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Author has written 6 stories for Ranma, Fate/stay night, and Gundam 00.

The girl in the image you see to the left is Fujiwara no Mokou.

English is my second language and writing for me is just a fun hobby. Fate one half is only my second story, so it might be average in quality. I thought about turning its epilogues into first chapters of a sequel, so ending in Fate one half might feel abrupt.



All of the things in Ranma and the Evil Within that were pointed out by one the reviewers, Lawra, and most of the other differences from canon Ranma 1/2 have, not yet unveiled, plot reasons behind them.

If I ever continue this story then I'll start with rewriting the first chapters to make them feel less rushed, but for now I'll continue Fate1/2: Aftermath and then start a FSN fanfic.

It's because creating a detailed outline for two parts of my first story ( what you see is about a half of the first part ) took more than three months and started to feel like a chore, so I put it aside until my interest in writing this fic returns.


Added a few scenes to Day 3 and 7. Now they are more to my liking.


Lancer Emilya's Servant status.

Master: Illyasviel von Einzbern

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Noble Phantasm: N\A

Strength: D+
Endurance: D
Agility: B+
Luck: A

Battle Continuation: C
Eye of the Mind: B
Magic Resistance: C

Sex: Female
Height: 165 cm

Talents: Tracing
Likes: Crafting, weapons
Dislikes: Magi Association

Emilya possesses a big Mana reserve due to the origin of her body and while originally she was physically weak, her life long dedication to weapons, along with reinforcement magic, managed to turn her into a lightning fast fighter.
As Lancer she has an ability to ignore most non-fatal wounds for a short time.
She miraculously survived two major cataclysms that happened in her hometown, so Luck can be considered to be on her side.
Her main talent is tracing and with it she’s able to create almost any weapon or, to much lesser extent, mechanical device she saw.

Noble Phantasms:

Ame-no-nuhoko. B

"Heavenly jeweled spear" is the name given to the naginata in Japanese mythology used to raise the primordial land-mass, Onōgoro-shima, from the sea.
Favorite weapon of Emilya, because its legend is tied to a miracle just like her body is.
When used, blade covers with drops of water that Emilya can shake off with precision and upon touching the ground, the drops will cause sharp stone pillars to burst from the ground.

Armor golem. C

Using her skill at tracing and the knowledge she got from Toko Aozaki, ‘the puppeteer’ as some call her, she creates a humanoid mechanical familiar that is an extension of her own being. It’s made from a metal she took from her memory. It’s stronger than steel and possesses an incredible reaction to magic that makes it very easy even for an unskilled mage to apply spells to it. A lesser variant of this familiar is a metallic bird used for scouting that is remotely controlled.

Reinforcement. C

A powerful enchantment placed on her body, compensates for her weak constitution by giving her much faster reflexes and movement. Later she started to replace the spell with a much more powerful version, almost doubling her speed, but only briefly, because a much higher amount of Mana is needed to support the stronger version. Amount of damage she could deal in melee also benefited from increase in speed


Finished the "Holy Grail War" part of Lancer Emilya. Next, probably, an original story and this time not in English.

As for English fics, I might write a F\SN fic about Saver and Sajyou Ayaka, or continue my previous stories.


Eh. It's been two years since I started to write, so I thought of updating one of my stories to celebrate this date.

Which you want to be updated? PM me.

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