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Hey, I'm Gieselle

I have been a Twilight fan for about two years now and am really addicted to it. I am currently working on my first fanfiction and I am trying really hard to make it good. I want to get the first chapter up soon, but hey, I am in high school here. Apparently my new computer doesn't have Microsoft Word so i have to download that before i can do anything.

My fanfics will be mainly Edward/Bella stuff, but dont think that they will be only romance. I am more the comedic type so I'm gonna try to put some good jokes, pranks, etc. in my stories. My stories will probably referance to my own life and I'm sorry if you don't like it, but they're my stories. I run cross country and track and i play basketball, but im taking this year off because of a knee injury, So that will affect my stories as well.

I live in Canyon Country in Cali so yah the characters in my stories will talk like we do and my stories will probably take place here. I guess you can't really give me a titlei.e: jock, prep, etc.. I hang out with all sorts of people, but I'm still a closet book nerd/geek, etc. haha. I can't live without books or my music so I'll have song lyrics in my stories...

Now I am just typing for the hell of it when I should be studying..

So, yah.. let me know what you think of my story when i start putting it up yah??

If you have any questions or comments just Private Message(PM) me and I'll get back to you.

kk, see you(or talk to you) lol

~GieselleisLMFAO247 :)

my story requests: (for anyone who sees this and can do it):

soo.. ive been thinking aboout different storylines or character types and ive come up with some. If you think you are up to doing it please message me and ill read your story and see if i want you to write it. I am completely serious about this! dont just steel the idea! tell me please!

the stories are to be edward/bella, but with these additions or whateverr they are called:

1)skater Edward, Emmett, and Jasper... if you cant imagine Em as a skater then watch Accepted, Kellan Lutz is in there and you can wing it from there.

...i had more but i think im gonna see if i write the other one instead; if not, its a Twi/HP x-over...

So every night I sneak over to the Cullen's planing to steel Jasper

but, every time I do Alice is glaring out the window.

I wonder ho- Oh right.

Dear Santa,

leave Edward by under the tree and your deer will be safe

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