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knowledge: 7/10

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social life:3/10

person fond of sweets:10/10

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Name : near ryuuzaki

n-name(a.k.a): near, nate, ryuu, ryuuzaki

zodiac : none

age :14

birthdate: none

bloodtype: unknown

sex: female

hair color: black

year level: sophomore high school

likes: sweet things, animes

dislikes: nonsense people(shenanigans)

death note count: 1

about me:

well, i'm just a simple, non-sociable person who loves watching animes aside from studying my lessons...please don't think that i'm always into surfing and watching animes(i am a part of a higher section in one of the school or societies in my place)(don't think that i'm being boastful)(i'm just saying something about myself).

i love to eat sweets aspecially chocolates...people say that i'm weird for i move and think a little bit like L in deathnote...(i don't think so) i'm not a person who does something his/her favorite character!...

my personality is just like other people who doesn't speak much...unless i'm tempted to do so...i'm just being myself even though other thinks that i'm annoying and irritating...

i don't like people to know about my true personal data so i'm not putting my real picture in this profile...

and if you ever wanted to talk ar say something to/about me, please send me an e-mail...

thanks a lot...

i,m actually not so happy saying this much about myself...but for your sake..i've written just a bit!!

hope you'll read my stories...





fave color: blue, black

music: emo, punk, anime ost's

animes: naruto, deathnote, prince of tennis, yamato nadeshiko, and many others

song(current): you raise me up, helena

pet: cat named "gaara'

food: sweets, especially chocolates


eye for an eye - L

if i don't solve this puzzle, i'll be a mere loser - N

art is a blast - deidara

art is beauty that lasts forever - sasori

justice will, withoput fail, prevail - L

im not a tool to help you solve your puzzle - mello

if you're wrong, a simple sorry will do - N

naruto's awful end reviews
when konoha knew the darkness and power behind the sharingan, they created a law that says "the person with sharingan should be imprisoned and beheaded."
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 219 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/28/2008 - Complete