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Author has written 26 stories for Legend of Zelda.

A Brief Note:


A note to everyone who has, graciously, given even a single minute of there time while reading the stories that I have written on this site. I have been writing fanfiction for, wow, 6 years now. I do not intend on quitting, especially on White Tower, but life has caught up with me (obviously, I don't even wanna think about when my last update was.)and it has been hard to focus on putting any effort into these side projects. I will try to update as soon as possible but I don't know what "soon" will mean in the foreseeable future.

I have been working on original material. But, writing has become... less enjoyable for me, recently. What's sad is that I still love it but, as I said before, my life has become taxing and I am having a hard time.

Things will get better. I am absolutely counting on it and I will find my love for writing, once more. As soon as that happens then I will return to FF and resume the writings that I have here.

All of my love.


-- Here I post pictures that I have taken on my trips down to Orlando and a few other fanfictions though a lot of them are here on FF. :) My favorites gallery have lots of fantastic Zelda fanart pieces and every single one of you should go show those artists some love! :P

-- Is my tumblr... I just got this... (Yeah, I'm one of THOSE. It takes me forever to get on any new sites. lol) I'll probably just post stupid pictures so if you need a good laugh then pop in on there... or if you happen to have any questions or want to request a quick one-shot then I opened an ask box for that kind of thing.

Ummmmmmm, I think that's about all I want to add. lol For now, I'll go hide away in my room and attempt to drive out another chapter for White Tower... :D

Much love,


I never know what to put on these things but I thought that since it has been so long since I've updated...well, anything on here, that I would try to write something new. :)

My name is Queaky *well, that's my nickname anyway* and I have been playing The Legend of Zelda since I was five *I would say three years old would be my first memory of it* lol


Zelda will always and forever be my favorite game *hence why I only have fanfics involving it* but I have been working on fics for other games that I enjoy nearly as much.

Resident Evil is another love of mine. :) I grew up on Horror Movies so I usually write original stories when it comes to Horror but, as I said, I am working on other fics so as soon as I can I will post one for this epic series. :) *Leon all the way* lol

Mario *another Nintedo game* is another game I grew up with but I have yet to acutally see a serious fanfiction containing the characters so I have written something along the lines as seroius for it...just have to remember to get it off my old comp. :-\ This will probably not happen unless someone reminds me at some point in time when I'm not busy.

-BTW I love Smash Bros (all of em) too! :)


Evil Dead is my absolute most favorite Horror Movie and if you have not watched it, you should!! XD Its campy, corny, and over the top with gore not to mention filled to the brim with demonic possession *do not let anyone under thirteen watch* :) The only reason I even got to watch before than is because I was already used to violent themes. *Thank you Leatherface*

Anything Disney however The Little Mermaid is probably my fave princess...wait, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)...well, idk which one. But I love, love, love Disney.

Tim Burton's Films. 'nuff said. :)


Symphony X!!! XD I am a rocker at the core of my soul!! :D

Dream Theater! \,/



Edgar Allen Poe :) He is amazing no matter how much of a drunk he was. Love this man, always will.

Anthony Hopkins because I love to act and because this man is a walking legend!

And really lots of others who have inspired me, those are just the two that popped up first. :)


Link and Zelda from LOZ

I do not hate others. This is just my fave. :) I actually have been thinking of writing other pairing stories just to show my support for other ships.

Leon and Claire from RE

Call me stupid, weird or whatever but I really enjoy this coupling. I do not like Ada...it may because of what my cousins and brother used to say about her but for some reason she gets on my nerves.

Batman and Wonderwoman from lots of stuff

Yeah, that's right. I like him with Selena (Catwoman) as well but I have loved this paring since I watched JL. :)

Superman and Lois * ditto to above*

Foreva! lol

Malon and OCs

Malon deserves a Prince or a Knight and its what I often pair her up with in my fics. I also like the childhood sweetheart relationship with Link. Its too cute to pass up! :)

Peach and Bowser...well really anyone

I should get a punch in the mouth for this one but I like it...even if there are certain things that would be conflicting in their relationship. This is the only pairing that I like that is...odd. lol


Link and Dark Link

Yes I understand that evil vs good makes for *and I quote* "lots of F*ing hotness* but NOT with himself. I does not make since therfore I dislike (meaning I do not search it up! *flames suck no one likes getting them*.)

Link and Epona, Ash and Pikachu (long story on both parts...friend got my comp, bad things happened)

WTF?! Seriously?!

Adult Zelda and Child Link

This is very offensive to me and it is wrong on many levels, not funny, not hot, WRONG.

And that's about all I can think of to add!

P.S If you ever want to message me about...anything, just do so! I love to talk! :)

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