'm sorry about that..a combination of writer's block/laziness/being distracted..but I am working on it and there shall be an update soon, I promise.

03/28/15: Hi peeps, just checking in and letting you all know I'm still alive. Also, I've decided to put my Sailor Moon fic on the backburner for the time being. But don't despair. I'll get back to it after I am done with the YGO fic, which should be completed in around 10 chapters or so. I promise I will get back to it!!

05/05/15:Hello again folks, I just want y'all to know I started work on chapter 40 of the YGO fic and am also in the process of refitting my early chapters to make them consistent with how I write now. I will let you all know when that's done but be on the lookout for the new chapter.

10/02/15:Hi peeps! Well for the YGO fic I have gotten 14 out of the 19 chapters refitted thus far..1-4 and 7-16 to be exact. Just 5 more and the revision will be complete! So you may want to reread those because some things I have changed. And I will try to have a new chapter for you all this month! With the new movie coming out late next year for us westerners I hope it will be complete/near completion by then so I can move on to other chapters..10 more chapters and I shall be done so it's roughly a bit over 80% (not counting the refit) complete.

11/25/15: Hello all, I am checking in. Chapter 5 of the YGO fic is refitted and up. Will try to have the refit for chapter 6 up between the end-early next month, so stay tuned.

12/06/15: Hi peeps! The refit for Chapter 6 of the YGO fic is up..hope you enjoy..just have chapters 17-19 to do now..almost there!!

12/15/15: All right, the refit of Chapter 17 for the YGO fic is up..moving along steadily...

12/23/15: The refit to chapter 18 of the YGO fic is now up, guys! One more to go!!

12/31/15: Hey guys first of all, I hope you had a great Christmas, also, GREAT NEWS! I have finally finished sprucing up the old chapters for the YGO fic..look for a new chapter next month.

01/01/16: Happy New Year to all my readers! (old and new) I wish you all a wonderful 2016! Also I started chapter 43 for the YGO fic. Stay tuned.

01/05/16: Spruced up my Neph x Naru drabble. Take a look.

01/24/16: Hi YGO fic is updated!! Hopefully the updates will be more often, being that it's the only fic I am concentrating on at the moment.

02/18/16: Well well, I got up chapter 44 of the YGO fic. The fic should be concluded in 5-10 more chapters, most likely leaning towards 10.

04/04/16: Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I am happy to report I am making steady progress on Bringing Light Into the will most likely be completed in 9 more chapters..that's what I am going for, anyway. Also in terms of other news I have gotten into Fairy Tail as well as ThunderCats (80s version) and am almost done with Card Captor Sakura.

08/01/16: Hi all! It's been awhile since I wrote anything here. I take it you guys are having a wonderful summer? Mine has been pretty eventful..(those who follow me on DA would know what I'm talking about) not to worry, though, I am still hard at work writing and it shouldn't be too long before there is an update for my YGO fic. Just a few more chapters before it is complete, guys! I hope you're ready and have been enjoying the ride. I thank those of you who have stuck with me for so long. You're the best.

09/26/16:Greetings to you all. I know an update is looong overdue and I am so sorry for that..just that I've had some hectic days since this move and hadn't been in a writing frame of mind, not to mention my muse was being difficult, but it is coming back. May go on a trip this Friday and I'll try to have the new chapter up before then but if not, early next month for sure. Thanks for your patience!

01/27/17: Happy 2017 to all! I wish you guys an amazing new year! I realized I haven't checked in with you guys in MONTHS and I just wanted to say I haven't forgotten you..and I know I haven't updated in a long time and I'm sorry for had been combination of things preventing it..not being in the writing frame of mind, feeling lazy, muse being stubborn, having busy days, just RL in general..but new stuff is in the works. I'll update as soon as I can, so stay tuned!

03/16/17: Still working on stuff. Good news, there will be an update for the YGO fic this month for SURE! Thank you for the patience. Also, get this! I have decided to go pro, meaning beyond fanbased, therefore, I now have a fictionpress penname there is LadyKeren, too. :)

04/01/17: Yay, I finally day later than I planned to but had a busy day yesterday and the chapter wasn't quite finished anyway..but I hope you enjoy nonetheless and I hope to update again later this month.

10/13/17: It's been a minute and I know you all haven't seen any updates for any of the fics..I decided to put the YGO fic on the backburner for now...just haven't had the motivation to work on it...but it will be finished one day..I am in the process of waking up my Sailor Moon fic muse and have started to revise Slow Process to Redemption as my writing has grown considerably since I wrote the first several chapters. As I refit a chapter I will post an update here. So stay tuned!

11/06/18: Oh wow, it seems like forever, hasn't it? Well I most definitely had been off the radar for a long time, but I'm alive and well. I just haven't even been in a writing frame of mind due to writer's block, feeling demotivated and some personal issues. However, it's starting to come back and I hope to finish the YGO fic before this year ends (only 2 more chapters left). :) I may scrap some of the ideas for upcoming fics, though, to prevent being overwhelmed.

05/02/19: I'm still alive and well, though it's been a long time since my WIPs have been updated. Besides writer's block and lack of motivation, I was also blind-sided by a death in the family, not to mention my old laptop died unexpectedly before I was able to back up my data again. However, I have a new computer and my muse for SM has returned, for real this time. I'm working on chapter 6 of The Gift of Love and am making good progress. If it keeps up, there should be an update before the month is over. So stay tuned. ;)

05/24/19: Hi guys, I'm happy to report that The Gift of Love has finally been updated after more than 4 years of it being on hiatus. However, I hope the wait was worth it. Bear with me as I do more brainstorming for the other chapters.

06/15/19: Chapter 7 of The Gift of Love is up! I hope you guys enjoy as much as you did the previous ones.

07/12/19: I neglected to mention Chapter 8 of the Gift of Love was uploaded on Tuesday. Hope you enjoy.

10/06/19: It's been awhile, but I'm not dead. I had busy weeks and was just not motivated to write anything, so I'm currently taking a break from The Gift of Love. Decided to go ahead and revise some of the chapters of Slow Process to Redemption..Chapters 1-4 have been rewritten, so you may want to reread those.

03/03/2020: Yes, still here..haven't been doing a lot of writing, but the revised versions for chapters 5-7 of Slow Process to Redemption are up.

04/20/2020: Hi all, revised version of chapter 8 for Slow Process to Redemption is up. Also I am doing well in the midst of this pandemic. I have a job now, so my writing time has decreased but it is part time so you will still see updates from me periodically. Also, I started a Lion King fanfiction, one that's been in the making for more than 10 years. Be on the look out for it!

04/29/2020: Hey folks, it's just me letting you guys know my LK fanfic has been posted..still working on ideas in my head, so bear with me. Also the revision of Slow Process to Redemption will continue in between chapters.

09/02/2020: Yes, guys, I know there hasn't been an update from me in months but not to worry, I'm alive..just haven't had the motivation or energy to read/write anything as most of my energy is saved for when I go into work..have been doing overtime, too..also recently moved but I'm getting into my reading mojo and hopefully it will lead to me writing something as well.

10/24/2020. Long overdue, but I meant to mention Chapter 9 of The Gift of Love was uploaded early this month. Also I am feverishly revising chapter 10 of Slow Process to Redemption. Will let you know when that's up.

Age: Too old to be watching T-rated anime, but too young to care...long story short, I'm in my 30s now.

Nicknames: Here on the net I go by the names Lady Miki, Nephlite'sGirl, Lady Emeraude, me Keren here, though. :)

Favorite anime series: Magic Knight Rayearth, Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters, Fushigi Yuugi, Witch Hunter Robin, Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon(90s anime, live action and Crystal), InuYasha, Magical Girl Lyrica Nanoha, Marmalade Boy, Vision of Escaflowne, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Full Metal Panic!(and spinoffs too), Vampire Knight, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, Card Captor Sakura, Romeo x Juliet, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Favorite male anime characters: Zagato(Rayearth), Lantis(Rayearth), Ferio(Rayearth), Clef(Rayearth),Odion(YGO),Marik(YGO), Mahaad(YGO), Joey(YGO), Atem(YGO), Kenshin(RK), Sanosuke(RK),Amon(WHR),Yue(CCS), Yuki(Fruits Basket), Kyo(Fruits Basket), Hotohori(FY), Nuriko(FY),Nephrite(SM), Prince Endymion(SM), Saffir(SM), Prince Dimande(SM),Helios(SM), InuYasha(IY), Sesshomaru(IY), Sebastian (BB),Hibiki(Fairy Tail)

Favorite female anime characters: Presea(Rayearth), Sierra(Rayearth), Hikaru(Rayearth), Emeraude(Rayearth), Ishizu(YGO), Mana(YGO), Priestess Isis(YGO), Soi(FY),Sakura(CCS), Tomoyo(CCS), Kaho(CCS),Robin(WHR), Tohru(Fruits Basket), Saki(Fruits Basket),Arisa(Fruits Basket), Princess Serenity(SM), Minako(SM), Cooan(SM), Berthier(SM), Makoto(SM), Naru (SM), Tellu(SM),Viluy(SM),Cyprine(SM), Kikyo(IY), Ayame(IY), Kirara(IY), Rin(IY), Erza (Fairy Tail), Cana (Fairy Tail), Wendy (Fairy Tail)

Favorite anime couples: Lantis x Hikaru (Rayearth), Zagato x Emeraude(Rayearth), Ferio x Fuu(Rayearth), Lafarga x Caldina (Rayearth), Joey x Mai(YGO), Nephrite x Naru(SM), Isis x Mahaad(YGO), Sakura xShaoran(CCS), Endymion x Serenity(SM), InuYasha x Kikyo(IY), Atem x Mana (YGO), Amon x Robin (Witch Hunter Robin),Kunzite x Minako (SM)

My OC Shippings: Odion x Keren/Peaceshipping, Marik x Vicki/Redemptionshipping, Atem x Selene/Virtueshipping (the last one will be featured in one of my future fics).this list may grow a bit..

List of OCs: Miki, Yukari, Ruby, Amber, Alexandrite, Ametrine, Keren, Vicki, Selene, Nailah, Kanika, Akila, Sayuri, Leah, Dinah, Micah, Deborah (list may increase)

Favorite TV Shows: All the anime series I have listed, Kids Time Praise, The Whole Truth, True Crime With Aphrodite Jones, The World's Strictest Parents, Brat Camp,Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with the original cast, not so much the spinofffs)

Favorite Music: Mostly Gospel/Contemporary Christian/Praise Worship and J-Pop/Anime music, but I like a wide variety..for example, Josh Groban, Selena, Quintanilla-Perez, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Orianthi Panagaris and Rod Stewart are among my guilty depends on my mood. lately I've discovered that I like Joey and Rory and Kacey Musgraves a lot as well.

Favorite Movies: The Last Song, Matilda, Race to Witch Mountain, The American Girl Movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Akeelah and the Bee, What a Girl Wants, A Cinderella Story, A Walk to Remember

Favorite Animated Movies: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, The Lion King (I and II), Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Snow White (Good Times version), Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle

Favorite Video Games: Eternal Champions, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Soul Calibur, Samurai Shodown, Capcom vs SNK, Super Mario World, Bishouji Senshi Sailor Moon (PC Engine)

Favorite Male Video Game Characters: Raiden (MK), Maxi (Soul Calibur), Siegfried(Soul Calibur), Kung Lao (MK), Liu Kang (MK), Ryu (SFII), Vega (SF), Tachibana Ukyo (Samurai Shodown), Yagyu Jubei (Samurai Shodown), Nightwolf (MK), Raphael (Soul Calibur), Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur), Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown), Kuai Liang (MK)

Favorite Female Video Game Characters: Chun Li Xiang (SF), Kitana (MK), Sonya Blade (MK), Li Mei (MK), Seong Mina (Soul Calibur), Taki (Soul Calibur), Sophitia (Soul Calibur), Xianghua (Soul Calibur), Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighters II), Cammy White (SF), Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown), Charlotte (Samurai Shodown), Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters), Morrigan (Dark Stalkers), Shadow Yamoto (Eternal Champions), Jetta Maxx (Eternal Champions), Mai Shuranui (King of Fighters), Sindel (MK)

Favorite Video Game Couples: Liu Kang x Kitana(MK), Kilik x Xianghua (Soul Calibur), Ken x Eliza (SFII)..I am also starting to like Raiden x Sindel (MK) as well, thanks to a superb fanfic on them I recently found.

Favorite Books: It's Not About Perfect by Shannon Miller, Snail Mail No More by Ann M. Martin and Paula Dazinger, Why Are We Sick? by Melissa Lancaster, From This Moment On by Shania Twain, Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu, To Selena, With Love by Chris Perez, The Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones

Pet Peeves: hypocrites, bossiness(in a childish way), subjectivity, party poopers,bigots,my occasional ditziness, whiners,self righteousness, interruptions,false accusations,willful ignorance,narrow/closed mindedness, haters,arrogance, flamers, superficiality, judgmental people

Fics in Progress

1.Bringing Light Into the Darkness(YGO): ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

2.The Gift of Love(Sailor Moon/Nephrite x Naru): 3rd Book in Nephrite series. Resumed/Currently ongoing

3. Rekindling the Flame (The Lion King): Alternate version of the original movie.

Upcoming Fics:(After at least one of my WIPs is complete)

1. Back Into the Light-(Sailor Moon Crystal/Senshi x Shitennou centered):The senshi are on a quest to save the world from evil forces disturbing the peace, and also to restore the memories of their past lovers, the shitennou, who were brainwashed by Beryl. Will the guardians succeed? (my take on the Dark Kingdom arc)

2. Destined Rivalry- (YGO/Post- Battle City): Unable to accept being in the shadow of Yugi/Atem and still sore about being defeated in Battle City, Seto Kaiba devises a strategy to defeat the god cards and challenges his rival for his Duel Monsters title. Short story based on the Pyramid of Light movie. BLITD universe.

3.Facing the Unknown-(Mortal Kombat):Basically a retelling of the original Mortal Kombat during the first timeline..starring my OC Sayuri, possibly to be paired with Kung Lao.

4.Fading Hatred-(Sailor Moon/Black Moon Clan centered fic)

5.Rebuilt Lives-(MKR/Hikaru x Lantis)

6. Raging Storm-(Mortal Kombat/Raiden x OC):Featuring my OC Aphrodite, who is a female Elder God..explores what if Raiden had someone else to help him save Earthrealm as well as aid the mortals? Will take place during the *new* timeline. More info coming as I figure out details

7.Finding One's Path-(Eternal Champions/Xavier centered): A tale delving into Xavier's struggle to find the right career choice. More details to come!

8.Rekindling the Flame-(The Lion King) : Simba cannot wait to become king of the Pridelands. However, in the midst of his training, he nearly loses his dad in a stampede which causes him to feel like a disappointment and fall into a deep depression, leading him to run away. His spirits are boosted by two new friends, but he still struggles to deal with the emotional wounds. Alternate version of the movie. COMING UP IN APRIL 2020!

Stories to Undergo Revision

1. Slow Process to Redemption-(Sailor Moon)-Chapters 1-6

2.Stand by You-(Sailor Moon)

3. Aftermath-(Rayearth oneshot)

4. Alteration of Fate-(Rayearth oneshot)

5. A Cephirian Christmas-(Rayearth oneshot)

6. Lost Love-(Rayearth oneshot)

7. Undying Loyalty-(Rayearth oneshot)

8. Steadfast Hearts-(Rayearth)

9. Reconcilliation-(Rayearth)

Once I am done with the first 6 chapters for Slow Process to Redemption, I will probably tackle the oneshots first. When I look back at how I wrote back then and compare it to how I write now, I find all the above listed are not very good. The premises will be very much the same, so don't worry.

Stories I May Do(Still Thinking on them)

1. Scarred-(Street Fighter/Vega centered fic): After watching his mother die at the hands of his hideous stepfather, Vega is under his aunt's care and she has him see a psychiatrist to deal with the mental scars after recurring nightmares.

2. Twisted Pleasure-(Black Butler/Sebastian x OC centered)

3. Magic Guardians-(Magic Knight Rayearth/Sailor Moon xover): One year after their second set of adventures in Cephiro, the magic knights must dust off their armor and join forces with the Sailor Senshi as a great evil threatens the lives of civilians in Tokyo. Takes place during Sailor Moon Super season.

4. Deception-(Eternal Champions): A Shadow Yamoto centered fic. An alternate version of her lifestory as told in the video game.

5. Misunderstood-(Eternal Champions): A Mitchell Middeton Knight aka Midknight centered fic. He is treated like a monster because of the disfiguring disorder that resulted from the freak accident. Just when he think all is lost he learns there is a way to find a cure for the disease.

6. Conflictual Love-(Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon): Live action based. Zoisite joins forces with Sailor Venus and ends up falling for her, but is torn between his love for her and continuing to follow the path of evil. Mostly Zoisite x Minako and a bit of Nephrite x Ami down the road.

Below are profiles for some of my original characters..steal them and it'll be the last thing you ever do!


Yu-gi-oh! OCs

Name:Keren Mizrahi


Birthday: April 9

Astrological Sign:Aries

Blood Type: AB

Height:1.70 m(5'7")

Weight:47 kg (103.4 lbs)


Hair:dark brown, appears black from a distance, falls to the middle of her back

Birthplace:Jerusalem, Israel

Favorite food:Sufganiyah, Arabic Cuisine,Shakshuka, potato latkes

Least favorite food:Tursu

Relatives:mother (father died several years prior)

Likes:tranquility,romance novels, meditating, gardening

Dislikes:war, people with no backbone, thunderstorms, liars, greed, rudeness

Personality:generally very peaceful, reserved with strangers, even-tempered, slightly passive,benevolent

Fashion sense:wears a veil or tichel over her hair, traditional Israeli dresses, blouses and calf-to ankle length skirts, slacks in cold weather

Soulmate: Odion/Rishid

Close Friends: Ishizu, Odion, Atem, Marik

Name:Victoria "Vicki" Lennox


Birthday:July 4

Astrological Sign:Cancer

Blood Type: O

Height: 1.60 m (5'3")

Weight: 51 kg

Eyes: grayish blue

Hair: Chocolate brown, falls all the way down to her thighs, sometimes worn in a braid.

Birthplace:Edinburgh, Scotland

Favorite food: fish and chips, energy drinks, espressos, pakora, sweets

Least favorite food:Haggis

Relatives: Parents, one older sister and one older brother

Likes:Egyptian culture, music, swimming, martial arts (she's proficient in Tae-Kwon-Do), eating

Dislikes: snobs, cheaters, liars

Personality: very outgoing, friendly, caring, but when she loses her temper, WATCH OUT!

Fashion sense: wears leggings, wool kilts, turtleneck, ballet slippers, a beret

Soulmate: possibly Marik (after he turns good)

Close friends: Yugi, Atem, Bakura, Ishizu, Marik (eventually), Mai, Serenity, Tristan, Joey,Duke, Tèa

History:to come later

Extra details: Vicki suffers from osteoarthritis

Sailor Moon OCs


Age:appears 19

Birthday:August 17

Astrological Sign:Leo

Height:1.74 m (5'8 1/2")

Weight:52 kg

Hair:dark chocolate brown with platinum streaks, usually warn in braided pigtails

Eyes: olive green

Favorite Food:Chinese, chili, pasta, gourmet pizza, Italian

Least Favorite Food: kidney, liver, chitlins

Hobbies:stargazing, playing video games, cooking

Strong Points:devoted, loyal, intelligent, competent

Weak Points:sarcastic, cynical, short tempered

Has trouble with:trusting easily

Likes: tomboyish activities, trying different stuff

Dislikes: unoriginality, total disrespect to her master, backstabbers

Fears:losing her master's respect

Abilities:besides flight, teleportation, levitation, telepathy, and telekinesis, Miki controls lightning..shoots both dark and white lightning from her hands or scepter. She is also quite proficient in hand to hand combat with great speed

History:to come


Age:appears 19

Birthday:August 17

Astrological Sign:Leo

Height:1.73 m(5'8)

Weight:51 kg

Hair:chocolate brown, streaked with platinum blonde, usually worn curly

Eyes: olive green

Favorite Food:desserts, hot tea, spaghetti bolognaise

Least Favorite Food:liver, kidney, brains

Hobbies: playing video games, shopping. eating, watching movies

Strong Points: thoughtful,strong when she needs to be,loyal

Weak Points: slightly dubious, goofy, can be a complainer

Has trouble with: being assertive at times so sometimes her twin has to encourage her to take action

Likes:the fine arts, music, pretty stuff

Dislikes: cheaters, spineless people, stupidity, dishonor, cowards, oppression, dirty tricks

Fears:not being useful enough

Abilities: besides the ability to fly, teleport, levitate, telepathy and telekinesis, she shoots cyclones that have a force to blow her opponents away, and she also uses her weapon, a razor sharp glass fan as a projectile

History:to come later


Age:appears 18

Birthday:August 20

Astrological Sign:Leo

Height: 1.70 m(5'7")

Weight: 50 kg(110lbs)

Hair:deep cherry red, wavy, falls about 3 cm past midback


Favorite Food:Italian cuisine

Least Favorite Food:durians, all the Dark Kingdom chefs' concoctions

Strong Points:sisterly, loyal, devoted

Weak Points: a bit arrogant, feisty, brash

Has trouble with:her temper once she loses it


Dislikes: Beryl, cowards, cheaters, idiots

Fears: outliving her usefulness

Special Powers: Besides flight, teleportation, levitation, telepathy, and telekinesis, her deadly attack is the barrage of crystal shards she fires which does major damage when embedded in her opponents.

History:to come

Mortal Kombat OCs

Name: Sayuri Kawasaki


Birthday: August 10

Astrological Sign:Leo


Height:1.69 m (5'6 1/2)

Weight: 49 kg (107.8 lbs)

Hair: Jet black, waist length, usually worn in a braided bun

Eyes: dark brown, looks black from a distance

Fashion sense: A very short button down dress, tights beneath and boots


Fighting Styles: Kung Fu, Karate, a pinch of Ninjitsu


Finishing Move: Conjures a large ring of fire that surrounds the opponent, trapping them and they get fried to a crisp

Family: two elder brothers she sparred against to build up her skills

Allies: Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Kitana, Raiden

Enemies: Goro, Kano, Shang Tsung, Reptile, Sub-Zero

History: A Japanese lieutenant that emigrated to the United States at the age of 21. She works along with Sonya Blade and Jackson "Jax" Briggs but doesn't always see eye to eye with Sonya on things. Even so, when Sonya takes a trip to seek out Kano in order to defeat him, she is partnered up with her. She spots Johnny Cage and Liu Kang on the very same ship and is immediately star-struck by the action star, much to Sonya's annoyance. However, the ship would take them elsewhere to an island. Raiden appears before Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Sonya to tell them of their destiny and warn them about the stakes. The god of thunder feels a strong power emanating from Sayuri and challenges her in order to test her skills. She puts up quite a fight, but is not able to defeat him. However, Raiden is impressed by her abilities so he invites her to participate in the tournament as well.

Name: Aphrodite

Age: Eternal (but appears 27-29)

Occupation: Goddess of Water/Elder Goddess

Residence: The Heavens/Earthrealm

Height: 1.78 m (5’10)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Hair: Pale baby blue, wavy, falls to just beneath her chin.

Eyes: Pale blue

Fashion sense: A medium length robe-like dress over a unitard, boots, hats on occasion.

Alignment: Good

Fighting Styles: Zi Ran Men, Val Tudo, Water Scepter

Element: Water

Finishing Move: Using her scepter, she creates a massive cyclone in order to drown the opponent.

Allies: Raiden, Fujin, Sonya, Kitana, Ashrah, Nightwolf, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Li Mei, Kenshi, Jacquelyn “Jacqui” Briggs, Cassandra “Cassie” Cage, Kung Jin, Jackson "Jax" Briggs

Enemies: Goro, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Rain, Shinnok, Mileena, Sheeva, Kintaro, Kano

History: A female Elder God who has fought alongside Raiden for millennia to protect Earthrealm from all threats. As a goddess, she possesses supernatural/ethereal abilities such as flight, levitation and teleportation. Because her powers complement his, they sometimes fight as a team. She is generally very peaceful, benevolent and calm in nature, but whenever she is furious, she forgets herself and Raiden has to calm her. She also has to calm him when he becomes angry enough to make a rash decision. She harbors deep feelings of affection towards the god of thunder, but keeps them buried within her for fear of rejection and it being considered taboo in the eyes of the other Elder Gods. She eventually reveals them, though, and it turned out he had hidden feelings as well and would build on them once there was peace throughout the realms.

Lion King OC

Name: Penda


Swahili Translation: beloved, admired, loved.

Species:adolescent lioness

Age: 3 lion years (equivalent to 13 human years)

Fur Colour: auburn with a pancake colored pelt and muzzle

Eyes: Silvery-blue

Origin: Pridelands

Relatives: None living

Personality:sisterly, always looking out for those she cares about, fun-loving, cheerful, serious when she needs to be, can be firm and strict, warm, fierce when she needs to be

Likes: hunting, strolling, preserving the Circle of Life

Dislikes: disloyalty, having her sleep disrupted for no good reason, manipulators, liars, creatures acting on emotion alone, Makucha

Allies: Mufasa, Sarabi (they're both like adopted parents to her), Simba,(she's like a sister to him) Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa

Enemies: Scar, the hyenas, Makucha

Strong Points: sisterly, levelheaded, calm, agile, fearless, physically strong for a lioness

Flaws:She doesn't always succeed in standing firm, her temper once her patience comes to an end, brutal

History:To come later

Side note: Please don't ask me to co-author a fanfiction with you or if your characters can be featured in my stories.. Sorry, but I base my stories on MY ideas and characters. I don't do collaborations AT ALL anymore.. Also, unless we're tight knit friends or family, you're not allowed to use my OCs..even if we ARE close. you must ask first or you will feel of my wrath.

Now that that's out of the way..

In my writing I stay true to the canon while writing my own version, meaning drastic changes occur only when I feel the time calls for it. When it comes to information about a character's preference, I stick with what is listed (if it happens to be) and sometimes add in what I can imagine, particularly when there is very little/no information and that's all. While we're on the subject, here's a list of my fanfiction pet peeves:

1. Character Bashing: *sees if I could state my case without ranting* I don't think there's too much I need to say on it but there is no excuse for it..regardless of whether the canon character is likable or not, one should do well to keep in mind that these characters are not theirs to do with what they please and belong to someone else. If the character is gonna be portrayed worse than they actually are, there should be a logical reason/explanation for it, like for instance, being abused for a long time and one day he/she just snapped..or brainwashed..

2. Characters doing things totally in contrast to their personality without logical reason/explanation in a fic that isn't a parody or a spoof: I covered some of it above, but to be clear, I am not talking about mild OOCness, like if a character does something humorous once in a while because the author is building on him/her having a light side although usually serious..I am talking about a generally kind, caring, well-mannered, honest character being portrayed as a mean, spiteful, evil person who is deceitful and has NO manners..or a character who is generally very intelligent or at least catches on quickly even if they don't know about something being dumb as a I said there should be an explanation for it if they will be written that way..also if the fic happens to be a parody or spoof fic that should be clarified from the beginning in the disclaimer or author's notes.

3. Randomness: Here I mean certain traits just being slapped on a canon character without considering whether it is likely to happen or not..

4. Lack of research: should be self-explanatory, and before anyone goes "we're not in school", I am referring to the details being deliberately incorrect when info is accessible..for example if a character's birthdate, preferences, physical description was given by the creator I go with what is listed..sometimes I will add in what I can imagine but that's all. Or also tackling a rather complicated topic like a certain mental illness or a culture of a certain ethnic group, it is imperative to know the facts and I also tend to be careful with the latter especially since there are misconceptions and erroneous info out there.

5. Yaoi/yuri pairings that make no sense: Now if there is evidence for it, like for example Kunzite x Zoisite from Sailor Moon (90s anime) I go with it but I am talking about the ones where both people involved are shown liking the opposite sex. These are fics I keep my distance from.

6. Badly written AUs: Before I delve into this I will say I generally prefer AR or Alternate History, but I have seen AU can be a very good fic depending on the fandom and how well the person pulls it off so I do tolerate it to a certain point. After all it has similarities to AR, not just differences, which is why they're both used interchangeably. And it can be a way to explore the possibilities or change what went wrong for a person in the fandom. And I know while a certain change is drastic, it can also be reasonable and logical so it's all good. Have found some that I really enjoy just as much as my favorite ARs. But what I mean by badly written is if there is no explanation for the big changes so there are loopholes and I find myself being confused. I also don't like being roped into reading it..again, if the fic is AU or AT (alternate timeline) that should be clarified from the beginning to minimize confusion...but it goes to show not everyone can pull it off. However, if the changes are so drastic that the premise would work just as nicely for an original fiction work (I am talking about where EVERYTHING except the character's name is different) then I am gone. I am not particularly fond of canon characters having lifelong ailments either unless it is likely to happen at some point (like for example, because of the character's unhealthy lifestyle or something), but I will still give it a shot if it is well written, though it probably won't be on the top of my favorites, especially if things don't get better. I prefer to save the lifelong ailments for my OCs seeing as how they're my creation and I can do whatever I like with them within reason.

7. Constant, non-stop drama: Now I am all for characters having to face issues, but if things don't get better for them at a certain point that could get too depressing for me and unless I am in the mood for a good cry, it's a major turn off.

8. OCs being stronger than the main protagonist: Unless the OC is a villain, this should not be happening..and even then the villain should have a weakness..while yes it can be a turn off when a character is weak and can't defend themselves, sometimes being all-powerful, all-knowing and perfect can be even worse. In other words, there should be a balance.

9. Grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors all throughout the fic/chapters: I am not talking about the typo that will happen once in awhile but in every sentence where it is obvious there was no proofreading. I usually let it slide in the case of a learning disability but even then there should be a beta..and there should also be one when English isn't the first language.

Now that I've made some things clear, I hope you guys enjoy the fics I submit here. And feel free to message me here if you would like me to clarify something or you are intrigued by something I wrote. However, if something annoys you to the point where you feel the need to demand that it is changed (I'm talking about things that boil down to preferences, mind you, not real problems), just refrain from reading any more. Or better yet, don't bother clicking on it if you just hate the genre/premise outlined in the summary, period.

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Also I have an Atem fansite that has been up for more than 7 months..go to my new Facebook page for the link:

All Atem fans are welcome.

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Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Sailor Moon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 59,274 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 6/25 - Published: 2/17/2019
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Pocahontas - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 220,111 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 7/24/2016 - Published: 4/3/2014 - [Pocahontas, John R.] Meeko, Flit - Complete
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