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Author has written 15 stories for Game X-overs, Legend of Zelda, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot, Devil May Cry, Sonic the Hedgehog, Deadpool, Mario, inFAMOUS, and Prototype.

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Name: CadeXHybrid

Age: 19

Country: U.S.A.

Gender: Male

Ongoing Stories:

Fading Legends

Stories on Hold:

This is Halloween, Everybody Scream!

Legends United


Update: 1/12/2014

New Year’s Rezo: Finish what needs to be finished, and finally start some new projects. The year 2013 is in the trash. The end to Discovery is going to come by February, Fading Legends ends before January does, Everybody Scream sees an end this month, and new stories get their turn in the spotlight. I've been SO FREAKING busy. But no more. It seems only right that I break the hiatus with an update to Fading Legends (finally!).

Original Character Bios:

Legends United:

Louie's Gang

They're mean, crude, rude, and just plain ill-mannered. They also ride motorcycles and hustle for a living. Louie, the ring leader, is a fearsomely girthy hippopotamus with a monstrous motorcycle to boot. Vince the kangaroo is their second in command, covered in tattoos and bad attitude. They also have a cute bandanna-wearing chipmunk in their midst. He's definitely got a serious Napoleon complex. And at the bottom rung of the ladder is Myles, a ladies' coyote from central Texas. With a voice like velvet, he flirts with anything he finds remotely attractively, even though he strikes out eighty-five percent of the time. These mismatched baddies of the same gang are all O.C.'s from CadeXHybrid.

Brian Rae

Age: 43
Gender: Male
Species: Iguana

Brian Rae is an iguana. He is constantly between janitor jobs. Sometimes, he takes on the role of road side maintenance inspector. Other times, he is a high school custodian, Chinese village upkeep caretaker, public restroom janitor, racetrack maintenance supervisor, secret lab custodian, imperial janitor, and abandoned warehouse custodian. Reportedly, he likes his life as much as we do. Why CadeXHybrid gave him a full bio is beyond me. I guess you should expect to see him later in the story. Maybe.


Age: 556
Gender: Male
Species: (Precursor)Twili

One of the few beings called Twilight’s Precursors. He is the one who gave the short speech in Chapter 1, if you remember. He wears the trademark black clothing, along with a Triforce symbol hanging on a necklace. Next to Orphco, Jeycko is next in command as the leader and coordinator of the Precursors. Although he is as organized as Orphco, he is also a little more laid-back, often being lenient with certain rules and never being uptight with anyone. Jeycko was the Precursor who teleported to Destiny Islands and Disney Castle to collect Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy. If there’s one way too describe him, with the blonde hair, blonde stubble around his mouth, and squinty eyes, it’s that he looks a lot like a blue version of Owen Wilson. You know, that dude from Wedding Crashers? I didn’t see the movie either, but you know who I’m talking about. Jeycko is another original character of CadeXHybrid.


Age: 586
Gender: Male
Species: (Precursor) Twili

Orphco is the Precursor of the Twilight Realm who traverses all around Earth in search of select heroes to recruit against the eminent villainous invasion. He has been rejected by plumbers, hedgehogs, echidnas, raiders of tombs, Tasmanian tigers, fighters of the street, gods of war, Sams and Maxes, splinter cell operatives, and frogs trying to cross the street. He was only able to collect two parties, the Bandicoot family and the Cooper Gang. Out of the five Precursors, he seems to be the most organized. He has a shaved head, black cloak, and black sunglasses. Orphco is an original character created by CadeXHybrid.

Glennatus (Glen)

Age: 320
Gender: Male
Species: (Precursor) Twili

Obviously not the most organized of the Precursors, Glen proves to be the rudest. His other brethren often see him as the most unreliable in the group, especially with important instructions. Like his precursor comrades, he holds a light shade of indigo in his skin tone, orange, spiky hair on his head, and an opened black cloak. This Precursor of the Twilight Realm is an O.C. courtesy of CadeXHybrid.


Age: 979
Gender: Male
Species: (Precursor) Twili

The father of Gladdus, he was once married, but his spouse passed on long ago. He takes on the persona of a U.S. Military war general, speaking unnecessarily loudly with a country accent. He wears the typical black clothing of his brethren, showing off his arm muscles from his black vest. He also sports some sort of Navy hat, with five stars studded across the top. It seems without his hat perched on his head, his delicate psyche is transported back in time to some war he preciously fought in. This general is an original character by CadeXHybrid.


Age: 215
Gender: Female
Species: (Precursor) Twili

Gladdus is the seemingly teenaged daughter of General Eurathaccus and often publicly displays disobedience and disrespect to adult figures, like her own father. She hovers two feet above the ground, leaning in a lazy, uncaring posture. She is the first Precursor of Twilight to show up in Spargus City, but was rejected by Jak, Keira, and Daxter because they just weren't in the mood for more day-saving. Gladdus is an original character created by CadeXHybrid.


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Dragon Shapeshifter

Theme song:
From the Inside
Artist: Linkin Park

(That’s pronounced RAY-din, not RY-din) Reiden was once the proud leader of a small rebel army in ancient China some nine hundred years ago. They were more like pirates than an army, as they had pillaged and plundered many towns. Later, they built a stronghold in the valley where Buru Village now currently resides. It was a menacing fortress that left smoke in the air visible above the mountains miles away. That fortress was also a dojo, where he learned how to finally fully control his dragon form. But he didn’t stop there; he joined forces with Draksin, who in that time was in cahoots with Dark Makers. Draksin granted him immortality in exchange for his allegiance. After Reiden’s fall, the Precursors banished him to Oblivion. Now he’s returned to bring rise back to his evil reign. His main weapons are dual arm-blades hidden under his sleeves. Also he uses the power of fire to cause destruction, along with a devastating dragon form. Reiden is an original villain of good ol’ CadeXHybrid.

Arden Calypso

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Sorceress

Theme song #1: Flashing Lights
Artist: Kanye West

Theme Song #2: Wish
Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Some five hundred years ago, Calypso, believe it or not, was a wish-granting spirit trapped in an ancient necklace found on the island of Crete, otherwise known as a genie. During her sensitive days, people would find the necklace, rub it, and ask for three wishes, of which she would thanklessly grant (sounds a lot like Genie from Agrabah). Anyway, she devised a plan, which consisted of using her feminine qualities to seduce the next man who would summon her. Then, she would convince him to wish for her freedom, so they can get married and all that good stuff. After receiving emancipation, she instantly killed the man. It’s also worth noting that the man she killed was the king of Athens at the time. Later on, she spent many years making men fight for free wishes and her attention, often giving them more than what they wished for or taking their requests too literally. On the side, she ruthlessly hunted down figures on other people’s hit-lists, lurking in the shadows like a ninja. Draksin recruited her after seeing how skilled in silent killing she was, seeing as how no one throughout Athens could figure out where the homicides were coming from. Arden was Draksin’s number two, about three hundred years after Reiden, and became her leader’s personal assassin. CadeXHybrid describes Calypso as a brown-haired, green-eyed version of Megan Fox. I know. Obsessed. Calypso is an O.C. of CadeXHybrid.

Dr. Lusef Petrovich Mavo

Age: ? ?
Gender: Male
Species: Human

In the eighteenth century of America, Lusef was a brilliant Russian scientist who mastered the study of cloning organisms, first by cloning a goat, then a horse, then an elephant, and so on. He did this all in secret until he was caught cloning a human being, which resulted in immediate arrest. He was charged with crimes against God and nature, and he was sentenced to death at the stake. Draksin appeared and rescued Mavo in the nick of time, giving him powerful abilities to lure him into his brotherhood of evil villains. After being Draksin's third inductee into the group, Mavo worked closely with his leader in conducting secret projects. Dr. Lusef Mavo wears black and white colors in a reversing pattern, even on the opposing halves of his hair. Since he lived in America for most of his life, he speaks with very little accent in his voice. If you've seen Batman Begins, then imagine the guy who plays Dr. Crane (otherwise known as Scarecrow) as Dr. Mavo. Yeah, so this evil scientist is a direct creation from CadeXHybrid, me of course!

Theme Song: Down With the Sickness
Artist: Disturbed

Demon Mavo

Age: ?
Gender: Male
Species: Demon

Demon Mavo has been plaguing Lusef Mavo's mind since he was a child. Often times, Lusef would suffer so severely from his split personality, that he would act out in ways most frightening to other people. It's because of Demon Mavo that Lusef can't remember how his parents were brutally murdered with a cleaver and that he had to flee to America to escape the law. Over time, the demon side of Mavo began to change in appearance whenever the scientist had his little episodes. After Draksin saved Lusef from being killed by a mob, he began to teach the scientist how to further separate himself from his demon side, in hopes of developing a dangerous monster that could think on its own. Demon Mavo is an original character of CadeXHybrid.

Isaac Bifford

Age: ?
Gender: Male
Species: EonianLycan

Isaac was once a human being who lived by the same name in the United States. He was born in Chicago thirty seven years ago and joined a gang when he was ten, living like a hoodlum and street fighting. Isaac and his goons fought, mugged, and sometimes murdered the residence of their small town, becoming a serious problem to the community. One night, when he was twenty years old, Isaac decided to rob a rather short, green skinned bald man with two bolts in either side of his neck. The man (a.k.a. N. Brio) threw a random Mutation Potion at Isaac in self defense. After inadvertently touching and breathing in the potion's infectious contents, Isaac soon found brown fur sprouting all over his body, along with the emergence of claws, sharp teeth, and a snout.

Horrified by his new appearance, he went on a blind rampage throughout the city, alarming civilians and the military. Seeking refuge in the forests, Isaac was found by a lurking Draksin and taken under his care. After granting the wolfman the gift of immortality and some super powers, Draksin was satisfied to make Isaac, or “Biff” as he calls him, his primary apprentice. Shortly after meeting his three other comrades, Isaac and his new gang immediately started their first major campaign of villainy, which was unexpectedly thwarted by Orphco and Royt, resulting in seventeen years of being banished to the Realm of Oblivion. Now Isaac is free with his Master Draksin, and he's ready to unleash total carnage. Although he can be rough around the edges, this strong and silent wolfman actually seems to have a working conscience. Isaac Bifford is an O.C. of CadeXHybrid.

Theme Song: Power
Artist: Kanye West

Theme Song: Indestructible

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