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My most deepest apology to anyone I might or might not have talked to whilst being on this site as a kid. I realize now how utterly childish I must have been and probably still, to some extent, am. I also realize how bad my grammar was (and probably still is) and how bizarre all those childish lies I fed to some of the amazing and tolerant people who put up with my nonsense was. I was, in fact, just an eleven year old kid who thought that acting like a crazy loon and making up a different life for myself was acceptable, and albeit being only 16 now, I sure as hell feel a nagging sensation remembering my wrenching lies and stupid stories. I actually feel guilty of some sort of scheme. I also apologize for my sudden disappearance from the internet. I assume you know who you are and if you ever read this: I am sorry for my childish conversations, stupid lies and grammatical errors. I wish I could get a chance to speak to you once more and convince you that I'm not as freakishly stupid as I once was (still no bloody Einstein though).

I have a tendency to flail and fangirl over my unhealthy obsesssion, and while waiting for series 5 of my best beloved show (BBC's Merlin), I began digging in my old obsessions and remembered my idiocy thus coming back to soften the damage a little. So once again - sorry.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, BBC Merlin, Doctor Who, The Avengers, PotC, The Hunger Games.

Books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, About A Boy, The Leopard, Jane Eyre, The Outsiders.

Favourite fanfic: The Student Prince by FayJay. Merthur fan or not, I guarantee you loads of laughter and UST.