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As of September 12, 2002, I made the decision not to be a part of this site.

This is in response to an aggravating and poor decision on the part of the moderators of this website to completely rip apart an entire group of fiction writers. Like Britanica said "Welcome to 1984, folks". That's what it is...a disgusting abuse of power straight out of Orwell's terrifying masterpiece.

I'm sickened just thinking about it.

From now on, I will be posting my work on a very wonderful website started by a former writer, Prue Lennon. The link to the address is up top in the "homepage" part. It's not my homepage, obviously, but it's a great site to read former fan fiction writers.

It's the place where you can really "unleash your imagination and free your soul".

Thank you to all the people who reviewed my stories. I have saved all of the reviews, and will look back fondly on the days before censorship reared its ugly head. You guys have all been exceptional friends, and I'm honoured to have "met" you all. E-mail me...simply because Beatle Fans Unite!!!!!

I say fuck!

Deidra Waters