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Author has written 6 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Fiddler on the Roof, Death Note, and Naruto.

This is Avatar1013 and welcome to my profile, yo.

I like some things, dislike more. According to a friend of mine, I'm the "quiet, artistic one but, when she opens her mouth, hillarious as hell." Frankly, that's what I'm shooting for, so "yay, me".

I am a pretty well-rounded person. I enjoy writing (no dip), reading, art, music, sports, comedy, my computer, the beach, my Russian relatives, my friends, and doing absolutely nothing.

One of the other things I like is Japanese anime/manga. My life almost actually revolves around it, so the majority of my works will be from this category.


Avatar: the Last Airbender, Bleach, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Fairy Tail, Fruits Basket, FullMetal Alchemist, Hollow Fields, InuYasha, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis, Vampire Knight, Yu Yu Hakusho, 07 Ghost


Favourites Info: I will read most anything, but that doesn't mean I like it. I prefer stories that are angst, hurt/comfort, friendship, or dramatic. I like other genres, too, anything K-M, and of any length. I read yaoi and yuri and everything in between, but I prefer het. I don't prefer Mary-Sues, OOCs, or stories that were written by people who have never heard of 'spellcheck.' As for OCs, as long as they aren't too predictable, I can read about them. Now, I have read exceptions to every one of my preferences/non-preferences and have loved them. So, really, I guess they don't matter. You just have to try a story out and see for yourself before turning it down.

Writing Styles/Habits: I write a lot. However, I do it slowly. I think of many great ideas but only jot down a few and work on even fewer. I always tend to have a problem finishing a story, but I do get to it, just later on, unfortunately. I like to at least have a few chapters done before posting the first, so it takes a long time publishing stories, too. I always write it out on paper before typing it on the computer. It's just a little habit of mine that I have. And so, I might have a new chapter completed, but it could take a while to type it out. After that, it's a breeze.

Favourite Quotes:

(my friend & I while watching West Side Story)
-This movie makes me feel so depressed. (friend)
-Why? Is it because it's based off a tragic romance, and all kinds of crap happens? (me)
-No. It's because it reminds me that I can't snap my fingers. (friend)

-I used to think outside the box. Then I got scared and went back inside. (other friend)

-Someday, when you're older and I'm richer, I'll take you with me to Russia, Japan, Poland, all the wonderful places in the world. (me)
-And can we go to the gas station, too? (my little sister)
-...Okay, we'll go to the gas station, too. (me)

-Damn straight. (me)

-If you force sex on a prostitute, is it rape or shoplifting? (Internet Unfortunately, this quote was the first thing I ever said to my friend's sister's boyfriend...fun time.)


3-23-10: I apologize for how long it is taking me to update and publish my works. I am now a year older than I was before, and I have been experiencing and going through a lot of things, but I will try to be better dedicated to my online commitment as an author of FanFiction, now that I am older and, supposedly, more responsible and such. I just wanted to let you all know, if anyone actually reads any of this crap. Just saying... Thanks.

12-1-09: Contradictory to my previous update about my "spark" in writing, two of my stories, I'm On My Way and Confessions of a Teenage Drama King and Queen, are as of today on hiatus. This notice probably will go, ironically, unnoticed due to my lack in updating the actual stories themselves for so long, but I am still posting this for those of you who actually have read my stories, much less my profile page. Normally, I would work extra hard to finish or at least add on to the two works, but I'm currently in the middle of writing 12 different stories, aside from my already-published ones, not to mention I have easily over 20 undeveloped plots hidden among my desk drawers. Not all of these works are epic or anime, but I intend to at least attempt every single one. That does not mean I will abandon my two Avatar: the Last Airbender stories, though. No, I will merely take a break, revise the plots, get in some other work, and then continue. However, it is nearing Christmas time once again, quite quickly, might I add, and I need not even explain the point of mentioning that. Aside from the season, I've just begun basketball, and exams are approaching. I also, believe it or not, your choice, have a bit of a life away from my computer. If not that, I at least have things to do. Still, I will work just as hard and write, write, write. It's a bit of an internal challenge, really, seeing how much I can accomplish on FanFiction before the New Year arrives. I do enjoy a good challenge, so wish me luck!

11-09-09: I gots mah spark back. :) For those of you who haven't noticed by now, since the time I published the first three of my works, my update-rate had decreased dramatically. That was, at first, due to a computer issue. However, once it was sorted through, I just didn't have the motivation to write for the time being; my "spark", so to say, was gone. Although, because of recent events, it's back, especially after the creation of До свидания. Now, I should be updating more frequently or publishing more. Take warning, this bit of news doesn't mean I'll have finished everything I'd started in the next two days but that I will begin writing immediately, finishing up a piece, or working dutifully in the middle. Maybe I will do something miraculous in two days, who knows? As far as I know, though, I don't know. Ah well...patience is a virtue, no? For sticking with this oh-so-important notice for this long, I thank you. These stories are for you.

11-07-09: I have been reading/watching Fairy Tail for a few weeks now, and I really do love it. However, I just have to say it...I've been thinking it since Day 1 and can't help myself...my friend disagrees and argues with me, but she doesn't understand the truth...gotta' say it...

Lucy is such a goddamn, useless whore! EDIT: I'm now caught up in the manga, and I Respect her, not like, so I'm keeping this up.

Thank you for your time. I can't believe how much emotion I just displayed back there. The anger, I can't control it. Oh dear, I should leave now before I burst into a firey rage of tears and curses as Hell breaks loose upon those who disagree with me. My feelings are too strong for this computer...can't stop the anger...must leave...

Oh, yeah. I also enjoy sarcasm.

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She had drunken so much sake during her long life that she was like a bottle of it herself. But now, she felt empty and cold. She was like the bottle on the floor. She was broken, and he was dead; no amount of alcohol could let her slip away from that.
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