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Top Five Total Drama Island characters: Alejandro, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Sierra
Bottom Five Total Drama Island characters: Beth, Ezekiel, Justin, Owen, Trent

Well, what to say? I'm a 31-year-old guy who loves Total Drama Island. Or Total Drama Action... both, I guess. Courtney is my favorite character, with or without Duncan... I love how she's a good person, or thinks herself to be a good person, at least, but is more flawed than she'd ever admit. She's one of the smartest characters, anyway. Can't take that away from her! Heather is a close second, though I am disappointed with her in Total Drama Action, where she was neither the mastermind we knew and loved from Total Drama Island (or loved to hate), but she didn't really better herself, either. Just kinda' sadly stagnated there. Despite my love of Courtney, I love Gwen too... just a bit less. Ezekiel... I have no problem with the guy, but his entire popularity seems almost entirely based on fanon. I mean, there was just so little canon to go with for the guy. He's homeschooled. He made sexist comments. He seemed to liked Bridgette. Just not a whole lot there, really.

And while I'm at it, though neither is quite my favorite character, Katie and Sadie tend to be hugely underrated by the fandom. They're sweet!

And now, something that's been bothering me more and more: the rampant anti-Courtney sentiment that seems to be the "in" thing right now. Yes, yes, she's an irredeemable monster, blah blah blah. And one person in particular lately who seems to feel a need to tell me how horrible and worthless Courtney is. I don't want to hear it. Really, when did the poor girl become the fandom's punching bag?

Worse Than Heather has not been abandoned: other things have been keeping my super busy. I've got a pretty steady outline for the story, though it's not written in stone: the person who was originally going to be eliminated second wound up leaving tenth, after all, as I felt I could get a lot more from that person than from the one actually eliminated second.

A sequel to Total Drama Chris is... happening now! It will have twenty-six all new contestants, including Nicole, possibly some other OCs who have appeared in that story, as well as a certain someone from Sparkling-nexis137's story Total Drama EEEEEEeeeeek! I'd really recommend reading that one, by the way. Very well written and fun!

On a semi-related note, I'm sure many of us have seen the trailer for Total Drama World Tour. There's something bugging me... or a couple of things, first the more minor point: where is the name "Kathie" for the new character coming from? As far as I can tell, there seems to be absolutely nothing official confirming that name. Personally, it's way too close to Katie for my tastes. Second, and I can't be the only person this is bothering, but why does everyone and her mother already hate the poor girl?! All we've seen is about five seconds or so worth of clips to give any sort of remote inkling about her. I dunno', can't we at least wait and see how she is on the show before condemning her?

I'm also working on a Stoked story which will be starring a highly underrated character from that show, which is going very slowly at the moment. Kelly needs love!

Also possible--possible, mind you--a story of the "Total Drama Island from another character's point of view"-type story... specifically, Lindsay's. It's slow going right now, but still chugging along.

I'm also obsessed with The Price is Right, but that tends not to create good fan fiction, so... yeah. Then again, I know we all want to see that epic tale where the mountain climber hooks up with his secret X... tee hee.

Total Drama Chris Sequel!

It's coming! It'll come out sometime after Total Drama Chris ends, and may be titled Total Drama Alphabet. That title will make more sense later on. It's going to involve twenty-five all-new contestants, competing for a chance at a million dollars. It's also going to have a couple of "new" co-hosts. What will this mean? Well, have to wait and see, I guess!

Listed below are all of the twenty-five new contestants that will be competing in Total Drama Alphabet. Including some that you've actually seen before in Total Drama Chris. Also, despite some similar and even identical stereotypes to the old cast, none of these characters are clones of them. Everyone's got something new to offer, even if some of them are, admittedly, largely planned as cannon fodder.

The Contestants

Alistair, the Upper-Class Snob
the Big Dumb Guy
the Ex-Slut
the Mary Sue
the Murderer
the Oblivious Hottie
the Super-Powered Blind Guy
the Nice Guy
Isis, the Bubbly Bully
the Hardcore Activist
the Intelligent Sweetie
the Deadly Serious Guy
Mallory, the Error
the Level-Headed Lesbian
the Genki Girl
the Sex Addict
the Quiet Guy
the Queen Bee
the A-Type
the Over-the-Top Villain
the Army Enthusiast
the Depressed Loser
the Know-It-All
the Stalker
the Backwoods Bumpkin
the Cannon Fodder

The Interns

Alexis, the Saccharine
the Cheerful Reporter, created by Reading10
the Singing Prankster, created by musicaltheatregirl-dxc4eva
the Gambler, created by Sparkling-nexis137
the Eager Sweetheart, created by Kelsica2
the Competitive One, created by Realityshowfan
the Hardened Girl


Total Sibling Rivalry, by Kelsica2: If I may be so bold, the best story here. Or at least the best Total Drama story here. Twelve of the contestants return for a second season, along with sixteen of their siblings, some of the best original characters to grace a story! Including Grace herself, Trent's sister. And Marilee, Geoff's sister, and Keith, Bridgette's brother, and a whole bunch of other siblings to the other characters! Characters one has to fall in love with! And the story's hilarious, to boot! The fourth wall ain't the strongest here!

Total Drama EEEEEEeeeeek!, by Sparkling-nexis137: This is the "starring you" story other starring you stories wish they could be. Eighteen (sort of) characters created by the readers compete, but this is far from a shallow "cheap way to get more reviews" dealie here: the author strives to create a legitimately wonderful story in the process and really cares for everyone's characters while advancing the plot, and even gets all the old campers involved in the goings-on, with Izzy and Gwen hosting! Meet the studly Jacob, stalker Harley, logical Katrina, helpful Tory, and a slew of other fun people competing in the most dramatic story of the sort yet! Sparkling, you're a whole lot better than you give yourself credit for, and deserve more than a little promoting!

Total Drama Again, by CamperThirteen: Another of the dreaded "starring you"-type stories, but it's just more proof that not only can they be done well, but I don't even have a character in there and it's still awesome! Meet the bossy Olivia, blunt Jessica, gossip girl Laura, gamer River, and plenty of others as they face certain discomfort with Chris' sadistic challenges. All of the characters are wonderfully handled, and there's plenty of possible romance afoot!

Going for the Dough, by Angel360-Devil0: It's Total Drama Action, but with a twist! Technically the third in the series, basically following the show but with an extra character, Julie, thrown in, a generally nice girl who loves the show, but has some problems this time around. The first in the series was good, and the second essentially was to set up for this one, with Julie competing in Total Drama Action, and a trio of fun extras with Tawny, Blaire, and Chase, helping out... not to mention a fun subplot involving Courtney's whole involvement in the mess!

Finding Jelly Losing Clothes, by musicaltheatergirl-dxc4eva: Sure, Duncan and Courtney stories are a dime a dozen, but this one truly works wonderfully. Duncan and Courtney are both perfectly in character, as well as the supporting players, and it still comes off as a genuinely sweet, funny, and believable story while it lasts, fitting seemingly seamlessly between the events of "Who Can You Trust" and "Basic Straining."

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