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This is i.break.dawn and CalwynN.D.Forever. Together in one place!!

Fan-freaking-tastic right?!

Calwyn is...

fun, but obsessive-complusive at times... (ha! remember the drug store incedent?) she seems retarded...usually, but thank-good-golly-gosh is pretty smart as in honors student with a merit card every term since sixth grade. (even though we dont have merit cards in high school, i mean she got a merit card for every term 6-8th grade. she would now as well, but luckily for miwa we don't have merit cards in high school!!) get's overly-excited at times, and goes crazy when she's hyper, like crazy as in off-the-walls-suger-high...not good. she loves english, she wants to be a writer or a journalist, and wishes she could be awesome and go to either NYU or SU for college. she loveloveloves the Jonas Brothers, as in she'll-die-if-they-stop-singing. she lives someplace and uses CAPS LOCK a little too much. -CalwynN.D.Forever-

Miwa is...

AWESOME!! She LOVES italics so she get's em. BUT I get BOLD!! YAY!! Just so you's know. Calwyn is me and I do Miwa's profilydodad and Miwa is her and she does my profilydodad. Happy? Good. Miwa seems to LOVELOVELOVE not doing capitals unless absolutly necissary, as in we're-all-gunna-blow-up-if-you-dont-use-capitals. It kinda explains why she has straight C's in English. She hates Gym. It's her arch-enemy. She get's C's there too. She's smart, but like her dear Shika-kun, she's a MAJOR lazy-ass. She takes her naps in Geometry and History, which sucks fer her, cuz psst dont tell her! We're studying the Olympics now and guess who? Michael Phelps!! She'll freak and be coffee-high if we tell her. After lunch every day she goes to her locker, opens it and makes out with her inlarged picture of him hanging from the door. Gross, right? The JB's are much more my style. She's 16t!! She would like to be a model, but will resort to a journalist or a firefighter if that doesn't come through. (She'll probably end up an English teacher) She speaks French AND English, just like moi!! Her birthday is on January 22nd. Which totally sucks for her!! CUZ HEATH LEDGER DIED ON THE 22nd!! WHA!! -i.break.dawn-

So, we aren't French, but we speak it! We speak mostly ...all... English...cept on French friday's... So our stories are in English, but probably wont be updated too often, judging by our more important separate account and tests, tests and more tests!! French test friday! Trigonometry test Friday! Volleyball and Soccer practice 24-7. Or 5-6... but whatevs... We're dramaqueens and dont you forget it!

Important Info about these belle ame soeurs!!

Name: Calwyn
Penname: CalwynN.D.Forever
Age: 14
Birthday: November 14
Fav. Holiday: MY BIRTHDAY
Sport: Volleyball & Track
Types: Bold, Caps Lock

Name: miwa
Penname: i.break.dawn
Age: 14
Birthday: january 22
Fav. Holiday: halloween
Sport: soccer & lacross & basketball
Types: italics, no capitals

nous adore vous!!

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