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Author has written 12 stories for Will of the Empress, Wind On Fire, Song of the Lioness, Twilight, Mediator, Lord of the Rings, Protector of the Small Quartet, and Circle of Magic.

--> NEW ONESHOT FIC. 'Tortall's Lioness' HAS BEEN POSTED!!

Welcome to my profile page :P I'm sure you're excited deep down.

You can read ABOUT ME (AND MY SLOTH), as well as ABOUT MY FANFICS, and about MY FAVOURITE BOOKS. There was all that copy-and-paste stuff before but I got sick of scrolling through it :)


Hi all!

I'm a teenage girl.

I live in Australia.

I like chocolate and peanut butter.

What more is there to say? =)

Oh yeah, right, the sloth :) That sloth on your left replaced the pretty photo of fire that I used to have. You see the way the sloth has that thoughtful expression, and is even sratching its chin? Yeah, well, the sloth is my fanfiction muse. He spends plenty of time doing stuff all. What with college, assignments, sports, and friends, FanFiction has become less of a priority, as in, I update when I choose, if I have the time. Anyway, in a lot of the time I spend writing, I write my own stories. So basically I'm just giving a heads up as to why I don't update every week. I do try and update everything fairly often...but in the end...well, that sloth basically summarises my level of Fanfiction based activity :D


Right now, I've got twelve fanfics posted: 'Tortall's Lioness', 'Dancing Halloween', 'Silence', 'A Fiasco Worthy of a King', 'Suspicions and Secrets', 'The Song of the Lioness', 'The Broken Circle', 'Choices', 'Emmeline, where have you been?', 'Survivor: Lord of the Rings style', 'Kiss of Death', and a fic which is actually a bunch of jokes adapted to Tamora Pierce novels called...wait for it...'Jokes!'!. Creative? I know.

Tamora Pierce: (8 fics.)

'The Broken Circle' is a Tamora Pierce fic, set after 'The Will of the Empress', and I've ignored anything that happens in 'Melting Stones'. This is my first fic. The title will become more explained in future chapters - the same goes for the summary. I've thought up to the end of the eighth chapter (more or less - i do have a basic plan for the entire story, but there are fuzzy parts), and I'm hoping that I'll be blasted by a random snippet of inspiration sometime soon. This fic will probably end up being AT LEAST 12 chapters long. Chapter 7, 'The Scream' - what on earth could it possibly be about? - has been posted.

And as for 'Jokes!', well...it's pretty self-explanatory :) Oh, and if you have any good jokes that you'd be kind enough to let me adapt, feel free to PM me (although don't worry, I haven't run out of jokes already!).

'The Song of the Lioness' is a oneshot poem (complete) written for the March Writing Challenge at the Tamora Pierce Experiment forum. It's an acrostic poem revolving around Alanna the Lioness.

'Secrets and Suspicions' is a five chapter fic. written for the Tamora Pierce Writing Experiment forum, for the April/May challenge. It's about Kel sneaking after Dom, trying to find more out about a secret lady-friend of his - she'll do whatever it takes to find out, AND to not be caught in the process :P Due to this fic. being written for a deadline, I don't consider it my best piece of writing (I prefer to write something, let it sit, then come back to it...). Heck, every time I look at it I see new faults, and things I wish I could have done better. But to do that, I would need time which I don't have...maybe once the writing challenge is over, I'll rewrite this fic., just for fun. I might even write another fic. with the same criteria for that particular writing challenge, with Aly doing some spying...who knows :) Anyway, this fic. is good fun and I hope you enjoy it; it's short and snappy, so you might as well give it a go...please? :D

'A Fiasco Worthy of a King' is a one-shot written for the June writing challenge for the Tamora Pierce Writing Experiment forum. Without giving too much away, my description gives you the basic gist: "Raoul and Buri disappear on the day of their wedding...meanwhile, Jonathan accidentally gets married a second time, and Alanna gets into a fight with some buckets of paint :) Also features Myles, Tkaa, and others. " This fic. was admittedly written in a rush to meet a deadline, but I did enjoy writing it and I'm quite pleased with the result. As it's a one-shot, it'll take two minutes of your time, so I'd be thrilled if you gave it a read :)

'Silence' is a oneshot fic. (complete) written for the July Writing Challenge at the Tamora Pierce Writing Experiment forum. It's re-write, from Thom's POV, of a scene feauring him and Alanna. Major 'Lady Knight' spoilers!

'Dancing Halloween' is a oneshot fic. written for the October Writing Challenge at the Tamora Pierce Writing Experiment Forum. It revolves around the Circle of Magic and a character you wouldn't expect to see... Anyway, find out what mischief Sandry, Tris, Briar and Daja get up to during Halloween!

'Tortall's Lioness' is a oneshot written for the January Writing Challenge at, you guessed it, the Tamora Pierce Writing Experiment forum. 10-year-old Aly must write an essay - about her mother! The only thing is, she doesn't have that much tact... Fun, light humour - quick read :)

Twilight: (1 fic.)

I have decided to write a Twilight fic. on a whim. I probably should say that although this does NOT reflect in my fic., I'm usually one of the first to dish the dirt on the Twilight series. I'm in a love / hate relationship with them for sure. I don't want to go off on a rant, so I'll content myself by saying that I cannot believe how many Twilight fics. there are out there, while there are so many other great books around. Twilight has taken their spotlight which annoys me. To say nothing of the fact that there are about a gazillion Twilight fics. released every day, so the one I'm writing will probably get lost within the thousands of fics. out there which are chasing it with their huge teeth and evil eyes. My fic. is scared. Run away and hide from the scary fics.! ANYWAY...enough ranting. My fic. is called 'Emmeline, where have you been?'. The OC is Emmeline, who Edward loved when he was alive. It turns out that she is now a vampire too - will she take Bella's place? BAM BAM BAM!! It should be at least...um...let's say 10 chapters long, but this figure is not set in stone.

Also, if you were wondering, the title 'Emmeline, where have you been?' kind of references this poem that was read to me when I was little. It went something like "Emmeline slipped between the two tall trees at the end of the green; Emmeline!; Emmeline!; I only said your hands weren't clean!; But Emmeline was nowhere to be seen ...; Emmeline! Where have you been?; I went off to see the Queen; Says Emmeline; And she said my hands were purfickly clean!" Now I will stop embarrassing myself. As I said, when I was trying to think of an old fashioned name, that poem popped into my head. Don't ask me why.

The Mediator: (1 fic.)

OK, 'Kiss of Death' is a Mediator fic. Basically I had the weird thought that no one seemed to have done a Suze / Dom pairing...you get the picture. Anyway, it is not really disturbing or anything as There Is A Twist! :) You will see...prepare for this fic. to be at least seven chapters long, probably longer.

Lord of the Rings: (1...sort-of-a-fic.)

As for my LOTR fic., it is hardly a fic. It's just basically a random babble which came from a strange idea. I'm not even really sure why I'm writing it, I think it was just due to a silly mood and boredom. Read it if you want, but it is a little strange. Just to pour water on the flames before they spring up, I am simply writing silly, light humour here, 'kay peoples? Some appreciate it, some don't. Deal with it.

The Wind on Fire: (1 fic.)

'Choices' (I don't like the title: I was tossing up between that and 'Decisions', and ended up rolling a dice --> (1-3) = 'Choices'; (4-6) = 'Decisions'. I rolled a 3, but I never really liked either title so it wasn't a big deal what I rolled. I'm still hoping I'll think up a better title name). Ok, enough on the title...'Choices' is a fic set directly after the last book in 'The Wind on Fire' trilogy, 'Firesong'. I've got quite a few chapters planned...and now to write them down. This fic should also be AT LEAST ten chapters long.

There don't seem to be many fics for 'The Wind on Fire' trilogy. Does this mean that not that many people have read them? I didn't think that was the case, but...seriously, I love these books, they're interesting reads. If you haven't read them and you enjoy stories with genres such as fantasy, adventure, and family, you should try these. They are definitely worth a read. The author is William Nicholson, and my summary has not done his novels justice. Just read them, alright? =)


I'm a real bookworm... :)

I love heaps of books and authors, and I'll probably forget to write down half of them. Sooooo...I love...

- Anything written by J.R.R.Tolkien.

- The 'Harry Potter' series (obviously! ;P ).

- Books by Eoin Colfer - although I haven't gotten around to reading the most recent AF...

- Books by Meg Cabot (well, mainly just 'The Mediator').

- Books by Brian Jacques (except 'Eulalia!'... -_- ).

- 'Ella Enchanted'! I absolutely adore this book, never mind that I'm probably a little older than the target audience :)

- 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (until book 13 was awful and that soured the entire series for me. The series gotten pretty predictable and repetetive anyway. But they were still good).

- 'The Wind on Fire' trilogy - underrated!

- Books by Mercedes Lackey (although I haven't read all of them, and some I don't want to!).

- Tamora Pierce's books, praticularly her early stuff.

- 'His Dark Materials' (first one was awesome, second one was good, third one was...um...could've been better).

- 'The Chronicles of Narnia' (these books changed my life. I never would've spent as much time in cupboards if not for them).

- Books by Isobelle Carmody (Obernewtyn rules!!).

- Jane Austen's novels (Although I have yet to get truly excited about Mansfield Park).

- Maximum Ride (well, the first three, which, unlike their successors, weren't such rubbish as to deserve being blastd off the face of the planet).

- 'The Inheritance Cycle' (minus Brisingr..I hope Bk4 turns me into a fan once more!).

- Agatha Christie's novels (genius! Amazing!).

- Terry Pratchett's novels (Anyone else excited about the upcoming Going Postal movie?!?! :D ).

- 'The Ranger's Apprentice' series by John Flanagan (fantastic series. My one request is that a female Ranger should appear...).

- The 'Warriors' series by Erin Hunter (go 10+ books :P ).

- 'The Mortal Instruments' series by Casandra Clare (despite the angel Raziel and all that sh...shockingly amazing piece of writing).

- The 'Percy Jackson' series by Rick Riordan. I just love these books, and everyone in them. Even (/especially!) Clarisse :)

- Okay, I'll even give manga a mention ;P 'Chibi Vampire' is the cutest read! I've only read the first one, but it was well worth it :)

- 'Cherub' by Robert Muchamore. Hopefully he doesn't kill it with 'Series 2'!

- 'The Hunger Games' trilogy (x 1000000000000 with icing and a cherry on top and borderline-obssessive love) by Suzanne Collins. It's very addictive, as in you're still reading at 3.30am :)

- The Study series by Maria V. Snyder. OK, Yelena does tun into a Mary Sue, and I'm still not sure how her romance with Valek works, but I'll just ignore that; I'm in a good mood.

- 'Bridget Jones's Diary' - Helen Fielding. Awesome, hilarious books :) Great to help cheer you up.

- 'Hairy Maclary'!! I mean, come on, you know it's amazing.


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