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Hello there!

I am a person who will eventually write fanfiction and become famous, being in the sense that maybe at least 3 people will actually read my stories!

I am currently in the middle of a Twilight fanfic (BOOHOO to all the Twilight Skeeves; we all have our own opinions) and hope to write some on other books/ movies/etc.

Also, I've recently made an account on that you should totally check out. The url is:

As for my current story, I will try to update as soon as possible, but I will let you know now that I'm not one of the people on this site updating every week. Writing takes time, which I have little of since I have a social life...or could it be because I'm reading other peoples' fanfics instead...? Either way, I'm hoping to let out chapters in reasonable increments. I hope on updating soon, but I just have so much other work lately that I barely have time for sitting down and getting to it!

So, uhh...I guess I'll just continue working on what I mentioned above, and once I do have stuff out, I'd totally appreciate some constructive criticism. Bye!

So Sorry This Is Taking Forever...

Ehh...I may just take the story off. I've gotten kind of sick of Twilight. I can see that it's going no where and I'd rather start another story instead. Lately I've been off of the series, but I may still use the characters in stories since they're pretty easy to change and stuff. So, if anyone is even reading this, sorry.

~ Fanfictionist

New Story Ideas

Alright, I was just sitting, minding my own business when BAM! The idea for a new story struck me. I need to jot it down here so I won't forget though. So, here it is! It will take place after Twilight, you know, after the whole shabazz with James and all. So, you know how the venom of a vampire burns your veins? Well, I was thinking that since Bella's probably the only human to ever be saved from a vampire attack, the Cullen's didn't know the consequences. Now Bella has horrible pain all over her body because the venom actually damaged many of her joints and muscles. How will Edward and the rest of the Cullens deal with it? How will Bella? And how may this change her life forever...?

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