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My name is Anna and I am a university student in my early twenties.

I'm here for TWILIGHT and VAMPIRE ACADEMY and am one hundred percert TEAM EDWARD and SAVE DIMITRI all the way!

I've written two stories so far, and will admit to being a little slack when it comes to updating. I'm not very organised and Univesity tends to take over my life.

If you wanna know what's going on with my stories or my life in general then check out my twitter: :)

Just a few pet peeves I've noticed from being such a long time reader of Twilight FF:

- Please, I beg of you! No more stories inspired by that Taylor Swift song "Love Story"

- Every time someone uses the word "orb/orbs" to describe someones eyes I cringe. I mean, really!! Orbs!!11!1!!one!! -.-

- Please don't say that the vampires have skin as hard as marble. Marble is actually a very soft metamorphic rock and can be scratched with little or no effort (kids, don't try this at home. Your mum probably won't forgive you for taking her favourite kitchen knife to that lovely marble sculpture of hers). Their skin can LOOK like white marble, but it'd be much more accurate to say it was as hard as granite. Trust me on this one, I'm a geologist in the making. :)

- I will not read your story if the summary starts will "My name is Bella Swan and.." it's been done kids.

- AIM/MSN/Whatever "chat logs" - no. Just no!

- I realise that it's hard to stay original in such a populated fandom, and I mean heck.. it is FanFiction.. most of the people we write about arn't even our own characters.. I get this, really I do. But don't you think we have enough "Bella is a Geek, Edward is a Jock" "Bella goes to boarding school" "Bella was changed when Edward left in New Moon" "Bella is in a band and a vampire, plus has infinity powers" etc etc.

- People who don't use spell/grammar check, or do and obviously press "ignore" for every suggestion. I have read a story where "attracted" was repeatedly written as "attached", "clothes" were written as "close" and you're and your were mercilessly used and abused in the most inappropriate ways. Also, there is no such word as alot - it's a lot.

- Abusing the word "scream/screamed" - people use this in really weird places. -- "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Alice screamed! -- What!? I am going to introduce you kiddies to a new word: cried! -- "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Alice cried. -- Sounds so much less aggressive! You could scream in terror, scream in anger/frustration or scream in delight (like on a rollercoaster!) But to scream everytime you're excited? That isn't very considerate!

- People who get really aggro at you when you mention something slightly negative in the review. "Hi, great story but I think you need to consider using spell check - there are quite a few errors. :)" reply: "WELL NO ONE ASKED YOU TO READ MY STORY! People like my story so I don't care what you say!" I mean, really!

For the record I'm actually quite a nice person. :)

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