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My name's eirabach (well, not really), I'm 25(!), and I live in what may as well be a yurt in the depths of Wales with my partner and our cats.

I have a degree in English Literature and Classics which has so far proved to be totally useless in the real world, and spend my weeks cracking the whip in an office where I'm the only female: probably the best job ever. My weekends are usually spent preventing sheep ram-raiding my back garden, and lurking creepily in various online fandoms.

I've been writing since the time I first learnt to join the dots and create letters, and my first foray into fiction came at the tender age of six with the moving tale of a rabbit that hid under a bush. I even created a 'lift the flap' book to tell the story, but unfortunately forgot to think of a plot. The rabbit hid under a bush, and that was that. Total lack of plot is a problem I've been trying to work on in my stories ever since.

As an inveterate lurker, you may wonder what has inspired me to post my fictional brain dribbles on a public website. Unluckily for me (and for you dear reader) I am one of those people who, once an idea has taken root in my brain, cannot rest until it's written down, and I figured that since I'm writing it all anyway, I may as well post it!

I'm rather fickle, flitting from one fandom to another depending on the phase of the moon, but have at some point been interested or involved in the following: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars, Ashes to Ashes and Twilight.

My real life interests include, but are not limited to; drinking tea, drinking wine, sleeping, driving, lurking, eighties tv, riding, preventing my mother planning my whole wedding, plotting escape from rural obscurity, reading, writing, drinking more tea, biscuits and using my three year old goddaughter as an excuse to play on adventure playgrounds. Not all at the same time.

I have a comma addiction, and put u's where my American and Canadian cousins may not expect to see them. For this, I can ask only your forgiveness.


E. Y. D.

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