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StrawberryAiNyu here! It's a pleasure to meet all of you! -bows-

Let me tell you about me k? I'm in High School, love anime, japanese pop, asian dramas, yaoi(Go yaoi!!). I love yaoi to the point that I'm watching asian yaoi movies, which are so wicked cool and cute!! If you guys need titles just pm me and I'll give some 2 u. Anyhow!! I'm the eldest daughter in my family, i have two cats (one named Nightmare and the other Kitty). I love animals, dreaming, singing, acting, etc. And as you can see the rest of the profile, I'm a bit goofy -grin-

I hope you guys like my fics!! Well...when I post some! haha


Strawberry: -looks up- That was a week ago. Now I have some stories up and going! I hope you all enjoy them! -beams-

Ai: You mean 'WE' have a few stories up. -glares-

Strawberry: ...fine, WE have stories up hmph, no need to get prissy about it

Ai: You excluded me! I have all the right to get prissy!!

Strawberry: For someone named Ai, you're really not loving


Strawberry: -covering up ears- yeah yeah, whatever. Anyhow! I'll see all of you guys next time!!


Strawberry: Awwww, thank you all for reviewing my fics! They all made me so happy!

Ai: And apparently our 'Imaginary' fic is 'interesting' for the most part XD bwuahahaha

Strawberry:...something is seriously wrong with her...

Ai: -stops laughing and stares at Berry with narrowed eyes- Did you say something?

Strawberry: Eep! Nope, nothing!! -cowers-

Ai: Good -shields back sharp shinny sword-

Strawberry: 0o Well anyhow!! -steps a few feet away from Ai- I'm very glad you guys enjoyed 'Waltzing with a cat'. We'll update Waltzing with a cat before the week ends, and Imaginary next week(hopefully). So I hope you guys will look forward to it! =3

Matta ashita!! -waves-

10-29-08(10:56 a.m.)

Strawberry: I'm in school right now, in marketing actually, and we're doing a current event(as we do every day) about business and how it associates with marketing. yuck, it sucks!

Ai: Hah! 'I' don't need to go to school! -grins-

Strawberry: That's because you're a delinquent!

Ai: That is NOT true and you know it!

Strawberry: Oh that's right, the reason you don't go to school is because you're NOT REAL!!

Ai: -eyes widen and tears up-

Strawberry: I-I didn't mean that, I'm sorry -guilty look-

Ai: -turns around and runs away-

Strawberry: Oh no, I went to far...Sorry people! I'll talk to you later tonight, right now I have to get Ai to forgive me. See ya! -waves and runs after Ai-


Strawberry: soaked in juice -glares at Ai-

Ai: -rolls around laughing-

Strawberry: -mumbles- stupid Ai..

Ai: hahaha I so got you!! That's what u get for saying im not real!

Strawberry: Whatever -curses and walks off to get clean-

Ai: lol Since she's so mad, I'll tell you where we're going to go. Now we're going to go to a church(we're not religious, just going for friends) to see my friends act in the freak show they're playing and what not! It will be awesome!!

Strawberry: I'll laugh when you get scared shitless

Ai: -_- riiiight, I do not get scared, sorry to say

Strawberry: Just get dressed, we leave in five minutes!

Ai: Me? I'm ready to go. Now you on the other hand -looks at Strawberry still soaked-

Strawberry: It's your fault


Strawberry: -rushes into the shower-

Ai: Bye dudes! See ya at -looks at invitation card- see ya at 9! (a bit after actually...) -waves-


Strawberry:... was good

Strawberry: Not at all creepy, more like...there was way too much talking...

Ai: I agree

Strawberry: Well, since there isn't much to say, I guess we'll see ya guys later

Ai: What she said! (both Ai and Strawberry run off to bed)

10-31-08 (11:24a.m.)

Ai: HALLOWEEN!! YAY!! -jumps around happily with bags of candy-

Strawberry:...yay, we're still at school. -rolls eyes-

Ai: Oh come off it, school's not THAT bad. Besides, halloween is tonight, not now! Now go do your current event.

Strawberry: but I hate the current events!! -whines-

Ai: =-=' out of the two of us, I have no clue who is the child

Strawberry: True, there is no saying who it is...

Ai: Hurry it up! -pushes Straberry to computer-

Strawberry: If someone puts me on the pc, I have the urge to read fanfics...or im doing now...

Ai: tis no wonder you get bad grades in classes with computers

Strawberry: -pout- I'll work to prove that I can do good!

Ai: And get money from your aunt for your good grades!! that you better get if you wanna go to Japan!

(both start working on school work)



Ai: I completely frgot to wish him a b-day here

Strawberry: As did I

Ai: And to say sorry...

Strawberry: We baked a cake...

Ai: Just for him!

Strawberry: -bring out large three layered strawberry cake- Ta-da!!

Ai/Strawberry: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Eru-san! Happy Birthday to you!! -hands L the whole cake with large grins-

11-01-08 (4:41p.m)

Strawberry: Guess where we are!

Ai: I bet you cant guess -grins-

Strawberry: We're in Miami!!

Ai: Visiting our family that is, but it's cool

Strawberry: Yup. And we went to BORDERS, a huge one, and read about seven books!

Ai: We'd have read more if we didn't have to leave -glares at guardians-

Strawberry: -sigh- she's still angry she wasn't able to read volume 2 of a manga she had just gotten into

Ai: Damn straight!

Strawberry: ...anyhow! I hope to see you guys soon!!

Ai: Don't you have something else to say to them?

Strawberry:...? like what?

Ai: Something to do with the fic Waltzing with a cat...?

Strawberry:...AH! Oh yeah!! I'm pulling down the poll now cuz I have to start writing the fic. I already have enough votes to have made up our mind on how our cat is going to be.

Ai: So don't you guys go and PM us, we won't count your suggestions from this point on!!

Strawberry: So yeah, that's all for now! Ja ne!!

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