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Author has written 6 stories for Tales of Symphonia, and ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画.


If anyone was at all interested in the fic Thwarted... I've decided to take it down. I've tried and tried but can't go anywhere with the idea anymore. So if you were looking forward to it, then I'm really sorry.

Name: Indigo-Typhoon isn't my real name (Gee. Really, Sherlock?), but either call me that, a shortened version of it or Jay please.
Age: A square number in the two times table
Gender: Female (I can't believe I almost forgot this...)
Muse: An evil koala with a mallet that attacks me for slacking off. His name is Kwalie Bear and he used to live in my attic but then my Mum put the wardrobe in my room and he moved into it. He likes to pester the Tiny Unicorns that live in my skirting board and his best friend is Phillip, a small blue alien who is staying in my wardrobe until he decides to go home. Phillip has recently decided to keep a pet llama named Antontio Jorge Joaquin. And I obviously have way to much free time if I can think all that up.

About me: I've been reading fan-fiction for ages and I finally decided to give writing some a try. How often and the kind of stories I upload depends on what I'm obsessing over at the time, how much homework I have and what mood I'm in. It seems that once a week was far too naive and optimistic for chapter uploads. In light of this revelation, I'm going to say that I will try to make sure my fics are updated at least pnce every three weeks. I have been obsessing on and off about Tales of Symphonia for a couple of years now, so most of fiction will probably focus there. I will take requests if anyone gives me one, but depending on how well I know the original story and the characters. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU THINK I HAVE INCLUDED A MARY-SUE/MARTY-STU. I hate it when people do that although I like people including their own characters and enjoy making up my own, so if you think I have overstepped the boundaries please tell me so I can rectify it.

I reply to every review I get. I think that if someone takes the time to read and review my stories, then I should at least take the time to reply. If my random swaps between formality and zanyness confuse you, then I'm sorry but it's something I can't rectify. Basically, I'm not all there. I mostly put this on so that people don't think that it's weird, me replying to their reviews.

I want to credit someone who is one of my best friends in real life, and is known here as frosty-the-radiator, as I wouldn't have ever had the confidence to post ANY fanfiction at all if it wasn't for her.

Because I feel like it here is the order that I like the party characters (And Yuan coz he's awesome) from ToS and ToS 2 Including my beloved Tenebie~:
1) Lloyd
2) Emil
3) Tenebrae
4) Yuan
5) Presea
6) Zelos
7) Kratos
8) Raine
9) Genis
10) Sheena
11) Richter
12) Regal
13) Colette
14) Marta


Tales of Symphonia
Avalon Code
Rune Factory
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Most Pokemon Games. (Esp. Soul SIlver, Snap, XD and Mystery Dungeon)
Most Zelda Games. (Esp. Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks)
Harvest Moon (As long as it's a Harvest Moon game, I'll try it.)
Dark Chronicle

Hayate the Combat Butler
Shugo Chara
Fruits Basket
Flame of Recca
Beyond the beyond
Hetalia Axis Powers
Kyou Kara Maoh
Half Prince
NG Life
Ouran High School Host Club
Yugioh GX
Pokemon (Any Season and I mean both the anime and the adventures manga)
R.O.D the TV

Too many to list. But since some are too incredible to go unmentioned:
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Micheal Scott (This is one of the best series I have ever come across)
Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine (It's sad and strange and sweet)
Little Darlings by Jacqueline Wilson (I think it's one of the best she's ever written)
All books by Cathy Cassidy, she's probably my favourite author
Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine (It's sad and sometimes scary but it's an incredible book and worth reading)
Finding Violet Park by Jenny Valentine (This book sounded weird but I gave it a try anyway. And it proved that giving things a chance can pay off in the most wonderful way)
Ice Lolly by Jean Ure (By far her best ever book)

Tales of Symphonia:

Spiritshipping (JesseXJaden)
Proshipping (ZaneXAster)
Puzzleshipping (YamiXYugi)
Tendershipping (BakuraXRyou (Would NEVER happen but despite being total crack it ha a whole bunch of adorable fluff)
Heroshipping (JadenXAster)
Anikishipping (JadenXSyrus)

SUPERAWESOMEALPHAWOLFDYNAMITESHIPPING (StevenXEvelyn) (An OC pairing that a very good friend of mine is responsible for. It might not be official, but I support it valiantly)
Specialshipping (RedXYellow)
Oldrivalshipping (GreenXBlue)
Preciousmetalshipping (SilverXGold)
Franticshipping (RubyXSapphire)
Contestshipping (MayXDrew)
Abilityshipping (AshXAnabel)
Palletshipping (GaryXAsh)
Mareshipping (AshXBianca)
Elitefourshipping (LanceXLorelei)
Colisseumshipping (WesXRui)
Energyshipping (RoarkXVolkner)

Kingdom Hearts:

Hayate the Cobat Butler:
HayateXNagi (I know this one tends to be either loved or hated but I do think the two go well together)
KotetsuXHayate (More as a crack pairing than anything, but their few "moments" together are hilarious)

Half Prince:
PrinceXGui (It's probably the most likely pairing in Half Prince, and Gui's love is quite incredible at times)
PrinceXWicked (8 years people)
PrinceXKenshin (Who knows where it came from. Laughter was born as a result of it)

MelXFern (I can see this one happening, if there had been more than six voumes)
MelXVaith (Same with this one)
SylthXMel (I think it could have worked)
SylthXFern (Possible)
LectoXYue (Total idolisation)
SylthXSeraphia (Would have liked to see how this would've panned out in the future)

Beyond the Beyond:
FutabaXVirid (Younger twin. I reckon this one could be called one-sided canon)

Hetalia Axis Powers:
GermanyXFeliciano (Also known as North Italy)
SwedenXFinland (Su-san and his "wife")
EnglandXAmerica (Not that America deserves him...)
SpainXRomano (Also known as South Italy)
EnglandXJapan (I blame Nick for this one)

Kyou Kara Moah:
WolframXYuuri (You go Wolfram, I am 100 behind you on this one! Yuuri takes far too much for granted)
ConradXYozak (More a hmm..doesn't sound bad pairing than a favourite one but I digress)

NG Life:
KaediXYuuma (In the case of this one, I won't be mad if the series ends with them not together or with other people, but I am going to be annoyed if Kaedi ends up with Serizawa. It would just kill one of the main hooks of the story, being that kaedi's past life lover has reincarnated as a guy)
SirixXLoreus (Lol Nick's AGAIN responsible)

AmaneXShuu (This one was just a crack pairing but I felt like putting it down)

Avalon Code:

Shugo Chara:
NagihikoXAmu (My much-loved, totally believable never-gonna-happen pairing)
IkutoXAmu (I'll be honest, I liked this one more before I got sick of how much popularity it had. Which is surprising because there are other popular pairings that I like)
RimaXAmu (Came out of the blue. Possible because I hate Rimahiko so much that I started thinking who I thought she fit best with)
KuukaiXUtau (I was happy when they had an encore chapter together)

I dislike incest, Mpreg, fics without a happy ending and Naruto. So chances are I'll read something if you reccomend it to me unless it falls under one of these categories.

Favourite Quotes:

"Yep, THAT'S how much I hate the guy. I get a stomach ache from being around him" Evelyn Wildflower.

"NO! I don't wanna be Mrs. Evelyn Wildflower-Stone" Evelyn Wildflower.

"I think that Roxas should be renamed Biff, so then... Demyx can enter Biff's room, because Biff is allowed visitors, whereas Roxas is not." Demyx-in-Axel's-body, Demyx Time 9.

"What if, Despite all that Flora and Fred get together after all?"
"Then we'll hatch a fiendish plot to murder her dear." Granny, Girl -Nearly 16-Absolute Torture

"Jess' favourite murder weapon was the cheese grater, but Granny preferred the wooden spoon, it took longer to achieve the desired result but she found it richly satisfying." Girl-Nearly 16-Absolute Torture.

"You jerk, you can die any time!" Lloyd, Tales of Symphonia.

"The lolrus is an extremely intelligent animal, with excellent shape recognition skills"
Holds up hoop
"It's me square! Gimme me square!" The lolrus

"You have the emotional range of a teaspoon." Hermione Grainger, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

"You have the femininity of a hammer!"
"At least I can SPELL hammer!"
"SO CAN I! H-A-M-A!" Roxanne Biblioteca.

"When in panic or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout" Unknown

"Jaden! I carried this water for three episodes!" Syrus, Yugioh GX

Chuckie sneezes
"Bob Dress You." Kimi, Rugrats.

"I have a theory about that actually, Rock Lee's eyebrows are so thick because he shaved of Gaara's while he was sleeping, died them black and glued them onto his own as a symbol of their love for each other." The Supreme Leader of The Manga Club.

"'Threw up next to him'? Is that some kind of new chat up line?" My Nanny.

"You got a gun?"
"Not today."
"Wait, did you just say not today." Chris

"Cousin Gary can do anything" Nick


"It was at Haven Caravan Park that I faced my most formidable foe, a seagull" Nick

"Don't tell Callum that he's a preistess!" Chris

"The inner parts of oranges are shaped like kidneys" Diggs, Zelda Unknown Origins.

"It's just that my killing methods are a little bit like the horror movies. Plus I just like having my body soaked in blood. And it's really just good manners, that I like to smile at others!" Prince, 1/2 Ouji.

"No Nicola, if you shove your head down that toilet it won't take you to another world"

"Will you STOP touching my ass!" Mike, in Biology

"Just what the Janitor said!" Ian, Up on Cloud Nine

"I think these Pettifer people must be murderers." Stol, Up on CLoud Nine

"If one more person insiuates that Callum and Nicola are a perfect couple, I will scream"
"Jasmin, you're the only person in the SCHOOL who doesn't think they're a perfect couple." Chris

"Here Dragon box, here dragon-dragon box..." Awesome lady in the shop.

"You have to be my best friend, you're my only chance of not becoming a male stripper!" Kamon

"Roxas, spell Homosexual"
"Yeah you would know know." Axel, Demyx time 12.

drags Aaron over*
"Oh my god, he's the perfect height for her to pet."

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Prince is really bored, and needs to blow off some steam, but wih his sense of direction going solo is a bad idea... SPOLIER WARNING! Pairings and more explicit Spoiler Warning in Author note. Disclaimer inside.
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Inevitable reviews
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